Customer Letters


My second time out shooting my new Henry Big Boy 44 mag.  Great looking and feeling gun.  So far I love it and can’t wait to shoot it in Montana.

Madhav Amolsch

Henry rifles has started an awesome tradition in our family ! My husband and I have a one-year-old named Henry. He was named after my husband’s dad – grandpa Henry.  While I was pregnant my husband took me to the local gun range and store to look at the Henry rifles. He told me then, we are going to buy baby Henry a Henry rifle each year on his birthday. I thought it was a pretty cool idea to collect Henry rifles for Baby Henry because of the similarity in the name but my husband corrected me and let me know it wasn’t just the name – but the fact that these guns were made right here in America, were incredibly reliable and accurate and would hold their value over the next 18 years that we would be collecting them. My son recently turned one and My husband’s family came down from Minnesota for their yearly visit. This year grandpa Henry brought with him a beautiful Henry classic lever action 22 that he had had for quite some time along with the box he had saved and presented it to Baby Henry for his first birthday. His first Henry- one of many yet to come. We will continue to carry on this tradition and purchase a Henry for each birthday but none of them will be as special as this one: it’s a Henry- passed on from one Henry to another Henry.


Abby Roggenkamp


Here’s me and my brand new Golden Boy down at the club where I shoot, can’t wait to load up and start shooting , I’m new to shooting but I knew I  just had to get me a Henry Golden Boy , thanks to you guys at Henry for a superb rifle,  cheers Terry in good ole Norwich England.

Terry Wright Norwich, England

Michael-JohnsonI am a long time sport shooter and collector. I have bought many Henry rifles over the years as gifts for my nephews , nieces , my wife and myself.  Anthony, I have to tell you this Big Boy Deluxe 3rd Edition was nothing shy of amazing!!

I have some very expensive engraved  rifles and this thing could easily sit among $10,000 + rifles and be right at home.What a great way to show the world that we still can build great products at reasonable prices right here in the USA Thank You  to you and your skilled team.

Michael Johnson North Canton, OH


Greene’s Gun Shop is proud to be a Henry Dealer. We enlighten our customers and potential customers to the great service you give to Henry rifle purchasers. We will continue to proudly sell Henrys because of their quality and your outstanding customer service.


Claudette Greene Greene’s Gun Shop Oak Harbor, WA

This is my Granddaughter at the Missouri 4-H state shoot. She is 8 years old and her first year of shooting. She used the Henry muddy girl youth rifle. Her score was 100 points out of a possible 300. That was really good for a first year shooter.

Marvin Magruder

Dwain-HudsonJust wanted to let you know about our Henry. We have been Cowboy Action shooters for over 25 years. In our competition we need a 22 Rifle for side matches. I was skeptical of the Henry and was looking for a Marlin 22, could not find one so decided to buy a Henry. I must say very impressed with the quality and accuracy. We are customers for life, this will not be the only Henry in our collection.

Dwain Hudson


Dear Mr. Imperato;

Thank you so much for your personal response to my fan mail. I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer everywhere but my bones and brains back in May 2015 so as you can imagine I don’t miss a chance to bond with my daughter.  The rifle fits her like it was made custom just for her. She cleans it herself and then asks me to inspect it because she wants to keep it looking and functioning just like new. Words simply cannot express how proud she is of her rifle and how proud I am to see her progress as a marksman and her appreciation for American freedom and the lifestyle of responsible patriotic gun ownership.

Short story:
On a range trip early this summer she had just finished shooting a 2″ spinning target at 25 yards so quickly it never stopped spinning from the first hit to the 15th. Then she announced “Reloading” and couched the rifle against her foot and a directors chair.  Mom started to walk in front of the muzzle and my baby girl shouted “Mom STOP!, don’t walk in front of the rifle. ” Of course mom stopped and went around the other way. Just a small example of the big responsibility she acknowledged was hers when she picked up the gun. Again she’s only 7.

It has been my distinct honor and pleasure to pass along my love of the shooting sports, outdoors lifestyle and passionate belief in American freedom to my daughter. Henry has played an integral part in this process and that was the best gun money I’ve ever spent. I have already requested a catalog and signed up for the newsletter and a new Henry decal for my toolbox. I had a Henry sticker on my toolbox at work but not on my toolbox at home. The guys at work also agree that Henry makes a damn fine rifle and nobody I know has ever had a single problem with any of them.
I will truly appreciate anything you send me or my baby girl but if I may I’d request a coffee mug. I love my coffee and the only thing I can think of that would make it better would be to enjoy it out of a genuine Henry campfire coffee mug. 🙂
I named my daughter Abigail after Abigail Adams who could truly be said to be the mother of the American Constitution because every time John Adams got tired of debating with the federalist it was his wife Abigail who stiffened his spine and encouraged him to fight for greater state rights over federal authority.

As you requested here are 2 pics of my daughter proudly holding her very own Henry.

Thank you again for your personal response.  It’s that kind of customer appreciation that makes it easy for me to confidently recommend Henry rifles to anyone that ask me about a good lever action rifle.


Bryan Stephens Oklahoma City, OK

James-DickeyThanks for making a great product, here’s an image of me with my Henry.

James Dickey Washington

Scott-VothI finally got my Golden Boy Silver 17 HMR out to the range and I put the first shot in the center ring at 50 yards.  This is my third Henry and I’m already planning #4 – A Big Boy in 44 Mag.  I’ve never had a miss feed on any Henry and the action is as smooth as silk.
I can’t say that for any of my semi autos.   Thank you for making great guns and works of art at that.

Scott Voth