Customer Letters

I saw Tony on the outdoor channel very good spokesman and a very good product. I have your yellowboy and will be getting a big boy in 45 LC. Proud to be an american and proud to be a part of your company.

Stephen Brown Winnsboro, LA

My first rifle that was ever bought for me since the military was your newest Henry Golden Boy lever action rifle.  It was bought for me by my husband for our first year anniversary.

I love my golden boy since even a petite woman can fire this weapon.  Plus I’m great shot with it.  So thank you for making the best gift of my life.

Julie Fahnestock Portland, OR

Keep up the good work. Nobody makes a nicer looking rifle than you do. And they shoot real nice also. I am going to buy another one because they are made in the U.S.A.

Mark Reimer Commerce Township, MI

Customer for life after the way I was treated by y’all over 10 years ago.

Ernest Cangiano Orlando, FL


Mr. Imperato

I did receive your catalog. Soon after that My wife ordered a rifle from the Cabelas store here in Missouri. The rifle was a gift for my birthday, a 44 Magnum Big Boy. To say that I am particular would be an understatement. Perhaps I get My attention to detail from my father. Mr. Chesley Van Stratton was a fighter jet electrical inspector for over 40 years, and is still an example of how to live with meaning. So I guess it?s no real mystery why I became an aerospace quality assurance inspector.

The first thing I did when got my new rifle was look at the fit and finish. I looked at every detail, and I was impressed. It wasn?t until after I looked at every small detail that I actually looked at the rifle as a whole, and it is beautiful. Soon after I received my rifle My wife, My Father, and I went to the range. It shoot flawlessly. My father and I where very impressed. Even my wife, to my surprise was able to shoot the rifle three times. When we were leaving, one of the range officials jokingly asked me if I needed to have him take it home and clean it for me.

Your company makes an exceptional rifle. It helps renew the feeling of pride that I have living in this country. I don?t have many firearms but the ones I do have are of the highest (AMERICAN) quality , and not since my Kimber have I seen a firearm with the fit and finish of this rifle. I would like to personally thank the fine craftsman that build these rifles. I would also like to thank you Mr. Imperato, for making a very important pledge to make Henry rifles here.

Matthew L. Van Stratton Hazelwood, MO

Just bought my Varmint Express, and have fallen in love with Henry lever actions!  Thanks for a fantastic  product and for making it in a 17 HMR caliber!


Katherine Nixon Mechanicsville, VA

I would like to personally thank you for makeing the worlds FINEST lever action rifles on the market, I purchased the Golden Boy 22 LR recently and you can find no better quality in a rifle, Made in the U.S.A and proud of it!!!!

Robert Lewis Ogden, UT


I just purchased the BSA 100th anniversary rifle and love it!


Jeff Henry

I Love my Golden Boy!  I went to my first turkey shoot and hit the string 1st shot, open sights, 50 yards.  Awesome!  I look forward to getting my next one!  Please put me on your mailing list for catalogs and new product info.  Thanks!

Alfred Taylor Huntsville, AR

I own 4 Henry rifles and love them all.

Linda Stanger Muldrow, OK