Customer Letters

HarnackeMr. Imperato,

We are a proud family of military veterans, hunters and, firearm collectors. Recently while attending an NRA Banquet our father took note of your Henry Golden Boy. The Golden Boy was one of the firearms to be given away that evening during an auction where ten high bidders would be called to draw a poker chip out of a can. Each chip was numbered and an individual was eliminated as the chip with his number on it was drawn. The contest continued till my father and another gentleman were the last standing. At this point I my brothers Jim and Jason and our family all looked on in complete amazement as we were sure that POP was going to win the Golden Boy. The gentleman in contention with my father for the rifle was asked if he wanted to draw the last chip. He deferred and it was up to “POP” to determine the winner. POP reached into the bucket and pulled his own number. In an instant I could see the disappointment in my brother?s faces and feel my own heart sink. However, POP smiled, congratulated the gent, and returned to our table. My brother Jim later proclaimed “POP really wanted that Golden Boy” and herein the plan was hatched to purchase a Golden Boy and give it to him for his Birthday on March the 3rd. The days passed, a Golden Boy was purchased as well as a birthday cake with a Golden Boy on it. The plan was to unveil the cake as sort of a fun loving jab that he had been so close in the contest and missed out then brings out the Golden Boy we purchased. His birthday came and all went down as planned. POP couldn’t have been more excited. Thank You for making such a quality AMERICAN firearm and for the genuine joy we were all able to share on our POP’s 71st birthday. The pictures say it all.


John F. Harnacke, Jr. James J. Harnacke Jason E. Harnacke

Before I retired, I frequently lectured on quality. If I were still lecturing today, Henry would be a positive example of quality and value. Please thank your staff for disproving the “popular belief” that America has lost its pride in craftsmanship and commitment to quality. If firearms manufacturers could be included in the competition for the Deming Prize, Henry would be the top contender.


John Herlihy

Mr. Imperato, I just wanted to write and say I just purchased a Lever action 22 and just love it. it shoots fantastic and is very accurate. I have not owned a rifle before so the lever action was my choice. I am extremely greatful for a beautiful work of art you and your folks produce. when I can afford to purchase another rifle I plan on getting a Golden Buy. The stock and the fine finish work on it remind me of fine furniture found in the best shops. I am so glad I bought the Henry over the other brands out there. Once again beautiful pieces of workmanship. Thanks so much.

Al Mausser Friendsville, TN

Nelson-CashMr Imperato

Thank you very much for being part of an awesome tribute to an 86 year old US Air Force Veteran who received a standing ovation from over 4,500 attendees at halftime of the CBR event. My great grandson Chandler Cash Bownds, CBR Bull Rider, by my side, presented me with your Henry Golden Boy rifle on August 13th 2011. A moment in my life I will never forget.


Nelson E. Cash

I purchased a Henry 30-30 cal rifle, and am very pleased with my “made in AMERICA and priced right rifle”!

thank you

Paul Eaton Cleveland, NC

Amy-Robinson-Brian-AntoshDear Mr. Imperato

Here is the photo as promised. Easter Sunday in NE PA.

My youth model is WONDERFUL and shoots like a dream.

Amy Robinson and Brian Antosh Calliope-Mehoopany, PA

Last summer I purchased a 22 Lr from you. Model H001T. I shot the rifle 2 times at short indoor ranges and was pleased but was itching so to speak, to stretch its legs.Well Saturday I went to an outdoor range. 50 yards was outstanding and 100 yards put 5 shots in a 4 inch target, 2 rounds 1 inch apart, with iron sights. Wow! Right out of the box. Thank you for building something we all can be proud of.


Ron Wester

Whiplash-WillyHowdy Anthony,

Anthony, Im very happy with my Henry Big Boy 45C and wanted
to write to you.

Thank you,

Brian Payne Whiplash Willy from the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS).

Dan-Dalton-StevensMr. Imperato,

This is my grandson Dalton & I with his new Henry Golden Boy which I had personalized for him. I presented it to him on my 65th birthday. Dalton said this rifle is awesome.

We want to thank you and your staff for a beautiful rifle.

Dan Stevens

JeffJust wanted to send you note that I picked up my new Goldenboy 22lr today, and I love it ! I already own the Frontier model 22lr. I have owned a lot of 22s over my 49 years, and as far as I am concern you make the BEST.