Customer Letters

Own two henry rifles, H001 and Golden Boy, both in 22LR. Absolutely love both of them

Fred Franze Dover, DE



I am the very satisfied owner of a Henry H001, and I would just like to say that anyone looking for a great looking, great shooting lever action rifle with real old west appeal that won’t break the bank should look no further than Henry.

As good as those attributes may be, I think what I appreciate the most about this rifle are the people who stand behind it..Anthony Imperato could write a manual for other corporate CEOs on what customer service should be all about. He is smart enough to know that going the extra mile to keep every customer satisfied is a win-win situation for all parties concerned. Here is a man who personally answers all email queries to the company…You don’t see that every day!

Henry Repeating Arms is what American companies used to be. I have no doubt whatsoever that as long as HRA continues to be run in Anthony’s style, that they will be around long after the rest of us are gone.

Thank you Anthony, not only for your commitment to manufacturing a fine made-in-the USA product, but for standing behind it long after the sale.

Al B. Standish, ME


Dear Henry Repeating Arms

Keith Martin, 8 years old, started shooting his Henry Mini Bolt .22 rifle at age 5.  Recently scored “Marksman” qualification during an Appleseed Shoot in Yanceyville, N.C.  Quite an accomplishment considering the timed segments were just long enough for Keith to fire 4 to 7 shoots as opposed to the 10 shoots of semi-auto fire the course is designed for and attending only one day of the two day event.

Thanks again, we look forward to many years of enjoyment with our Henry firearms.


Ricky Barbour

Dear Mr. Anthony, I just purchased a Henry Big Boy .45LC model HOO6C I fell in love with the rifle the second I opened the box ! The rifle is a Beautiful, Beautiful Rifle ! Thank you for your dedication with keeping with tradition of the Henry rifle. I will purchase a 2nd henry rifle in the future.

Christopher Martin Huntington, IN

Hi Anthony! I did receive your catalog, and have purchased a .22 cal model H001T, and “it’s a Honey”! I let my friend’s 12 year old son try it out, and he fell in love with it as well. I can’t wait for my grandsons to try it out next month when they come “back home” to Montana .Thank you for a GREAT rifle that is of the highest quality, as you would expect a “Made in USA” product to be. Also, thank you and your family for keeping your manufacturing here, and providing employment to American workers. I’ve got my eye on your Golden Boy.17HMR, and your pump action .22 Magnum for future purchases.

Thank you for your great products,

Bud Daley Bigfork, MT

Dear Mr Imperato

I have recently purchased a second Henry rifle ( a 22 maginum pump ) and I am just as impressed with it as the first rifle I purchased ( a Henry Goldenboy ).

I did receive your catalog and I appreciate your follow up letter very much. It shows that you care about each and every customer. Your employees should be very proud of the quality product they produce.

I recently purchased a new pickup (6 months ago) and have never received so much as a thank you or follow up call from them. You would think a $25,000 purchase would warrant a thank you ? If the US car companies would develope the same attitude as the people at The Henry Repeating Arms Company they would be much better off.

I do plan to purchase another Henry as a gift in the near future.


Bill Powell

I have purchased a Henry  Boy Scouts of America commemorative rifle ( 22 LR caliber ). It is a beautiful piece of work. As fine as advertized.

Greg Garrett Decatur, TX

cassidy_m (1)

Hello I live in southern Iowa and iIlove good old classic American firearms and when I got my first Henry rifle I was not disappointed. It is a Henry 22 Long Rifle – it is the best rifle for squirrel, rabbits and all other small game. Its quick, accurate and a beautiful looking rifle and I plan on buying more Henry rifles and will be proud to pass them down to my children someday and hope that they will keep the Henry Repeating Arms alive for generations – thank you Anthony Imperato and your employees and God bless

Cassidy M Iowa


Have your 22 mag and love it.  Show it to everyone and let them shoot it.  They are impressed.  Just finished sighting mine in with a new scope so I  can knock off a gnat’s eyebrow. Amazing how accurate it is.  Thought I was  missing the target until I determined I was putting shots in the same hole  at 50+ yards.

George Neidhardt Hanover, PA

Dr Mr. Imperato,

Thank you so very much for the practical and honest advise that you and your staff gave me over the phone today. It has not been my experience that the president of a company would be eager to take a simple customer service enquiry, as you did. You and your staff were a delight to speak with.

As mentioned during our brief conversation, I am a born and bred Australian living in Canada. In order to purchase my Lever Action .22 I sold a very nice (and expensive) European made .22 rifle that I had purchased back in Australia. I was expecting a certain compromise in quality compared to this finely made European rifle due to the very reasonable cost of the Henry. Was I ever surprised! The machining and functioning of the action are flawless, it can be cycled quietly when you want it to be quiet, the fit & finish are exceptional, the grade of walnut is well beyond my expectations, the blueing is deep and rich and the rifle is remarkably accurate to boot! What I have acquired is not just a shooting tool, but an heirloom.

Congratulations to the management team and everyone at Henry Repeating Arms, from the engineers and gunsmiths to the guy who sweep the floor and turn the lights off at night. Your American pride and workmanship show through in every aspect of your product. I think that Benjamin Tyler Henry would be very proud that you have carried on his tradition of fine American craftsmanship. I also doubt that the customer service Henry Repeating Arms provides could have been any better even in the 1860’s when we all know that manufacturers stood behind their products and put their good reputations on the line in order to sell them.

Thanks for a beautiful rifle that will last for generations.

Kindest regards,

Bradley J. Cole