Customer Letters

Dear Henry
Just got my Henry 357 this last weekend! Just wanted to say thank you very much for all your help! I have never had anybody or any company go out of their way to do such a great thing for me. I can’t thank you enough, but, can say you have a customer for life and a free sales person for all your products for life to.

Bruce Hubbell

cliff-swartI got my new henry rifle. it is a beauty. so i made a gun rack out of native walnut and have it displayed in my office. good program.



Cliff Swart

jill-brandemuehlHello, Anthony My name is Jill Brandemuehl from Rice Lake Wisconsin, I recently harvested my first black bear and it was with a Henry 45-70. I would like to thank you for such a smooth shooting large caliber rifle. My boyfriend Jerry Weinert is a manufacturing engineer at your Henry Wisconsin facility, being a little nervous he had to reassure me at the range I would have no problem and I did very well. One shot and the bear was down, within seconds it was all over. I had to send a picture of my 300lb bleak bear and the Henry 45-70. Thank you again!

Jill Brandemuehl Rice Lake, WI

Anthony, We just received a Henry H006CD2 45LC, Serial # BB0555CD2 We have sold lots of the Law Enforcement and the Military 22’s, but this is the first of the CD2. Wanted to let you know how much we loved it and the customer celebrating their 30 year anniversary loved it. WOW!! You all are Fantastic. We have sold lots of other Henry’s over the years and can say nothing but Great things about your company and your team. God Bless you all and THANK YOU for being their for us all. Bob Sluder :-)



Robert Sluder "Bear Britches" FEDERAL Firearms Dealer

Anthony, I watched your 1/2 hour presentation several times and was very impressed by the quality of Henry firearms. I have been collecting firearms for over 30 years and have known of Henry but never really handled one. After I saw the show for the second time I went to my dealer Monday morning and placed an order for a Big Boy 44 mag. He said good luck in today’s environment! To my surprise Davidson’s had only one and I had my Big Boy by Wednesday. Beautiful and I am proud to own it. I went back a week later and ordered a Golden Boy .22 mag and a survival .22. Not so lucky this time as there are none to be found and so I wait for some to free up. Well worth the wait and I look forward to the day when more inventory hits the market. Thanks and just wanted to take up your invitation to write. Best regards.

Terry Kors Tampa, FL

charles-mccreadySir, I would like to thank you very much for the help that you gave Shooters Supply on finding a 45-70 rifle. It took almost a year to get. I do know that Henry Repeating Arms are the most sought after in firearms. That is due to being Made in these United States. Attached is a picture of myself with my new 45-70 dressed up with a nice scope. I again would like to thank you, along with Bob Arthur of Shooters Supply for the help in locating a 45-70 rifle.

Charles McCready

linda-traceyPlease find enclosed our “A Family of Henrys” photo. We are writing to tell you how proud our family is to own your American made classic rifles. We all really enjoy them, and we love the fact that they are Made in the USA. Thank you very much.

Linda Tracey


Mark Moroz

lonny-walker-2My Wife just bought me a Henry Golden Boy .22LR lever action for my 75th birthday and this years Christmas I feel like a kid again thanks for a beautiful Rifle and it’s AMERICAN made thank God, it will be my favorite gun of many I have.

Lonny Walker


Here is a photo of me shooting my Henry Golden Boy. What a GREAT rifle !! Smooth action, very accurate, and Made in America. I cant wait to get another one of these fine rifles.

Dave Hicks Salem, AR