Customer Letters

I have the H006 Henry Big Boy. This is the BEST gun I own…and I have 27guns. The lever was very easy to put on…ONCE YOU HAVE THE BEST…THE REST WILL NOT DO!

Thank you.

William A. (Bill) Hebert Lafayette, LA


Mr. Imperato,

I have been thinking for over a month about how to say thank you for your act of kindness in making my son Cole his Henry rifle. I contacted Henry wanting something special for my son so he would have something to remember me by and enjoy. What you gave Cole and myself was something much more than a great rifle, it is irreplaceable; an unbelievable story and relationship that goes along with a one of a kind rifle. I hope to be able to do something so significant for someone one day. Myself and Cole will always appreciate what you have done for us. I can’t wait to give him this rifle and then tell him the story of how Mr. Imperato made it for him. If there is ever anything we can do for you please let us know. I have enclosed a picture of Cole and I with his new Henry Rifle!


Dan Ater

I just got a .22 Henry Golden Boy s/l/lr H004. I love it! Sights are dead-on right out of the box! This machine is a true work of art!

Thanks for a beautiful rifle!

Terry Kolemaine Spokane, WA

I have a Henry .22 repeater and I love the smooth action and the grouping of my shots is amazing! I could hit a birds eye flying,..well almost. Never missed a shot when I went grouse hunting. Thanks Henry! Can’t wait to get my Big Boy!

Owen Riegert Pritchard, BC

My Henry 22 lever action rifle is my first gun and it shoots great -and I have never had any trouble with it. I’m lookin forward to gettin my next Henry rifle

Dalton Hugo El Paso, TX

I have a Henry Big Boy in the .45 Colt. Its the smoothest, most accurate lever gun I have, and I have quite a few. I am hoping to purchase a Big Boy in the .44 mag/44 spl very soon. Thanks for making the best lever gun on the market !

Jamie Schoonover Clinton, WI

I now own 2 Henry Golden Boy rifles-.17hmr & .22lr. They are both the nicest looking guns around. The .17hmr is as accurate as can be. I’m looking forward to shooting the .22lr in the near future. Keep up the good work. A Henry rifle is a quality firearm at a very reasonable price!

Scott Murphy


Dear Mr Imperato

Please find attached photos of my grandsons with their Henry rifles. They are putting them to good use and really enjoying them. Thank you and your Henry staff very, very much.


Mr Daniel Elkins


Thank you Mr Imperato and the employees at Henry. Attached you will find a picture of my grandson Logan Victor Mague with his personalized Henry Golden Boy Youth with the custom serial number. He is too young to understand what a great gun he has, but in a few years he will be having a great time plinking cans, rocks and paper targets. Of course his father and I will be sure to teach him the responsibilities of a safe gun owner

Michael E Goddard Aka "Pop Mike"

I have the Henry 22 lever action rifle and love the feel and quality – plus how easy it feels. I have many guns to use from top companys but the Henry is the most fun and accurate to use. Keep it USA made!

Mark Eastham Crittenden, KY