Customer Letters

Proud to own a fine weapon that was made right here in America by American ingenuity with American parts and labor. Thank you for the service and I wish you and Henry repeating Arms great success!

You had me at “Made in America or not made at all”.

Jeffrey D. Burton Gunnery Sergeant MCAS Miramar, CA

william-woodallMr. Anthony,
I wanted to take a moment and share my experiences regarding the .22 Henry Carbine purchase I made in November 2011… The day I received the rifle I fired 3 groups of three into a bottle cap at 25 yards. I was amazed; I thought… surely this is to good to be true. I waited till the next day (hardly could wait for day break) and produced the same results. After a couple months of getting familiar with this rifle, I adjusted the rear sight. I am know hitting a silver dollar target at 65-70 yards every-time… perfect performance and no issues. I love that the tradition of American made firearms still remain strong and visible as a symbol of our heritage and pride in American quality and craftsmanship. I plan to pass this rifle and future purchases on down to my children… please, please keep these jobs in our great country… this was the main reason I bought from you… MADE IN the USA!!! 5 stars… plus some.



William Woodall Texas

Chris-VaughnI just purchased a Henry .22 lever action, and I wanted to thank you for making the greatest gun I have ever owned or fired! As an ex military with 2 deployments to afghan I wish I could have carried this amazing rifle with me, the accuracy was amazing!!!! Thank you again, you have a life long buyer.


Chris Vaughn Iowa


Dear Anthony, I wanted to let you know what a awesome gun your Henry Big Boy in .45 is. I received one for Christmas from my wife. Went shooting that weekend, beautiful gun!! The action on it is so smooth and clean!! Went thru 100 rounds in it with no problems..I received several compliments on it! Just wish .45 long Colt ammo was cheaper!! lol…thank you for making a truely awesome rifle!! Can’t wait to take it out again along with my Ruger single action .45 revolver. Love my Western Cowboy guns! Take care.

Gerald Woods


Please pass along to everyone at Henry Repeating Arms….You help make dreams come true! All three of these kids are battling cancer and we have provided them with hope, confidence and self esteem to beat it !

Pictures of some our special kids mentioned in the article:


Larry F. Hart Brownwood, TX

tom-ludwig2My display of Henry Rifles, I am really proud of them, don?t they display nicely !!

Tom Ludwig


We use Henry rifles every year at our event. People love them ! We are proud to be associated with a GREAT American made product. We get our guns from Melody at Sure Shot.

In God We Trust,

Paulette Forman Ellensburg, WA

Hi Anthony,

You know, if more companies were like Henry with its calibre of products and personnel, this country would be in much better shape than it is. The Henry Way is the way I was treated while growing up and you rarely find that anywhere today.

Thank you again for the best rifles money can buy, service second to none, and first rate personnel!!! Thank you for the Henry Way of doing things.

Herb Smith


Dear Mr. Imperato, A good friend of mine first introduced me to a Henry Rifle, the Golden Boy, this past summer, while at the rifle range. He let me shoot it and I instantly loved it. My friend Mr. Bill Frail continued to let me shoot the Henry almost every weekend to the point that I was calling his Henry my Henry. One day he came into work, we work together, and he gave me a Henry Black and Orange Ball Cap that he had received from you, I hung it on the wall in my office and told him that I would not wear the hat until I had my very own Henry. Well, I have to tell you I started wearing the hat on Saturday, Jan 23rd, 2013, as I was at the range shooting my very own Henry Frontier Rifle. I’ve attached a picture of me pointing to my very first shot, which was in the 10 ring, a bull’s eye. I have also included a picture of me with Bill’s Golden Boy and my first shot with it was also a bull’s eye! Beginner’s luck I guess. That or either the 30 years I spent in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman and the training I received while stationed with the USMC. I like the Golden Boy but I chose the Frontier rifle because I can place a scope on it. I love my new Henry and the dealer told me I was very lucky to get the last one because of Hurricane Sandy and the back on the east coast. Now I can say I’m a very proud to owner of a Henry Rifle that was made in the USA! The rifle is amazing and I plan to keep it in the family and someday pass on to my grandchildren, thank you and all your staff for making an awesome rife that turns heads every time I go to the rifle range.

Grazie Mille!!!

Proud Owner of a Henry Frontier

Robert Di Girolamo Master Chief Hospital Corpsman Freeland, WA