Customer Letters

scott-kirchhoffThanks again for the support of Hunter Safety.  The hunt was a grand success, and the Henry 45-70 rifle was a joy to carry and shoot.

I look forward to adding couple more Henry Lever Guns to me collection in the future.

Merry Christmas 

Scott Kirchhoff Hunt for Food LLC Watertown, WI

Just picked up a brand new henry big boy steel 357mag . I am very impressed with the smoth action and fit and finish is awesome. Thanks for you and your employees making a fine american rifle.

Greg Wortmann

gary-nicholsMr. Imperato;

I wanted to thank you for your gift package containing Henry swag. It was kindly appreciated, and has been distributed to members of my American Legion Post 453 here in Dallas, TX. I wanted you to know that Henry rifles still holds great value in the eyes of the American sportsman and shooting enthusiasts. Our Post purchased two Henry’s, one Model H006 in .44 Magnum, and one Model 4004V in .17 HMR. We sold $1 raffle tickets for a chance to win both rifles. After 5 months of ticket sales we sold $9,409.00. The funds went towards renovations at the Veteran’s Resource Center/Homeless Veterans Center here in Dallas, TX. I am attaching a photograph of the winner with their Henry’s.

We hope to be able to raise enough funds to purchase two more weapons for the 2017 season. The demands at the Veterans Resource Center are high, but we are up to the task.


Sergeant Major Gary L. Nichols American Legion Post 453 Dallas, TX

vince-waltersDear Mr. Imperato.I recently purchased a Henry golden boy 22lr.Let me say thank you for producing such a quality firearm.It is both a joy to look at shoot.All of my friends are a little jealous.I can’t wait till my large loop lever comes in that will be the icing on the cake.Keep up the great work.

Vince Walters

andrew-g-kellarDear Mr. Imperato,

As a follow-up to the below email string I wanted to share the story of my Dad, (I want you to know his name – Grayson Kellar).  Dad finally retired at the end of last year and as you hear so often, was diagnosed with cancer in June this year and after a hard fought battle he lost that fight Oct. 2, just a few weeks ago at the age of 79. 

There are 7 Eagle Scouts in our family (me, my 3 brothers, and 3 nephews) with 2 nephews to go.  We purchased the Henry earlier in September, the 3rd nephew  had just successfully gone before the review board a week prior to Dad being admitted back into the hospital the last week in September.  After a few hopeful days we all came to the realization that he was not going to make it home.   So…..we talked to the security guards at the hospital (we decided it best to receive permission to bring a firearm into the hospital vs. smuggle it in), and with family, friends, doctors, nurses (and security guard) in his hospital room held a ceremony to award my nephew his Eagle and presented Dad with the Henry.  You could see the joy on this proud man’s face because he is the one to introduce me, my 3 brothers at an early age to shooting and Boy Scouts.  It was also as if he sensed we were up to something because within 3 hours of the ceremony he was unconscious and held on for another 48 hours until God decided it was time for him to rest in his arms. 

Dad started Boy Scouts but was not able to stay active because he had to work to support his family but ensured we would have the opportunities scouting provides that he never enjoyed.  Dad was involved locally, nationally and internationally in Boy Scouts as you can see by the pictures attached. 

Lastly, we are having a Henry Rifle rack and plaque made out of walnut to tell the story, his legacy, with room for brass plates for the 7 current Eagle Scouts plus many more over the next generations to come.   Once again I wanted to share our story and the importance of the Eagle Scout and Henry Rifle ceremony in honor of Dad meant to us all.


Andrew G. Kellar Senior Director, Value Based Care Nashville, TN

Thank you for your undying support of our 2nd Amendment rights and thank you for your extreme diligence in producing the finest firearms made in America and the world!

With all due respect and gratitude,

Dick Varner

teresa-glynnMy husband surprised me with The American Beauty for our 41st. anniversary, BEST GIFT EVER! Just love it. Little Nana.

Teresa Glynn Verbank, NY

I just finished cleaning my Henry .22 mag and I wanted to give you an idea of how much I enjoy this little lever action! I have had this gun for several years and it is still in great shape.I use this gun several times a month and it’s my go to gun to plink with my grandson.  It’s also nice to know that my gun was made in the good old USA! Keep up the good work!

Gary Bonham


Dear Mr. Imperato,

Thank you so much for sending my father-in-law, Willard “Dub” Hord, the goodies.

He was SO excited yesterday I just couldn’t wait until Thanksgiving to get him his Golden boy.

As you can see, pictured here with his daughter (my beloved wife, Elizabeth) & with myself as well, he was over the moon!

God bless you!


John Latz, MD Catawba, NC

Dear Mr. Imperato

I just bought my first Henry, 45-70 a few weeks ago, and I must say it has been the best gun I have ever bought.  I have been researching the Henry guns for the last couple of years and decided to purchase the Henry 45-70.  I just starting  hunting a few years ago in PA for Bear.  This will be my first time using the 45-70 for the hunt.  Some of  my friends are somewhat jealous with envy over the 45-70.  I have received many compliments about how nice the Henry is.  It is a great honor to own something made in American and with such pride.  Thank You A Proud Henry Owner

Kevin Needham