Customer Letters

I own four Henry .22 rifles including a personalized Golden Boy. Have been well pleased with all of them and with Henry’s service.

Ben Sitze Clovis, PA


This past Saturday 8-28-10 the Havard Sportsmen Club in Harvard, Ma. held a shoot for the Disabled & Paralyzed Veterans. .As always I brought the Henry’s you provided for them to shoot. Thank you very much.

Your friend


I love my Big Boy, I use it in SASS matches and Deer hunting!

Jeff Ferrell Indianapolis, IN

I love my Henry rifle and your customer service is second to none. I am looking forward to a Mini-Bolt for my son( 6yrs. old) very soon. Thanks for a great product at a working man’s price point, made in America.

Frank Patterson Yadkinville, NC

I have a Henry 30 30 and I love it ! Now I want a Big Boy 44 mag to match…

John Bemis Orangeville, UT

Thank you for the greatest guns ever ! I recently purchased your Henry 22 and your Golden Boy. I went up north to my brother in laws and we shot these guns all day – unbelievable. I have to say that has to be the most fun I have had shooting ever. Again thank you so much for your quality of workmanship in each of your guns. My next purchase will be your 30/30 and your 17hmr. I can’t wait


Dave Smith

I purchased a Golden Boy in .22 Mag on Saturday and what a nicely crafted firearm. The factory trigger pull is awesome, the nicest I’ve ever felt on a new firearm. This is my first Henry rifle, and if this is typical of Henry firearms, I will likely own others.

Rob Petersen Federal Way, WA

Anthony, I just wanted to say that I just purchased a new Big Boy 45. It is the most wonderful rifle I have ever owned. Not only is it a beautiful piece of art but it is an outstanding shooting weapon. I am looking forward to purchasing other Henry rifles. Keep up the good work and it sure is nice to own something that is made in the USA.


Mark Peters

I purchased one of your Henry .22 rifles several years ago and all I can say is I wish I had a nickle for every round my kids grew up firing from the rifle. It is a favorite of both my teens now and has performed without flaw for ten +/- years now. Thanks for building an affordable firearm with quality that matches the tradition the name carries.

Mark Pedigo Westmoreland, TN


Dear Sir,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to advise you how much we love our Henry rifles. My friend bought ours at Mark Fore & Strike in Reno. Well, my daughter’s boss was advised by me on how much we love our Henry Rifles and she purchased one at Carson Armory last week, her name is Rondell Kubel. Your rifles are so well made they sell themselves. My friends name is Milan Osborne and he bought two Henry rifles at Mark Fore and Strike in Reno, one of them was mine. As a retired Police Officer and have shot many guns, I must say that you guys build such a fun weapon and we love our Henry Rifles.

PS- I am getting all my friends to buy a Henry, good price and warranty, excellent weapon and just a great brush gun for use here in the Silver State.

Bob Reed Tumble Reed Ranch Dayton, NV