Customer Letters

david-m-dauriaMr. Imperato

Wow, never expected such a quick response, let alone from the CEO.  Now this is Customer Service and the way I remember American manufacturing, and this is a Company I want to support. I can’t wait to say “THESE ARE MY HENRY’S’).

I felt after watching the show you should know about this dealer.  I will find a dealer in my area to purchase my first Henery’s and many more to come. 

Thank You Again for all you and your company does for America!


David M. Dauria Fayetteville, NC

Dear Mr. Imperato,

I received a Henry.22 for Christmas as my first gun. It has killed many coons, squirrels, and rabbits. Thank you for making such a good, dependable rifle.

Ethan Blaylock

andy-hillDear Mr. Imperato

My father gave me a Henry Golden Boy. I am in love with the rifle. It is the first of many I plan to own. Thank you for making a fine rifle. Attached is a photo with my prized poseession.


A beyond satisfied customer.

Andy Hill Lewisburg, TN

eric-morganMy wife and I met you briefly on Saturday at the NRAAM Expo after Mr.Imperato caught my daughter, Caitlin, admiring one of the Mini Bolt rifles and said Henry would make her one. You asked about her initials and birthdate, which are CMM 06/25/2010. I have to be honest, when he directed us over to see you I didn’t hear what he’d said and thought he was sending us over for some Expo swag and you had a doll or something for her. It didn’t quite sink in until you started talking about a serial number, and is still a bit surreal even now. Please let us know any other info you might need.

Thank you again for your generosity!

Eric Morgan Rineyville, KY

bill-postMy name is Bill Post and I have been a Freemason for 40 years. I picked up my new Henry Free Mason Tribute rifle last week. It is better than I expected. Pictures do not do it justice. It is absolutely beautiful. The craftsmanship is second to none.

Our Masonic Lodge, Gnemeth Lodge #577 A.F. & A.M. in West Des Moines, Iowa had a raffle to raise funds for our scholarship program. After a three month period of selling tickets, the drawing was held on September 6th and I was the lucky winner.

I am not new to the Henry family. I purchased a Golden Boy 22LR in 2003. It is my pride and joy … and one of the most accurate “open sight” rifles I have ever owned. I just had to send you a picture of my Henry’s. “Pride of Ownership” is an understatement when I shoot and show off my Henry rifles. Thank you to Mr. Imperato for manufacturing such outstanding “Made in America” Rifles.

Warmest regards,

Bill Post West Des Moines, IA

I wanted to let you know a few things-
1st, I was GREATLY surprised that you personally replied to my inquiry about a Big Boy in .41. Thank you!

2nd ,this morning I picked up my brand spanking new Henry Big Boy   .41!

3rd, I have been a fan of your products for quite a long time. This however is my first Henry purchase. As I have plenty of .22’s and a .44 Ruger carbine I never saw the need to buy one of your guns. BUT! Then I saw the .41 mag listed! It is the perfect mate to my Blackhawk .41!!

4th, the wood to metal fit is beautiful! Blueing is perfect! Absolutely wonderful product!

Lastly, I would like to purchase a scope base for it so I can really get a feeling for its accuracy, I see the old style base on your web site but not the base that is screwed to the receiver… Please provide an order number.

I’m looking forward this weekend to try it out!!

Thank you!

Will Machauer Califon, NJ

ron-sikkemaDear sir,

Thank you for manufacturing these magnificant rifles here in the USA.

I just received my Long Ranger after a 3 mounth wait and oh boy was it worth the wait, just one word discribes this rifle: fantastic. Beautifull workmanship, great trigger action, very smooth shooting and really nice wood.

Thanks to everybody at Henry Rifles, and y’all have a great Xmas.

Ron Sikkema Liberty, SC

I own two of your Henry rifles. I have a golden boy in 22 LR, and I have the other in a Big Boy 45 LC. I would like to start off by saying thank you for building a rifle made in the USA. I love both of my rifles, they are the most smoothest rifles I have ever had in my hands.  They are accurate and I plan to take a deer with my 45LC this year. I have showed my rifles to a couple of my shooting buddy’s and they to have purchased your Henry rifles.  Not only are they a pleasure to shoot but they are a absolute work of art.. Beautiful Rifles!!

Thank you for making a great Rifle!

Larry J Bulen

ian-harrisMy new Henry rifle, Big Boy 45 Colt. It shoots VERY well with 260 grain-and 305-grain cast bullets and the fit and finish is something to be proud of.  I work very hard for my money and this rifle is worth every penny paid for it, head and shoulders above Marlin, Miroku WInchester, Uberti, and Rossi.  Again, THANK YOU for for your personal attention and for producing the finest .45 Colt levergun to be found anywhere, right here in the United States.  Also, congratulations on a very successful 1,000 rifle shoot last month.

Ian Harris Kerrville, TX


i’ve talked with your company two or three times on the phone in the last couple yrs.I am very pleased with the people are always helpful and kind.its nice to know i can get parts over the phone and get answered promptly.i have dealt with other gun companies that put me on hold very long and then say i have to order online.i am done with their product.speaking of product i am very happy with your guns,and your slogan on God and guns,and made in america.i hope you folks prosper.keep doing what your doing.

with love in jesus christ,

Ben Speheger