Customer Letters

Just got my  fourth Henry rifle, the H006 in .44 mag.  I am so impressed with the quality of this rifle. The finish, fit, smoothness of the action and the accuracy is outstanding. Keep up the great work.

Michael Baker Warren County Sheriff, Retired

Mime and Rodney BarnesWe were honored to meet Mr. Anthony Imperato at the 2014 NRA conference in Indianapolis. His genuine spirit and care for his customers really warmed our hearts and increased our pride in our ownership of Henry guns.

Of course we are happy to receive the fireside mugs( HM001) that Mr. Imperato has offered. However, I also want to take this time to express my gratitude for his and all of Henry employee’s time and care for their products. We have and shoot often, a classic carbine ..22. This past Christmas, I surprised my husband with another Henry gun, a ..357 Big Boy.  I am overwhelmingly proud of my husband. He has served his country in two major capacities, as a CWO3 with the United States Marine Corp Reserve for 22 years, with two tours of duty in Iraq and as a police sergeant for over 25 years.  As you can imagine, many guns have passed through his hands and yet, the Big Boy is his favorite!

Please pass our sincere gratitude along.

Best wishes,

Mime and Rodney Barnes Dublin, Ohio

Dave-WagnerHi Anthony,
It was great meeting and talking to you yesterday at the NRA show! I am the guy with the cool glasses! I own three Henry rifles and am very happy with them.

You gave me your business card with the number for the Campfire Mug (HM001) on back and told me you would send me one if I sent you my name and address. That would be so great!

Keep up the great job on your products so I can add to my collection!

Dave Wagner Cincinnati, OH

Dear Anthony,
I received my Henry today in excellent condition by the end of April as promised.  Thank you for ensuring that everything would be delivered and things taken care of without any problems.  I appreciate the top service and kind words for the military veteran.  You and your company are the best!!  You should be proud!

Robert Mitchell

eddieHi Anthony
Love this classic American rifle made by your great co.
thanks, again….


I just bought my third Henry rifle and I am so excited with the quality and beauty of the rifle Henry 30-30, Brass I now have the Brass .22 magnum, the 45-70 and now the 30-30 Brass. Keep up the wonderful quality and workmanship.

Michael Baker


Mr. Imperato,

Thank you for taking the time on Friday to meet me and hear my story of the broken front sight on my Mini-Bolt, and how impressed I was all those years ago by your actions.  I have wanted to share my story with you for years but was never able to run into you at a SHOT show or NRA show before. Although you said my story gave you goose bumps, it may still sound silly that I told you I was actually getting emotional telling you about my experience.  You see, customer service means a lot to me, and I pride myself on the experience I offer my customers, students, and clients.  It just doesn’t seem many American companies make it a priority anymore. So to be able to finally meet you and share that, it surprised even me how I was affected.

I attached the picture of us, as well as one of my son and I at the range, he is about 7 in the picture shooting the Henry Repeating Arms Mini-Bolt.  He is 17 now.  And you had asked for me to drop you an email, so here it is.  Thank you for everything you do for our industry, and for running a company that is a model for others to follow.  So many of my contacts in the industry feel the same way about Henry Repeating Arms Co as I do.  Thanks again.

Mike Abramovich NRA Training Counselor Certified Instruction & Training, LLC

With the help of my wife, I was able to finish my personal Henry collection when I purchased a Henry Golden Boy H004 22LR on Friday! I just took it to the range and it was great right out the box! Can’t thank you and all the folks at Henry enough for the excellent American made products and support. The craftsmanship is outstanding, and the service you folks provide is beyond exceptional. There’s nothing like owning a Henry…keep up the great work and God Bless you and your team.

Karl "Bruce" Marshall Carlsbad, NM

bradbury photoI just pickup the eagle scout rifle..model hoo4es …ES05638 for my Godson Joseph, but he is still working towards his will take a few more years…but I have the perfect gift for him..WONDERFUL job on the rifle

The Harvard Sportsmens Club FUN SHOOT was great, you will be receiving a thank you in the mail.


Jeffrey Lee Bradbury Littleton, Mass

homan familyAnthony,
It was a pleasure to meet with you at the NRA convention on Friday. I have attached the photo of our children with their Henry rifles they received this past Christmas as presents. Their names are Jeremy, Cassandra, Mindy, Duncan, Heidi, Renee, Charlton(named after Mr. Heston) & Hannah. As a firearms dealer, I sell many Henry rifles and my customers are always impressed with the good looks and high quality of your rifles. You should be very proud of your company and the workmanship and quality that goes into your products as I am of selling them. Thanks

Todd & Lisa Homan Homan's Gun Shop St Henry, Ohio