Customer Letters

TerryI was happy to read your article about the henry rifles and their production plant in Rice Lake Wisconsin. I had the opportunity to drive from Baraboo WI to Rice Lake to have a gun fixed at the Henry facility last August. My 30-30 was shooting high (12 inches at 100 yds) from a bench shooting position. I met with their engineer and he said that the front sight might have to be changed as I had already lowered he rear one to the maximum. I left the gun with him at about 11 PM on a Tuesday morning and he said that the gun would be back to me by Thursday of the same week. Now being 73 years old and a retired Fire Chief from Madison WI, I kind of doubted what he said about the time frame. Well, about 11 AM on Thursday, the UPS truck came up my 600 foot driveway and asked me if I was Terry Turnquist and if I was either 18 or 21 years old, they must have needed glasses. I got the rife out of the box and took it out to the back of my 40 acres and fired it 3 times. Off the bench the three bullets hit either in the 3 inch black circle or very close to it. They had fixed the problem by adding a different and higher front site, and did exactly what they said they were going to do. I was impressed.

I have had two Henry .22 for a long time and shoot them quite often, they are great guns and operate like a knife through butter. Now I am in the process of purchasing a Henry 30-30 made with the Rice Lake WI logo on the barrel and then both hunting grandsons can have a Henry when I am done with them.

Terry Turnquist

Clayton & Patti JonesAnthony

This morning we had a toast to you and your company with our brand new coffee cups.

Here’s to you brother!

Thanks a million and of course, keep it going!!!!

Clayton & Patti Jones Athens, Texas

Andy GreenwayHi,

I just purchased my second Henry rifle, the H009CC 30-30. This is the most beautiful rifle that I have ever owned. The color case hardening is better than what I was expecting (it looks good in the catalog, but it’s amazing in person). The checkering on the stock and forearm is awesome. I plan to teach my son to shoot with our H001L .22, then when he’s old enough, he’ll be ready for this 30-30.

Thank you,


Andy Greenway

Jeff QuinnAnthony and Tom,
On behalf of Henry Repeating Arms, I presented one of the Golden Boy Armed Services rifles to Mr. Rick Boyd. He had done 10 years in the US Navy when he was hurt while diving, leaving him without any use of his legs and limited movement in his arms and hands. His father made a device so that he can steady a rifle on his motorized wheel chair, so he does shoot and hunt. He told me that he already has a couple of Henry rifles, and that he bought a Golden Boy for his mother this past Christmas. He loves the new Armed Services Golden Boy, and I am happy that he does. He has given a lot for our country, and Henry Repeating Arms and you gentlemen have given a lot to our veterans.

Thank you so much.

Jeff Quinn Gunblast Dover, TN

Matt ZillerAgain, thank you for making Henry the company that it is. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my email, and for offering the items. I just can’t say enough good things about Henry, but the looks on the kids faces when they shoot say all you need to know.

Matt Ziller

Oliver sonsI wanted to share a picture of our three son’s holding their Golden Boy Eagle Scout Tribute Edition .22’s. We were able to find consecutive serial numbers and order through Trail Boss Outfitter’s, a local gun shop in Sierra Vista, AZ. These, along with my wife Kathleen’s Silver Eagle and my Mare’s Leg, have become some of our prized possessions and family heirloom’s. We appreciate the craftsmanship and they live up to the Henry reputation. Please send me instructions on submitting the photo.
Thank you, Mike and Kathleen Oliver

Mike and Kathleen Oliver

Joe GorgesMr. Imperato I purchased my first Henry a year ago the H001 took it hunting all season for small game what a rifle I knew the quality so I just purchased the H012 44mag outstanding there is just something about the Henry that is hard to explain Heritage ,Quality, & most important USA MADE. I thank you & all the hard working employees at Henry Repeating Arms.
Sincerely ,
Joe G.


Joe Gorges


The good ol’ boy philosphers who sit on the bench in downtown Lynnville, Tennessee, population 327. They are looking good in their Henry gear !

Thank you,


Col. Littlton

Marion BarnesAnthony, just to prove I’m true to my word.

I sold my metal detector to purchase my Henry. Im so in awe of it, might have to throw hubby out and move Henry in…lol Can’t wait for my package to arrive and get a better photo for you to see my loyalty to Henry.

Cheers…Marion Barnes ( Henry lover from Oz )

Marion Barnes

Brian HallTop 2 are my Cass County ingraved, then Dads 1860, 45lc ingraved, dad’s military ingraved, dad’s silverware ingraved, then bottom 4 are all golden boys, 2 are 22lr then a 22mg 17hmr. We sure love your guns!!!!!! Thanks again for all your help!!! Happy Easter!!! I am not surprised you are working on Easter… Thank you !!

Brian Hall