Customer Letters

I bought my rifle about 3 weeks ago and took it to the range last Sunday.

It’s a great shooting .22 with very smooth action.  The fit and finish are something I would expect on a much more expensive rifle.  I bought the model 001 and I’m going to order the model with the octagonal barrel. Keep up the great work…..I’m hooked.

Randy Gillette

I added my 3rd Henry rifle, a .22 Octagon barrel H001T to my collection. I have a .17HMR Golden Boy and a .357 Big Boy. I still have other Henry’s I want to collect, such as the 30-30 and the .44 caliber.  My favorite rifles are Henry’s!

Mike Davidson Spring Hill, KS


Just got my first Henry rifle from my wife for my birthday.  It’s a golden boy 22 mag.  What a rifle!  Thanks for making such a quality firearm from all American parts.

Keep up the good work.

Dennis Beyer Owasso, OK

Hello, We have a henry 45 yellowbelly rifle. We bought it to shoot at cowboy shoots. We did belong to SASS, but moved to tn. and seem to not have as much time to shoot as we used to. We also love The made in America only !!!! Thank you for a well made rifle. We love it. The Sherrell family

Doug Sherrell Jamestown, TN


Mr. Imperato,

I am attaching a photo of my oldest grandson Rene with our new Henry rifle.

Just thought I would drop you a line, to tell you how much we like our new H001 .22 lever action.

My grandson and I took the rifle to our range on my birthday. We fired first at 25yds, shredding the bullseye, then did the same at 50yds; with iron sights. I had so much fun, I felt more like 14 than 64.

Duane de Montigny Tucson, AZ

I purchased a Golden Boy in a 17 HMR a few years back, after mounting a 2×7 scope I have not used another gun to take any small exotics. Axis or Indian Blackbuck taken at up to 90 yards in the head or spinal behind the head with one shot.

Absolutely the best money I ever spent for a rifle, keep up the good work & I am looking forward to the new catalog.


Doug Doubrava Kerrville, TX

Thank you Henry Repeating Arms Company. If more companies were as devoted to 100% American made for their products we would have less people out of work. And more Americans taking pride in their country. Thank you!

Timi James Columbia, CA

I curently own one of your U S survival rifles and my son owns a big boy .Not a better deal in the UNITED STATES .

Ed Herbert Baltimore, MD

Good morning,

I have a blued-wood Henry .22 lever action that I just mounted a scope on and it is an absolute tack driver!


Ryan Brege

Thank you for this opportunity to respond. I’m in love with my new rifle. You do a superb job. I know its only a .22 but its deadly accurate, and like they say, it’s not how many shots you can get off but how many bullets land where you’ve aimed them. Thanks again. Mac.

Ernest Macrostie Litchfield Park, AZ