Customer Letters


Dear Mr. Imperato;

This year ?Santa Claus? brought my 14 year old Son his first firearm, a Golden Boy .22 rifle for Christmas. Needless to say, he loves it. I have hunted with and fired other lever action rifles over the years and none of them compare to the workmanship of a Henry. The action of this rifle is as smooth as glass, cycles like it?s greased, the fit and finish is impeccable. It?s clear to me that the craftsmen who build these arms are at the top of their field; in my mind this rifle is truly a work of art. I am so pleased to see that American craftsmanship is still alive and well and still means something! The only thing I had to do was to adjust the windage just a shade, only took a second. He and I spent the day at the range yesterday sighting it in, it fired and cycled flawlessly.

Hats off to you and your staff for producing such a wonderful product.

Best Regards

L.S.Wyman Texas


Dear Mr. Anthony Imperato,

Yesterday I took my two daughters to our Sportsman’s Warehouse to look for a .22 rifle for the oldest one. While we were looking at different models (of other brands) I asked if I could see a Henry.

A year or so ago I had seen a TV spot about your rifles and your company philosophy. That sparked my interest and I even ordered a catalog and went to your website and watched all the videos you have posted there. Just listening to you speak (on RFD-TV) made me want to own a Henry rifle. You are so passionate about your guns and our country that I just loved listening to you. (You really should have a show of your own!)

Please don’t be offended by this but your accent reminds me of Chuck Schumer speaking. Except I can’t stand listening to him and I love listening to you! It’s refreshing to hear that accent saying things that I agree with for a change. Please believe me no offense is intended in comparing you with him. I shouldn’t have even done it. Please forgive me.

So… I was handed a beautiful walnut stock on a Henry Lever Action .22 rifle. I was amazed by the beauty and fine finish on the wood. I remembered from your RFD-TV appearance that the walnut wood came from (among other states) Missouri the state I grew up in. I remembered you detailing how different parts of the gun came from different states and that all of it is made in America. These were the reasons that you gave to make me want to own a Henry firearm.

As I stood there working the action and inspecting the excellent quality one of my daughters stepped back away from the counter and started talking on her cellphone. She soon returned and said, “Daddy I think you should have that rifle for Christmas! I’ve already talked to mom and she’s okay with it.” Well to make this long story short I am now the PROUD owner of this fine American made firearm (Serial # 561053H). I appreciate my daughters and my wife for many things and I appreciate this gift from them this year (a little early) for Christmas.

Thank you for producing this fine firearm and for the quality you put into it. Thank you for your attention to detail. Thank you for your contribution to our way of life and your love for our country in operating an American company. Keep up the great work!

Thank you again! And by the way, we did leave the store with a .22 for my daughter as well.

Jon Robertson Collegedale, TN


You are what we all in business strive/hope/dream to be; a corporate leader who leads instead of being lead by establishment’s political correctness hoopla.

It’s your vision/passion that sets you apart from the rest (please don’t change a thing). My promise to you is that “I will go out of my way to buy your product because of this direction you have taken your company.”

“Henry rifles will be made in America, or they won’t be made at all”. That gives me goose bumps just penning your words.

You are a true patriot Anthony; thank you for your service …that’s right your service to this fine country we live in. Just as Americans have fought on the battle ground for our freedoms we enjoy today, you are fighting against the established forces to globalize our great homeland’s economic might. I only hope other companies will join you in this fight for our American economic freedoms.

To do my part, I’m planning to buy my first Henry this summer, and I’ll assure you it want be my last. I am buying the Lever Action Octagon Frontier Model in 22. My daughter (33) has asked me to take her shooting. We have never been shooting before. Our lives have drifted us apart, and I cannot think of a more exciting family event than for me to teach my daughter to shoot a real American legend. It will be (I’m sure) a lifelong memorable event we will cherish forever.

Thank you for your service to this great land and May God Bless You and Your Company Sir,

John S. Lawson Powder Springs, GA



Just wanted to share this photo of my daughter Bianca & I with two of the many henry arms rifle I own. I started to teach Bianca at a young age. She is now 15 and hits bulleye all the time. I just picked up my latest edition. The 22 Mare’s leg. I have always been so impressed with the quality of your rifles and proud of the fact that they are made in the USA. Keep up the good work!


Stephen Pascone Former NYPD mounted officer

Dear Mr. Imperato,

I purchased one of your Henry H001 rifles, received it yesterday. I took it out of the box and was impressed with the quality of the rifle. I took it out and shot about 50 rounds through it and boy, was I ever impressed with the accuracy of the iron sights. I am 58 yrs old, and have hunted all my life with all sorts of different guns, and have owned just about everything there is out there. As far as I am concerned, the H001 shoots just as well, if not better than anything I have ever shot before. I have owned, as I said, Marlin, Browning, Winchester…..all the so-called name brands. But I will tell you this; from now on I am a Henry man all the way. I am a Vietnam Veteran and I am very proud of my country, and it’s USA all the way! Thank you SO much for a wonderful USA made rifle!!


Roy Byrd Murphysboro, IL


Robert Drawdy Newland, NC


Dear Mr. Imperato,

It was the highlight of the 2001 NRA Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA to be able to meet with you . My two son’s really enjoyed the Photo’s taken of us all, which I have attached for your viewing.

As a proud owner of a Henry Lever Action Octagon 22.LR, it never fails while @ the shooting range for a person to ask me if that’s a Henry I am using. The name and reputation says it all “Made In America”.

A beautiful accurate,smooth, quality firearm, that I am very proud to own. Thank You once again it was a true pleasure to meet you.

Best Regards,

Al Landstorfer Pittsburgh, PA

I purchased a Henry lever action with an octagonal barrel. It is a very well made rifle and the smoothest action of my collection. I have the .22LR version and is a tack driver! Thanks for a quality product plus being made in the USA means it remains in my collection until I pass it along to my son.

Douglas Leneschmidt Cheyenne, WY

I have a GoldenBoy. No better rifles has ever been made.

Ron Taylor Defuniak Springs, FL

Thanks to all at Henry Repeating Arms.

Anthony Wenzel Chairman, August Fest 2011