Customer Letters


A surprise Birthday Gift to a NEW SCOUT!…..(Salute to Scouting 00266).

My nephew, Jack Bradbury (age 11) received his FIRST Henry Repeating Arms 22 rifle ………………….. HIS SMILE SAYS IT ALL.

Keep up the great work,


Jeff Bradbury

harry-hibbettMy new Henry Big Boy.

Harry Hibbett

roger-eganSeveral months ago I purchased a Henry rifle model H001.  I have quite a large gun collection but I wanted a Henry rifle to add to my collection.  They have been used in so many high-end Western movies that I just had to have one.  Oh yes, I have read up on their history.  Finally, I purchased my H001.  What a terrific rifle!  Just yesterday, at 7 meters I shot a hole straight thru a penny.  My gosh, such accuracy.  Of course, once upon receiving my Henry I had to make some windage and elevation adjustments.  But that was OK.  I had your brass hammer and punch to make those adjustments.  Henry is definitely the best rifle made, hands down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roger Egan

frank-dillonFrank Dillon’s new .22

Rosemary Dillon


Tom Smith North Vernon, IN

My Henry Big Boy Carbine finally came in and I picked it up today – mine is .44 Magnum/.44 Special.  I could barely contain myself when I took it home and cleaned it to prepare to shoot.  Smooth, accurate, and gorgeous right out of the box.  Exactly what I have come to expect when I get a new Henry!  I’ll upload some pictures.  I only have one problem.  For the past five years my Henry Big Boy .45 Colt has been my hands down favorite rifle.  Now I have to figure out which one I like best!  

The .45, the new .44, or my Henry Survival Rifle!

Joe Banker


I bought a Henry .357/38 this past spring as part of my fathers day/wedding anniversary. Right out of the box it shot a group of three the size of a 50-cent piece. It is the best gun I have shot period! I can’t wait to take it deer hunting this winter.

Matt Romick New Matamoras, Ohio



I hope you folks are well over there at Henry.  I just thought I would share a photograph and a quick story with you.

I purchased a Henry Silver Eagle 22LR for my son Henry Wilms two weeks ago.  Last weekend I gave it to him at about 7pm….he is 13 and almost cried…and then he thanked me over 15 times the rest of the night.  He loves it….right out of the box he is hitting all 3 sizes of spinners…repeatedly.  I told him if he had a son some day and possibly gave him the name of Henry, that he could pass this gun down to him…and so on.

With that said, thank you to all at Henry Repeating Arms for helping make many great memories in a young boy’s life!!!  My boy Henry….and he is good boy at that.


Todd Wilms President, CLYMER Precision Rochester Hills, MI


Noah and Zach shooting their rifles.

Noah and Zach NRA Show Kids


Have always wanted a henry rifle.   Found this golden boy and will hand it down to my son.