Customer Letters


Good day.  I just wanted to share that I picked up my fourth Henry rifle last week.  A Golden Boy Deluxe Third Edition 17 HMR.  I must admit a have a weakness for Henry rifles.  The quality and beauty are superior to any other firearm.  Needless to say they shoot great as well.  I now own the Henry Original, Big Boy 44 Mag, and a Personalized Golden Boy 22 LR.  I must also share an additional factor in my decision for purchasing Henry products is your companies commitment and generosity in supporting worthy causes through the country.  As a 22 year retiree from the US Air Force it’s great to see your support for those who have served.  Thank you again for being a company with integrity and commitment to hard working Americas, and for your support and service to others.  Have a Blessed day!

David Hutchinson Xenia, Ohio


Hello. I thought you might like a picture of our campers. Thanks again!!

Eric Whaley Event Coordinator/ Adventure Camp Coordinator, NRA Whittington Center


Kudos for being so “approachable”; all flattering comments about YOU, your company/staff and the Big Boy .357 I JUST got and fired this past weekend, WELL-DESERVED and EARNED!  Thought for target shooting, I hit everything I aimed at right out of the box, I did order my black/gold Skinner sights from Andy, (nice collaboration BTW with this company). Haven’t been interested in long rifle shooting in many decades, (now retired from Millburn, NJ Police Dept. living in Lake George region). Suggestion here: Offer a speed loader as you do for the Golden Boy class and perhaps consider an offering for the dedicated “Law Enforcement ” tribute gun for this Big Boy model(s) as well. Lots of fellow officers like myself that would desire a working tribute gun in this model.  Would enjoy an eventual reply to this query and again, congrats about being such a respected, distinguished company. I’m rediscovering this hobby now that I DON’T have to shoot twice a year; it’s fun again!

Larry Waimon


We are very proud owners of Henry rifles.  My son has his .22 mag Golden and is holding my .357 Golden.  They are very dependable rifles and made in the USA.  I wanted to drop you a line and say “thank you” for such a reliable product that not only shoots good, but looks fantastic!

Keep up the good work!!

Sheriff John "Brown" Merchant


Dear Mr. Imperato,                    

Finally today the day has come to present the Golden Boy rifle to our retired Command Sergeant Major of 38 years. (RET) CSM Ronald Prather was TOTALLY shocked and could not speek a work moreless a sentence when he’s eyes seen it was a Golden Boy .22 magnum. He was overwhelmed in honor to have been receiving such a great gift from his past employees. He proudly wore the GB hat that you had mailed to me. Thank you so very much for everything and for making such great product.  


SFC Alvin Walker US Army, Tennessee Army National Guard


Gary R. Payton Jr. Received for his tenth birthday 7/15/15 a 17 HMR A excellent first gun in my opinion. My thanks for remaining a true American Manufacturing Company & I’m sure this is only the first of his Henry collection

If possible he would love a henry hat to go with for his b/day & maybe one for dad 😀  

Thanks Gary Payton Sr. 

Gary Payton

Dear Anthony

Thanks for replying back about my daughters collection here are some pictures of my daughter with her guns.

Thanks again.

Luke Fauble Lewes, DE


Had a great weekend at the Amarillo Gun Show. Thought I would share a pic of our display. Lots of oohs and aahs. Slowly growing our Henry line, next show is Dec and I plan on more expansion.


Mike Richard Cajun Firearms


Thank you to Anthony Imperato and the craftsman at Henry Repeating Arms for a job well done. Please find attached a photo of my collection of Henry BSA Tribute Edition rifles.


Jeffrey Bradbury


Dear Mr. Imperato,

I felt obligated to write you to express my thoughts about your products. I had read numerous reviews about your firearms and was very impressed. So I decided to add your firearms to my collection of over 100 guns. I own a variety of long guns, shotguns and handguns. So about eight months ago I purchased two of your Henry fire arms. The Henry Silver Eagle .22 for collection purposes and the Henry Lever Octagon .17 HMR for hunting. After getting the fire arms home and past my wife’s eagle eyes I sat down to inspect my purchase. The firearms were flawless, absolutely fantastic. I was so impressed with the quality of workmanship that I decided to put both in my safe. Finally after weeks of admiring them I decided to take my .17 HMF to my local shooting range. I set my target out at 35 yards, loaded, took aim and pulled the trigger. As you can see from the enclosed target your product performed even better than claimed. After three more shots on a different target my jaw dropped open. “This just can’t be.” I said. You could cover the holes with a dime.

I want to congratulate you and your employees on building such fine guns. The craftsmanship is unmatched, the actions are as smooth as silk and they operate flawlessly. I am so impressed that I plan on purchasing three more guns in the near future. Finally I would like to say to you and all of your employees keep up the great work and keep it made in America.

Sincerely your firearm friend,

Leeland R. Pugh South Boston, VA