Customer Letters

Dear Sir,

I just watched the program on tv .I wish you would tell people about the ease of unloading a Henry! I grew up with Marlin and unloading it is a pain in the butt!! The only thing i ever inherited from my family was my Grandfathers model 1876 45/60 Winchester! I gave it to my Grandson and told him it was His responcability /job to give it to his son or Grandson some day!! The old Winchester has the same problem unloading as the Marlin! I have two Henry’s,One a 22 carbine with the large loop,and a brass .17 HMR which i love!!Please look at the PITA of unloading a Marlin and Winchester,Then tell people how easy it is to unload a Henry in the house or anywhere you do not want to rack all the shells out!! I love my Henry coffee cup Made in America or Not Made At All,and thank You for it!!! Please tell people how safe it is to unload a Henry!

Your friend

Bud DeLong

james-mcdonaldHello, Im a locomotive engineer from Canada. I recently bought a new henry 22 carbine. I just can’t get over the quality and smooth action for a fair price for the working man. Its fun to shoot, doesn’t care what type or brand of 22 ammo you put in it. I purchaced it for a handy sized rifle for hunting small game. Now I’m looking at selling my winchester for a henry 30-30 for big game.

Thanks for doing what you do

James McDonald

Mr. Imperato,

I just watched an infomercial on Henry Rifles including yourself on the Discovery channel. Wow, was I impressed. Your humility, talk  of faith, family, your appreciation of our country, service men & women and ordinary people was amazing. You love and are very  proud of your product and it shows. Your sincerity shines thru.  I am writing to say “thank you” for being my definition of a great company representative and businessman.  I own many firearms, however non have been Henry before now….. that is changing.

Once again, thanks for demonstrating what a great company leader is.


Mark Shelton Malden, MO

Dear Mr. Imperato,

First I want to say Thank You for American made firearms. I am 62 and have hunted since I can remember, and have used just about every gun out there. But since the purchase of my Henry rifles, 22 Long colt golden boy, and 45 long colt golden boy , I have to say these are the Best guns I have ever owned. I plan to add more to my collection.

Thank you again,


Roland Smith

marilyn-yurchickThank you Anthony for setting up the delivery of our 45-70 color case hardened Henry.  We picked it up today at Johnsons sporting Goods in Eighty Four, PA, our favorite gun shop.

Thank you so very much for your time and effort.  You truly are amazing to your customers.  I love HENRYS and we are now up to 23.

Thanks again,

Marilyn Yurchick, RPh

dennis-farrellI have been a longtime lover of lever action rifles. I have owned Winchester, Remington, and Browning lever actions. My first experience with Henry was ordering a county engraved model for a fund raiser. First, let me say that I am a tool maker who has done gunsmithing. When the Henry arrived and I picked it up, it pointed perfectly and made all other lever actions feel sloppy. The Henry has a precision feel that no other rifles come close to. Since the feel of the first Henry, I have purchased three more. Every one has been a joy to shoot and I just wanted to say thank you.

Thank you for a GREAT rifle,

Dennis Farrell Columbia, TN

richard-h-martinDear Henry Repeating Arms – your Guns For Great Causes program has enabled us to provide a comfy bed, yummy meals, toys to play with, and time with mom!

This is Andrew. At age 3, he’s already fought a hard battle with cancer. He spent a lot of time in the hospital and had to make frequent trips to New York City for treatment.

When he was first admitted to the hospital, his family stayed at a hotel. But the high costs of treatment and travel became overwhelming. Then they learned that, thanks to friends like you, they could stay right by the hospital at Ronald McDonald House® New York. What a difference that made!

In between appointments, you gave Andrew and his parents a comfy place to sleep. Home-cooked meals. A place to relax and shake off the stress of the hospital.

They’re so comfortable at the House, Andrew’s dad says, “Andrew calls it ‘home!’”

When you give, you do something amazing. You help families like Andrew’s stay brave despite cancer.

You’re a hero to families like theirs. Thank you!

Richard H. Martin Ronald McDonald House® New York, NY


Dear Tony.

The 22 is becoming famous. I ran a good ammo test today from the bench at 25 yards. It will be part of a feature article at Outdoors Unlimited Magazine. 9 different dime sized dots were used, with 5 shot groups recorded. The scope was a Bushnell Banner 3×9 commonly used by many squirrel hunters.

The Bushnell Banner 6×18 has won more World Squirrel Rifle Championships on a CZ-452 than any other. Today using different ammo two Black Death Targets were achieved. I was only using the dots as an aiming point as the rifle was zeroed with Wolf Match Extra and no other sight adjustment was made. The scope was set on 4 power.

The results (without a vice) showed that you can even hit a dime with Federal (junk) ammo the worst group of the day. What is great is bolt action riflemen are challenging the Henry, I like that.

I wasn’t going to do it but I’m going to try to beat my CZ in a head to head accuracy test, even though they are not in the same class…Cowboy against Sporter. There is really nothing left to do, the Henry is perfect…here is the general ammo test.

John Simeone Outdoor Writer, ODU Magazine

kathy-purtell-jan2017-1Congratulations to Billy W. from Clarksville, VA on winning the Henry Frontier .22 Rifle. Billy has been a long time supporter of the Southside Friends of NRA. Special Thanks to Henry Repeating Arms for donating this rifle.

Kathy Purtell Merchandise Manager, NRA Fairfax, VA

kathy-purtell-jan2017-2Thanks to all that came out and made the Southern Regional Friends of NRA event a huge success. Mr. K Jones was the lucky winner of the Henry Frontier .22 Rifle. Special thanks to Henry Repeating Arms for their gracious donation to the Friends of NRA Program.

Kathy Purtell Merchandise Manager, NRA Fairfax, VA