Customer Letters


Todd Adams Punta Gorda, FL

jeff-caronFinally got my Henry complete and hung on the wall. Looks great. Thanks for everything. Your the greatest.

Jeff Caron US Army ret.

Marvin Magruder This is my grandson Anthony shooting his Henry. He is practicing for a Missouri 4-H shoot. Thank you to Henry for supporting youth shooting sports programs and for making a great rifle.

Marvin Magruder

J.P. & Linda Johnson Dear Sir:

Thought you might enjoy this.  We have eight Henry rifles.  I’m in my sixties and about half-assed retired but I do still work part-time at Carthage Shooting Sports.  I have access to any gun you can imagine.  Been shooting over fifty years and don’t have a clue right off-hand how many guns I own.  But I do know that eight of them are made by you.

My wife just started shooting a couple of years ago when she turned sixty-three and she’s in love with her Henry Rifle(s).  The pictures are of our backyard range (100 yards of steel) that was once a horse pasture years ago.  Yes, we are lucky.  Five granddaughters and four of them shoot.  This is a family “indulgence”.

The boxes are stacked on the piano out in my shop and the guns are in a safe except for two that hang on the wall in our living room. I think nobody makes a better revolver than Smith & Wesson and I’m quite certain that nobody in the world makes a better rifle than Henry.  “Many Thanks” to you and your company for what you do for America.

J.P. & Linda Johnson Sanford, NC

Jim MadisonWe put our Henrys to good use out here in Unionville Missouri.


Jim Madison BulletStop Gun Shop

Carrie HuffordHello Mr. Imperato, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the 4th of July then going target shooting! This is what my husband & I did yesterday, with my new Henry pump .22 rifle. I’m not new to firearms, but this is the first pump-action .22 I’ve owned & shot, and I’m sure glad I bought a Henry! Out of the box (used a Bore Snake & some CLP first) this rifle shot 200 rounds with only 1 FTF, which was a bad round that would not fire out of my husbands Ruger. I had a blast with my new rifle, had a big smile on my face the whole time! My husband thinks it is a well made rifle, and he enjoyed shooting it also. Thank you for making a great product that I’m proud to own! I think our household will add another Henry pretty soon.

Thank you,

Carrie Hufford

Amy Arb Emily Arb shooting her 22 Henry rifle. Age 14. From Dalton Georgia. Also a great fiddler! Thank you to all at Henry Repeating Arms.


John Arb

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for producing such high quality firearms! I have purchased 4 different rifles for myself and my older children and every one of them is a dream to shoot. I love their nice smooth action, accuracy, top quality materials and fine workmanship. I am very impressed that you are selling such excellent guns at affordable proces, and they are AMerican made too! I have 6 more members of my family to get guns for and you can rest assured that they wille ach be proud owners of Henry Rifles too! I just got the Varmint Express 17HMR and it is definitely my favorites, but the .22 are great too as ammo is less expensive and the versatility of the 22 short-22 1r is great for varied applications. There are not many companies in today’s tough economy that are producing truly superior, all American made products and keeping the proces reasonable too. THANK YOU FOR BEING A COMPANY WITH THIS KIND OF DEDICATION AND INTEGRITY!
P.S. As a 5th generation full time farmer, your Farmer’s Tribute Rifle would be my dream rifle to mount on my wall above my fireplace, under our family photo. (And, yes I’d get it down to shoot sometimes too! :)

Alma DeMille Genola, Utah


I picked up my new H011 from a local FFL dealer today.   It’s gorgeous.  Due to my schedule I’ve only had a few minutes to play with it.  I haven’t yet quite figured out how to load it but I’m sure the instructions will get me there.

A friendly “Tip o’ the hat” to you and your company.  So far nothing in my experience as a firearms enthusiast has made me want to own less Henry rifles.

Thank you again for making such a fine product.

MADE IN AMERICA OR NOT MADE AT ALL!  Thank you for that.

Al Quarnstrom Red Wing, MN

bolton photoHi Mr. Imperato,

We thought you might enjoy seeing how happy receiving your Eagle Rifle made our Eagle Scout son, Matthew.  We weren’t able to take the rifle home due to California 11 day wait laws but we made receiving it a scavenger hunt ending in the gun department at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Thank you for your help and follow through.  This rifle is something Matthew will always treasure!  It is a work of art.

Thank you again,

Kathy and Allen Bolton