Customer Letters

kathy-purtell-jan2017-3Congratulations to Terri & Craig R. on winning the Henry Frontier Rifle at the Loudoun County Friends of NRA event. Special thanks to Henry Repeating Arms for their Donation.

Kathy Purtell Merchandise Manager, NRA Fairfax, VA

dr-duke-vinsonMr. Imperato, I wanted to thank you for helping me get the H009CC. Everything was delivered as promised to Cabelas in Augusta Ga and last week I was able to take my new rifle on a hunt.  My first hunting excursion was a success as I harvested my largest Buck ever.  A 12pt whitetail at 97 yards (free handed)!  I have attached pictures for your viewing. Also, I saw the new TV show and it was outstanding. The rifle is smooth and accurate – PERFECT!!


Dr. Duke Vinson Evans, GA

I recently purchased a Golden Boy .22mag. It is the best firearm I have ever owned. I want to thank everyone at Henry Arms for producing some of the best quality products available today.

A life long customer,

Michael W. Peterson

roger-eganDear Anthony,

Thank you so very much for your kindness and generosity.  My new front post enables me to shoot spot-on with my AR-7.  This is such a fun gun to shoot.  I have already run 300 rounds thru it and without the first failure of any kind.  As per the manual, I only use high velocity ammo in it.  This gun is so reliable and trustworthy.  I would never hesitate using it in a compete shoot.  It is dead on and so dependable.  Everybody should own one of these rifles.  Not only are they fun to shoot, but very reliable. Henry is definitely the best rifle made on this planet.  God bless you and your company.

Henry, the best rifle made, hands down!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Roger Egan

Just picked up a Henry lever action brass in 30-30. This is my second Henry rifle,also have Golden Boy in .22 mag. I have heard nothing but fantastic stories about how Henry backs up their product,both from gun store owners and Henry customers and I can see why. Your rifles are without a doubt the finest lever actions on the market and on The slim chance there  is a problem, your staff makes it a non-problem quickly. Thank you for continuing an American tradition of quality and integrity.

Patrick Craven


Please find enclosed the picture of the proud owner, Allen Campton, of the Henry Golden Eagle that you donated to our motorcycle club. We raised a little over $4,000 to be used for Ronald McDonalds House and St Jude. We are also donating to several local charities that help children in the area. We really appreciate your help on this. Our Henry Gun raffles have been the best. Everyone likes that If it’s not made in America it’s not made at all. Again, thanks for your generous help. Looking forward to working with you again.

PS,  I just added your 45-70 to my collection. That makes me 17 different Henry Rifles. Can’t wait for the new Shotgun to come out. Again, Thank you

Robert Spencer Gold Wing Road Riders Effingham, IL

Hello sir, I have been a henry fan ever since i was a kid and now i have finally purchased one of your rifles the classic .22lr and so far i am really impressed with the quality! It blows the marlins out of the water. This definitly will not be my last henry rifle i already want to get one in .44 mag and .45-70 Maybe .30-30 too. Also impressed with the price point. I got mine on sale for $350 how you can produce an american made rifle with such supeiror fit and finnish at that price point is amazing. Please dont change a thing keep up the great work! Im glad there are still companies like henry out there!


Jacob Cole

david-a-whiteHi Anthony,

I am attaching a picture of my Henry collection.  Feel free to use the picture if you would like.  You could say I have a thing for Henry Rifles. Thank you for making a great product and thank you for keeping them made in the USA.


David A. White

I just wanted to brag on your products. I purchased the .41 mag in 20 inch last week. Matched with a vortex 2-7×32 and FACTORY Barnes ammo. I’m shooting less than 1 inch group at 100 yards. I wish I could copy and paste the picture of the target. This is my first purchase of a Henry and will be a return customer!!!

Calin Crush

chet-lisieckiWent target shooting and absolutely love my Henry as it is very, very accurate.

Thanks again.

Chet Lisiecki Rotonda West, FL