Customer Letters

Randy BakerAnother happy Henry owner. Thanks again for making this an extra special day.

Randy Baker

Jeff WenteMr Imperato, I had recently emailed you about a veterans project we were doing and You and Charlie were kind enough to help us acquire a Henry military service tribute rifle to give away. I wanted to let you know what an extreme honor it was to hand your rifle over to Corporal Adam Patrick Snow of the United States Marine Corp. Corporal Snow served 8 years and during his time he was shot three times and hit by three separate roadside bombs, which his left him with a lifetime of injuries and scars . After each injury he begged to go back to fight with his men for our country. In addition to your rifle, Wyoming Governor Matt Mead wrote a letter to give to Patrick congratulating him on his rifle and reaffirming that Patrick is a true hero.

I could not think of a better way to have honored Corporal Snow in front of 400 people in small town Laramie, WY than with your rifle and the Governors support.

We also auctioned a Henry Golden Boy for $1450 and donated the money to Project Healing Waters local chapter. All said and done, a great night thanks in part to your support.

Thank you, Jeff Wente

Jeff Wente

LarryStill loving my new Original Henry.

26 shots.

Larry Kingsport , Tennessee

LOUIS CUSTINII don’t know if you remember the letter I sent you about my Dad’s Henry 45lc Big Boy w big loop that was stolen back in the day. You were ever so gracious and read my letter and even sent me a mug, thank you Anthony. Well I’m writing you today to tell you that I finally replaced Dad’s Henry Big Boy in his memory and it is once again one of my most prized possessions , because when I look at it , I think of him and how he loved it so. Anthony, I want to say THANK YOU, for who you are your Dad would be proud, and THANK YOU for making the Very Best Guns in the WORLD….


Bill conleyHI, Anthony this is Bill conley I’m sending you this picture from the show last week end with my family. Was a great pleasure seeing you again and we all love our Henrys.

Bill conley

Charles RuscianoMiss Ellie and Charles at Fort Discovery with their respective Henry’s.

Charles Rusciano

Paul SullivanMr Imperato,

We finally had a nice, sunny day here in the Northwest.

I took my sons out to go shooting for their very first time and we brought along their newly-acquired Henry rifles. The rifles worked flawlessly and we all had a great time. Attached is a picture for you. If there is anything we can do to help your company, please let me know.

Take care,


Paul Sullivan

Chad SmithWhat to share this with you and your company, my father-in-law just gave his 4 grandkids your golden boy .22’s with the engraved receivers  this memorial day. Thanks so much for producing such a fine American made product we can be proud of. The separate pictures are my children Lizzie and Garrett Smith what a proud day for them again Thank you.

Chad Smith

Tom KipferMr Imperato,

I know you must hear this daily but let me add my voice and words to the countless others.

Thank You so much for restoring part of our American heritage and keeping it uniquely American.

I was first introduced to your company back in 2010 when you partnered with the Boy Scouts to produce the Golden Boy for their Centennial. As a youth, I enjoyed shooting 22 rifles at camp and participated in marksmanship competitions. I earned the rank of Eagle in 1985 but drifted away from the program until my son became of age in 2010. I celebrated my reentry to scouting (after 25 years) with a purchase of your rifle.

On that day in 2010, another new interest emerged, a love for firearm collecting. I am now an Assistant Scoutmaster in a troop with 150 boys and a proud firearm collector with six Henry Rifles. It’s a great day when those interests intersect and the boys and their dads can experience shooting a Henry rifle.

It was a great honor meeting you in Louisville this past weekend. That excitement carried forward and today I am happy to say I purchased a Henry Original (BTH05961)… as an early Fathers Day present.

Again, thank you for restoring this part of our American heritage. The Henry Original is now the pride of my collection and part of my story.


Tom Kipfer

Arkansas Youth Hunter