Customer Letters

Jessica PickerellI sold my first Henry today! The gentleman has never owned a Henry before and he is very happy to have one to call his own now. I enclosed a copy of the picture I took as well. Thanks again!

Jessica Pickerell Jessica's Gun Shop Farmville, NC

Dominic RaoGood morning! Dominic passed his Eagle Scout Board of Review last night. When we came home we gave him the .22. I love the expressions on his face when he saw how special this rifle is! Thanks again for making Dominic’s Eagle celebration so memorable!
Sincerely Heidi and family

Dominic Rao

Colonel Lattleton

Colonel Lattleton

Ron CalanniLast night the QDMA (Quality Deer Management Association) held their Western New York banquet and I was asked to be their FFL dealer. Attached is a pictures from last night’s event. Regards, Ron

Ron Calanni Calanni Ellicott Associates

Charles E Clark JRI just purchased my 3rd Henry a Big Boy Steel H012M 357/38. I wanted to congratulate the Henry team for another great rifle.
Outstanding wood to metal finish, the action is smooth as butter.
I can wait to take her to the range and test how she shoots.

I also just placed and order for a Scope mount to help my elderly eyes.

Thanks again! God Bless and have a Very Merry Christmas.

Charles E Clark JR Middletown, NY

Phil BryantDear Anthony,

Over the last several years, you have been a tremendous supporter of the Foundation by donating a Henry Rifle to the auction at our Mississippi Governor’s Hunt. Last year’s gun was auctioned off for $3,500.00 and greatly contributed to a very successful auction.

Governor Phil Bryant’s first grandson is named Henry. As a great supporter of the 2nd Amendment and his grandson’s name, the Governor is a huge supporter of Henry Rifles. I have included a few autographed pictures of the Governor and the First Lady proudly holding the Henry Rifle at last year’s Governor’s Hunt. Also, I have included a copy of the Mississippi Outdoors Magazine with the Governor’s Hunt Article. We included the picture of the Governor holding the Henry Rifle in the article.

Again, thank you for your support of the Foundation. If you would like more information on the Foundation, please do not hesitate to call.

Billy Redd

Phil Bryant Governor, State of Mississippi

Jim JohnsonAnthony,

Been wanting a Henry rifle for years. I ended up purchasing a Big Boy Classic .45 colt. I picked it up on Friday , March 25. Went out on Saturday to sight it in.I had a scope mounted on it and at 100 yards it still has a big punch. We shot through a 10″ diameter log at a 100 yards.Just wanted to inform you of how happy I am with it. It is the nicest gun I have ever owned or fired.Again, very pleased with my purchase and thought you would like some good feedback.

Jim Johnson
Port Huron, MI

Jim Johnson

TeresaGood mornin’ Mr. Imperato…. 🙂 The smile on my face and in my heart continues today and for many days to come due to your self-less kindness. Let me re-introduce “Bella”….. pride and joy. I couldn’t BE more proud of her. Thank you again and again. Stay well and I will email you again in the future. You are in my heart until then. Have a perfect day my friend.

Teresa Dudley

Henry Repeating Arms and Anthony Imperato Has the BEST costumer service in the world!!!! I have been wanting a pump 22 since I was a kid I think the Henry pump just moved up to the top of my gun wish list after everything here, and thats no lie. I will tell ALL that I can about how well you treat people and pass on good fortune on all the shooting forums I belong to as well. I will sell several Henrys for you, haha. Thanks for going above and beyond!

Pete Bickford

Marion BarnesMr Imperato, I wish to show you how I have honored your Henry Golden Boy in Australia along with a photo shoot with Tusx Clothing

I have also set up a Henry Lovers Australia Facebook page.

I can only hope the photos attached will show you just how much I love my Henry Golden Boy….


Marion Barnes JP