Customer Letters

thomas-w-degnerHi Anthony;

I figured out your diabolical plan to sell more firearms, and it is quite ingenious.
I have always said I shoot my guns, the thrill of placing a bullet on the money at two, three even four hundred yards away is hard to beet. But THIS latest Henry I bought, is buy far the most but beautiful rifle I own. The grain in the walnut to the shine on the brass, is nothing short of stunning. This Golden boy H004V is breathtaking.
I have no choice but to buy another Henry .17 just to shoot.

So I am revealing you plan, You make the best looking, highest quality, smoothest lever action guns in the industry, And built buy my American brothers and sisters.
All this and at an affordable price. But most importantly, the integrity of your company comes strait from the President.
Dad and I own several Henrys, But I can tell you, I am going to make my gun dealer smile.
Thanx for everything;


Thomas W. Degner

Mr. Imperato,

I wanted you to see the gentleman that won our Golden Boy 22 you helped us get. His name is Ray Webb and needless to say, he was thrilled. He said he entered the raffle to give it to his oldest grandson. We were thrilled ourselves to have someone as genuine as he was win. He is a retired police officer and very worthy of the rifle.

Individuals in photo left to right; Rhonda Stephens, Barry Stephens, me, and Ray Webb. Barry and Rhonda own Lake Fork Firearms where we purchased the rifle.

Thank you again for helping us out and for the give aways you sent.

Pam Bowden President, Lake Country Neighbors


I received my golden boy rifle for my 35th wedding anniversary from my wife. This was a shocking surprise.
I have really enjoyed it. I am 63 years old and this is the most
accurate rifle I have ever owned. Thank you for American made.
I live in Kentucky.

Larry Jones Kentucky

Great service, great product! My 16yo daughter is already making shooting plans for us. She’s got the lever action bug. She wanted a Rossi she shot a few months back but has fell in love with the Henry. You got another family loyal to your product. Thanks again, here’s a pick of her with “my” rifle!

Thx again,

Rob Smith

I now own 2 Henry’s the 357 Big Boy and the 22 Frontier and I love them, very versatile and very reliable under bad conditions, thanks for making a really good gun.

Richard Purk

Sir: just a fast note, I purchased a Henry Frontier model last year and was blown away by the quality of your product. This year I sold my Marlin 30/30 and purchased your 30/30 round barrel and all I can say again is WOW.

A perfect ,well made and best it is 100% American made.

Your company is a AMERICAN treasure, Thank you

Chief William Boyden Fenwick Island Police Dept.


We just shared a few pictures of our son’s first Henry Rifle on your facebook page.  We wanted to extend many thanks for the craftsmanship and quality! Hope 2015 is a prosperous year for Henry Rifles!

Ange & Nicole Salvo Rimersburg, PA

I just recieved my Henry Firefighter Tribute Rifle. This is an amazing piece of American craftsmanship. I am proud to own this rifle. I spent 25 years in the fire service and thank you for this tribute to the fallen heroes of 9/11/01 and to all of my brother firefighters that have given  their lives to save others and to my brothers that are still on duty stay strong and safe.  I cannot wait to show this rifle to my coffee club friends and let them drool over it. Maybe they will order their own? Thank you again for such a fine rifle

Mike Weis

While low-quality and blurry, I snapped a quick photo for you; I am so proud.

Again, thank you, sir.

Kim E. Detlefsen

Kim E. Detlefsen MBA CFE Certified Fraud Examiner Forensic Accountant

I got your e-mail about the Henry American Beauty Rose rifle. You are too late. I already got my wife one for Christmas and she loves it. That makes her about 4 or 5 Henrys for her collection.
You have wonderful guns.Johhny-and-Teresa-Chalk

Johnny Chalk Portageville Mo.