Customer Letters


you have made one of the best rifles in the world as far as i’m concerned. my H001 is a “shooter” and i’v put about a thousand rounds through it without a single problem. all i do is clean as the book says and go to bed happy that this AMERICAN made product is as good as advertised . keep up the good work and “hurrah for HENRY”

Age 78 And Still Shooting.

Warner Brooksbank Lake Forest Park, WA

I wish more people ran there business like they do at Henry Repeating Arms.. I don’t know of to many company Presidents who respond to E-Mail Messages themselves. Not only that, he even responds on a Sunday.. There is a lot to be said for that.

Thank you,

David J Sawicki Edinboro, PA


To MR.Anthony Imperato

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the catalog and every think else included in the packet you and your company have sent me.

My name is Stephen i have revived the Henry lever action .22S/L/LR Model no. H001 for my 12th birthday and i have used it 3 or 4 times and it has performed flawlessly. If i may point out this is my first firearm and i am amazed at the guiltily of the the craftsman ship. With this rifle my a

im with iron sights has improved amazingly due to ts outstanding wight balance.I have not used a scope with this rifle but i hope when i do it will perform just as good as it with out it.

Sincerely your HAPPY customer


I own two of your rifles. They get hard use. I can not believe how well they hold and shoot. You have a great product and excellent company support. You are what an American company should be!!

Richard Cordell North Brunswick, NJ

Dear Mr. Imperato,

I just purchased a new Big boy in .357 mag and i love this firearm right out of the box. The action is the smoothest ive used in cowboy action shooting i have fired one before and its much better than my winchester in .357 mag. I cant wait to see the fellow shooters reactions when another Henry shows up on the fireing line ty fo making a wonderful product im sure my son will get years of use from this fine product

Michael Egbert

I want to thank Henry Repeating Arms for such a quality and beautiful product line. Your company is the greatest from the President to PR staff and the entire organization. Henry Arms is a proud group and justifiably so. God Bless you and your company.

Nick Dimel Fort Mohave, AZ

Attached to this email you will find a picture of my Henry collection. I have all of the Golden Boys and Big Boys currently available. I am extremely proud of them and their quality is unmatched. I am a 100% dissabled Vietnam veteran and sometimes it is hard to afford the Henrys but as long as you make them I will find a way to buy them. I am really lookling forward to the 45-70 coming out. Thanks for your time and your American made product.



Yours is Christ,

Michael and Cindy Allenbach

My son just bought me a BSA Centenial Edition for my birthday. What a beautiful gun. Best present I have ever received.

Lenny Lewis Marion Center, PA









Thank you ! I’m very proud of you product, specificaly .22 LR Henry Rifle. 4000 rounds fire and no jam…awsome !! Good WORK!

Michel Nepton Chicoutimi, QC