Customer Letters

ryan-rossRyan Ross Milan PA new Henry .22 having a great time

Ryan Ross Milan, PA

I am the proud owner of a Henry Golden Boy and we would like to thank Henry Repeating Arms for their support of Women on Target.



Stephanie Dodt

My first Henry rifle. .22 Golden boy. Purchased on  May 23, 2015. Can’t wait to shoot it!

Richard Ross


Dear sir,

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you again for the generous donation of the Henry American Beauty rifle and case. As you may recall, I first contacted you back in Sept. of last year regarding my friend, Meekin Wren Barngrover, and her battle with cancer. Through our efforts, we were able to raise thousands of dollars to help with her treatment. Unfortunately, she passed last Sunday and we held services for her yesterday. Her family is forever grateful to you, and so many others, who gave both monetarily and through prayer. While we are all saddened by the loss, there is comfort in knowing she is no longer hurting and we will see her again. We will continue to support her family as we can through this difficult time.

I have shared the story of our correspondance and your generosity with so many people across the country. Personally, I will not buy another repeater unless it’s a Henry. God’s blessings on you, your family, and all at Henry rifles.

Thank you again. I have included a photo of Meekin, her husband Danny, and their two daughters.

My son’s grad party was huge and got his new Henry rifle with his grad date on it. Really cool. 

Jeffrey Caron

israel-isassiFor my 49th birthday gift to myself I bought my first lever action rifle and decided to go with a Henry Evil Roy edition. I really liked the size and styling, and quality.

I made it to an indoor range a few days later and shot about 130 rounds mix of 5 different types of ammo with zero malfunctions.  The range is limited to 15 yards and my first 12 shots landed in a group about 1.5 inches.

I’m so excited I want to buy another Henry rifle as soon as I get a chance!

Israel Isassi Galena Park, TX

glenn-elliotI’m proud of my new rifle. It’ll get passed down one day.

Glenn Elliot

Good Morning,

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help in ordering my 8 custom Golden Boy rifles. It has been a very pleasant experience for me. Also as a retired business owner myself, the fact that I am dealing with the company owner is not lost on me.

I presented the rifles this past Memorial Day weekend. 

From left to right, Oldest to youngest: Family Patriarch: Cecil Gaines, Son: Steven Gaines, Grand Children: Hayden Halbert, Devin Halbert, Landon Halbert, Baker Bright, and the only girl of the bunch Lexi Bright, who I think got the greatest kick out of the gift.


SA Steven Gaines Cocoa, FL

Hello Anthony

I just wanted to say thanks again for arranging my dad’s gun order so that he could have it on his birthday.  My dad was very surprised and grateful for the generosity that you shown.  He really loves his .17HMR and Henry Gun case.  My son, dad, brother and I were able to get together last weekend and do some plinking.  It’s a great gun that is very accurate and fun to shoot.  Great trigger and smooth action  A+++.  While shooting, we stopped so that my wife could take a picture of all of us.  I have attached it to this email.

With great thanks from all of us, thanks for making my dad’s birthday extra special.



Ryan Hahn

Hallo Sir

Best wishes from Italy. I am also absolutely enjoyng shooting this rifle (Henry 4570)  that I rapidly renamed “The Punisher” upon suggestion from my right shoulder. And I am resting my own loads for it.

Many many thanks again