Customer Letters

john-fowlerThis is pictures of Chris Fowler, one of the boys that worked at Hartford Days. You may remember his father, (John) he was the one who chased you down to sign Chris’s buddy’s rifle box. Chris was very happy to meet you and to get his own lever action rifle. Also, thank you for having the time to sign the box and for pictures. As soon as he got home from working at the Bullet Stop he was out shooting. He is one happy boy! Thank you once again for your time.

John Fowler Queen City, MO

Tom-GiaguzziDear Mr. Imperato – Enclosed is a photo of myself and my Henry Rifle in .22 Magnum. I was really impressed with the quality of the firearm, and after looking and several different brands, decided that the Henry Rifles are tops in workmanship. When I picked up my rifle , several customers commented on the fit and finish, not to mention the octagon barrel ! After having shot several boxes of ammo, I am impressed with the accuracy and function as well . Hats off to you and your staff in making a firearm anyone would be proud to own.

Tom Giaguzzi

Dear Mr. Imperato

i just purchased a BIG BOY H006 .44 Magnum from you and i love it. I have always wanted a Henry lever action rifle and now i have one, and i intend to buy more. This is the Best rifle that i own and i have a lot, 15 to be exact. but the Henry is the Best shooting of them all Yes sir it is a fine work of craftsmanship.

Please keep up the good work and thank you for making a dream come true.

Charlie G. White Johnstown, PA

Just want to say that i love your rifles. Thank you for taking pride in your products and having them made in the good old USA. Your customer service is great and your guns are just as good as any other. God bless the USA.


steve-culleyA few years back I got tired of buying cheap Chinese junk for my grandkid’s Christmas and birthday presents and decided to buy them something that would last and maybe even be passed down to their children. I embarked on a program to buy each one a Henry lever action .22. I finally got it done recently, the oldest is 11 and the youngest got hers at 1 month of age. I am very proud to have purchased a fine American product as well as passed the shooting sports on to my grandchildren.

Steve Culley Richland, OR

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAI purchased one of your lever 22’s and I am very happy with it. It’s the best shooting 22 I own. It out shoots my Ruger 10/22. Keep up the good work and keep it all American. Thank you for the finest gun in the USA.

Joshua Reed Perryville, AR

To you and your staff, twice I have needed to contact your company about parts or upgrades. Once for each rifle. And both times the phone was answered by polite, knowledgeable folks that took the time to listen to me ramble on and then figure out what I needed. It gets sent to me correctly and timely. This level of service is almost unheard of anymore, and to be honest quite refreshing. Thank you for the excellent service and the great products.


Dales-IsbellI am a Deputy Sheriff in St Claire County Alabama. I recently purchased the Henry Big Boy. I want to thank Henry Repeating Arms for a well built, exceptional and beautiful rifle.


Dales Isbell Deputy Sheriff Odenville, AL

Nick-AlbanoHello Mr. Imperato,

Here is the photo of the Henry Golden Boy Military Tribute edition rifle being held by Brian Whiting, president USO of Metropolitan New York., with the USO Liberty Bells.
Thank you for supporting the Troops!


Nick Albano

The Henry Firearms company is what a great business is all about. It seems to me that when you purchase a Henry rifle you are not just getting a firearm – you are entering a family. That’s nothing short of outstanding.

Thank you for all you do.

Michael Stonerock Farmland, IN