Customer Letters

Darin-BealHello Anthony,

See attachment for a photo of the proud new father of a Henry .45-70 rifle. Thank you again for staying American made. We Ohioans support you and your company.

God Bless,

Darin C. Beal Mansfield, OH


Hello Anthony,

I wanted to write you for a couple of reasons.  The first is to tell you how much all of us at The Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapters appreciate your generous donation of the American Beauty Rifle to our 2015 National Leader Conference.  I have attached a copy of our founder Carrie Lightfoot presenting it to the winner.  We work so hard to make the leaders who are out there on the ground educating, equipping, and empowering women know how much we appreciate them.  Generous donations like this help us to do that.  All of these women are out there volunteering their time and they do it with such pride and passion it is heartwarming.  Thank you for helping us to support them and continue on our mission to educate more women in the world of firearms.

The second reason I am writing is another type of thank you.  One that comes from a Veteran’s wife, a Firefighter/Paramedics wife and a youth shooting club organizer.  Recently my husband and I ordered your catalog.  My daughter has her eyes set on the Henry Mini Bolt .22 in Muddy Girl Camo. When I opened the catalog I came across the insert with all of giving you have done and it hit me.  I have always been a huge fan of Henry Repeating Arms, but I gained so much more from reading this.  Your giving to Veteran’s, First Responders and youth organizations is incredible and I just want to say a heart felt thank you! Veterans and first responders are truly hero’s everyday.  With the youth organizations out there getting kids involved it ensures a strong future for our 2nd amendment rights.

Once again a huge thank you to you and Henry Repeating Arms.  I sincerely hope that we will be able to work with you again soon.

Take Care,

Marti Stonecipher National Program Director, TWAW Shooting Chapters

Don-JenningsHi Anthony,

This is Don Jennings. We met at Ethridge TN. I was the guy with turquoise inlaid into the buttstock of my .22 rifle. I want to say thanks for keeping Henry rifles American made. It means a lot to me that there are still some companies in this country that care about this country.

Don Jennings Lawrenceburg, TN


Good morning! Thought you might like to see how I mounted my Henry.44 -40. Bit of a challenge  because of weight!  Easy lift off to go to range!
Thanks again!

Don Janson Boulder, CO

John-GopoianAll I’ll say is she just loves her .44

John Gopoian

Terry-GarrettThanks for A Great Rifle!!! (new Henry Iron Frame)

Terry Garrett


Last year I attended the Texas Firearms Festival  and there was a range set up to shoot just your Henry  Rifles. That was the first time I had ever shot a Henry or a  lever action rifle. Two months later I bought one !!! Now,  my three boys and I use it to shoot the Cowboy Lever Action  Rifle Silhouette matches at the Austin Rifle Club. Now my  husband wants to buy one. My question is: Will you be at the  festival this year? He would like to look at your Hoo1TLP,  H001ER, or H001T.  I wanted to know in advance. The  website is:


Lori Duhs Benoit


A pic of the record buffalo I got in Texas with my 45-70 (open sites!) It’s a great gun from a great company! When we brought the animal back to the lodge, this Friday everyone wanted to hold the rifle. It’s one of five that I have and this is proof of how well they work!

Thanks Anthony for such a fine American made product!

Gordon Deas

Max-NeeseMy name is Max Neese and I recently went on a ride called The Wyatt Earp Vendetta Ride at Tombstone,Arizona. Put on by Great American Adventures. The picture is of me holding my new Golden Boy at Johnny Ringo’s grave site. I sure got a lot of compliments on this rifle. Thank you for making an American made product.

Max Neese

Larry-NelsonI just purchased a new Original Henry. It is amazing the most beautiful rifle i’ve ever seen.  I have the Big Boy in 45 cal. and I bought my son a Golden Boy in 22 mag. We love our rifles. But this 44-40 is unbelievable  Thank you so much for you, your company and your commitment to the quality you don’t see to much anymore. If every company was as committed as yours, America would be great again.


Larry Nelson Kingsport, TN