Customer Letters

Keven-NewtonI thought you might find this amusing…

I showed up at a Cowboy Rifle-Pistol Cartridge Silhouette shoot at our local Concord, CA range this Sunday with my Henry Big Boy .357. I took a little flack from the Good Ol’ Guys for shooting such a “pretty” gun. The jokers thoughts were that “pretty” guns are not good for silhouette shoots, only boring looking Marlin’s and Winchesters can hit a lot of silhouettes. I let them laugh. I ended up winning the match shooting 29 out of 40 Silhouettes at 100, 75, 50 40 meters, Off-Hand with the original steel sites. The “pretty” gun got the last laugh.

Kevin Newton Concord, CA

Brooke-HelfenbaumDear Mr. Imperato,

Thank you. I am 12 and just got my H001T Frontier and it is so AWESOME! It is really, really beautiful.. I am proud to have the Henry as my first rifle. I can’t wait to get to the range and start hitting targets.


Brooke Helfenbaum

jhinesMy son loves his Henry US Survival rifle and it was a pleasure meeting you at the NRA show.


J. Hines Dripping Springs, TX

LaDrieresI have attached a picture of my wife, Heather, and my daughter, Nicole, with the her first and most memorable rifle – the Henry Mini Bolt.

My family members and I are big fans of your rifles. My
father-in-law, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, father, and I all have Golden Boys. A family friend, Ken Flanagan, has several more Henrys–we took a picture of all of us with our Henrys a year or so ago, which I think Ken sent you. I believe he also recently sent you a picture from when we met you at last year’s meetings. Anyways, I just thought you would appreciate that.

Once again, thank you very much for your generosity, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you.

Captain A.C. LaDriere Army National Guard Ohio

Tony-GaribaldiTo The Good People At Henry !

Thank you for the very prompt delivery of a replacement part for my grandsons Henry Youth rifle. I thought you might like to see his photo. He is my youngest grandson (8 years old). He is using his olders brothers Henry and looks forward to someday getting his own. I suppose Grandpa will come up with another Henry by then. Thanks again for a GREAT USA made product!

Tony Garibaldi Bozeman, MT

Last summer I purchased a 22 Lr from you. Model H001T. I shot the rifle 2 times at short indoor ranges and was pleased but was itching so to speak, to stretch its legs.Well Saturday I went to an outdoor range. 50 yards was outstanding and 100 yards put 5 shots in a 4 inch target, 2 rounds 1 inch apart, with iron sights. Wow! Right out of the box. Thank you for building something we all can be proud of.


Ron Wester

Will-PresentMr Imperato

Here is the picture of my son receiving his new Henry rifle for his high school graduation present. Thank you so much for making it happen, really made his day. The rifle is every bit of what I expected, and even more special, American made, just like the new owner.

Thanks so much,


George-BishopHello Anthony!

Here is the photo from our live auction. The gentleman is Mr. George Bishop. Cuero has seen a huge increase in oil and gas production in the last couple of years from the Eagle Ford Shale. Mr. Bishop is a big player in the production of the oil and gas and has been extremely generous to our community since arriving. He purchased the rifle for $42,000! Thanks again for everything!

Eric Draper Chisolm Trail Heritage Museum

Jaxson-MedleyMr. Imperato,

I am attaching a picture of our new grandson Jaxson with his Henry 22 Mag. It is hard to see in the pic but we had his name and date of birth engraved above the trigger.

Thank you very much,



I love targeting shooting with my Golden Boy. My husband bought the rifle for me as a Christmas present, and it?s the best present ever!