Customer Letters

Thank you ! I’m very proud of you product, specificaly .22 LR Henry Rifle. 4000 rounds fire and no jam…awsome !! Good WORK!

Michel Nepton Chicoutimi, QC

My Henry .22 is one of the finest .22 lever actions I’ve ever had at an incredibly reasonable price. The action is as slick as a greased pole, and it is one very accurate rifle. I’m on my second Henry, because a close friend admired my first one so much that I gave it to him and then went and bought another.

Brian Honekman Middleburg, FL


On Dec 3, 2011, my son John A. Tarpoff II and Natalie Walther were married at Texas Old Towne in Kyle, texas. We wanted to give something unique as groomsmen gifts – and decided on rifles. After careful consideration, we stepped up and chose Henry 44 mag Lever Action Big Boy Rifles. They were the hit of the evening – in Texas where they appreciate a quality firearm. We can’t thank Anthony Imperato enough for making it happen.


John A. Tarpoff Niman Ranch Inc. Vice- President of Beef

I have nothing but good things to say about Henry Repeating Rifles. They are the best that money can buy.

I have never had a failure of any part or misfire any ammo. They rifle is a joy to shoot, and every time I take it out, I get nothing but compliments. Thank you for such a wonderful product, and made in the USA.

Jim Overton Bulverde, TX

As the owner of several Henry rifles, I can attest to the quality of them. I have 4 Golden Boys and 2 blue 22’s. I really enjoy owning them and showing them off.

Richard Hines South Charleston, OH

Jeremy-Van-DenbroekI would like to send a great thank you, for manufacturing such a wonderful product!!!! I have recently purchased a Henry lever action .22, and compared to the “all mighty” Winchesters and Marlins , The Henry is far superior!!! and for a fraction of the price.. The action on the Henry is by far the smoothest lever action i have ever! cycled… it is as precise as a Swiss watch, and built with the quality and craftsmanship of that as the German made firearms. I must also commend the company in keeping them built right here in North America!! I am so very proud to explain to my friends every time i pull it out of my gun locker “that this firearm is American made!!!” Even the “gun that won the west” Winchester cannot even say that anymore. considering their firearms are built in Japan now. So with all that said i would like to thank you and all of the staff at Henry Repeating Arms for continuing to make a product with timeless craftsmanship and quality!! My Henrys will always have a place in my family as they will be handed down from generation to generation, along with all the great stories.

Thank you ever so Kindly once again!

sincerely and respectfully,

Jeremy Van Den Broek Whitby, ON

Hello Mr. Imperato,

I just wanted to say thank you for a great rifle. I bought a new H001 about a month ago through Bass Pro Shop in Manteca CA. I have really enjoyed the rifle. It shoots great and is a lot of fun. I’ve let several of my friends and family shoot it and they have all been impressed. I appreciate an American built rifle and the quality workmanship of American workers. You and your company have lived up to your promises in my Henry. Thank you.

Dwight McConnell Chowchilla, CA

dylan-birthdayI bought my Son a Henry Golden Boy .22 before he was born, a must for any new dad! Happy Birthday Dylan 3-31-11

A Proud Dad

John-HudekI purchased this rifle (44 mag Big Boy). This gun is the most enjoyed rifle of my collection. I have a number of rifles that I load and shoot-the Big Boy is at the top of the list. I can load up or down for plinking or shooting , the recoil is almost nill and the noise compared to my other rifles is much less. I love this gun it’s beautiful -groups with 296 3 shots 50 yards a cloverleaf. I installed Skinner sights, your sights shot as good maybe better-I love the Skinners look but your sights were more than ample for accurate shooting with this rifle-you guys make a wonderful gun -ALL AMERICAN THANK-YOU FOR THAT MORE THAN ANYTHING-I am a grateful vet.

John Hudek Somerville, OH

Dear Henry Rifles,

At 52 I needed a new hobby and took up shooting. I bought one of your Big Boy, 44magnum level action rifles. No only is this rifle a total rush to shoot, but deadly accurate right out of the box. All my buddies try and out shoot me with their AR’s with red dot sights, but the Henry with iron sights allone shows em up every time! At 100 yards I pick off tennis balls of the top of a bottle no problem. The balance of the weapon seems to hold it right on target, and once you line up your target and let that magnum rip, the target vansihes! I then bought one of your .22 caliber survival rifles for nothing more than the “cool factor!” my only problem is…where do I go from here!, The Big Boy is hard to beat!

One Happy American!

Ron C.