Contact Henry Repeating

Contact Henry Repeating

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Due to high customer volume, it may take up to two days to respond to your questions. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thomas Kotz

Customer Service Supervisor
Contact Tom with customer service issues, accessory recommendations, warranty repair/service, international inquiries, technical questions and product availability.
Contact Thomas Kotz

Jeff Post

Technical Customer Service
Contact Jeff regarding any technical questions, warranty repair/service issues, general customer service questions, and accessories recommendations.
Contact Jeff Post

Kathy Scarpa

Customer Service
Contact Kathy regarding parts orders for dealers and consumers, status of repair, and general customer service.
Contact Kathy Scarpa

Pete Wagner

Customer Service
Contact Pete for help with warranty/repair service, General CS inquiries and parts orders.
Contact Pete Wagner

Charlie Volkmann

Instructor / Wildlife
Contact Charlie regarding Instructor orders, wildlife organizations inquiries such as Ducks Unlimited and Pheasants Forever, and general customer service issues.
Contact Charlie Volkmann

Anthony Imperato

President / Owner
Contact Anthony regarding product availability, special projects or needs, and for any comments, suggestions, compliments/ complaints on anything related to Henry.
Contact Anthony Imperato