Customer Letters


Attached is a photo of me and the new Big Boy I purchased as a birthday present for myself.  It’s a great rifle to shoot and it looks amazing.


Scott J. Sandler Fellow, College of Community Association Lawyers 

Complimenting and thanking you and your group for quality rifles made in the US. I have the 22 mag lever action and a 22lr pump.  They are so nice to shoot and best of all made in US. The pump is my newest toy and yet to get properly broken in.  Looking forward to many rounds of fun. I just ordered my second spee-d-loader.  So nice to set these up and use on the range.  Those that I shoot with are amazed at how fast I can reload my rifles. I might add that I am a 68 year old female and enjoying life.

Sheila Dufeck

jessi-gregoireA photo of my son, Jordan Gregoire, with his new rifle

Jessi Gregoire

Just bought my first Henry earlier this year. Saving for my next one!steve-tordoff

Steve Tordoff


Why I love my Henry rifles….. I have been around for a little while and have never seen a company American or otherwise that was as in tune with their customer base as much as Henry Rifle is. They have made the words quality, value, customer service and pride actually mean something again. Buy American-Buy Henry.

Tim L. Beck Eddyville, KY

teresea-dudleyHow are you today Sir.  Teresea Dudley here hoping this note finds you and all at Henry Repeating Arms well.  Just became a first time card totin member of the NRA.  Kinda excited about it……….     🙂   Thank you for providing this moment for me!

Teresea Dudley

ismael-pazMister Anthony I just want to let you know how proud I am of owning one of your rifles. I had the desire of a 30-30 rifle for a few years now and never was able to make a decision on which one I should purchase. finally after watching your show on tv I didn’t hesitated I started shopping around and 5 days after watching the show I purchased my first 30-30 and proud to say it`s a henry golden boy a  100% American rifle. and will continue with the 22 magnum for my 13 year old son. people think I`m crazy when I go to gun stores and decline to buy a gun just because its not made in America but if there where more people like me we will have more fellow americans working and not some one over seas. please excuse me if I miss spelled some of my words. me been borne in latin America and now very proud to be an American citizen I know how important it is to be able to protect youre self and the ones you love. i want to tell you from the bottom of my heart thank you for what you do.


Ismael Paz Reno, NV


Just bought today. 22s – LR. Shot this group at 25yds kneeling with 22S. Fun shooter! Thanks for your quality USA built rifle.


Fred Spahn Chattanooga, TN

I cannot express how grateful I am for such an amazing gift. Thank you Henry Repeating Arms for making me such a nice rifle. An heirloom that I’ll be able to pass down to my kids. This is a true treasure, and I am extremely humbled. Thank you, thank you, thank you.



Dear Mr. Imperato;

I purchased my Henry Big Boy .357 carbine yesterday, 14 August 2015 .  I walked into a local gunstore, Roberson’s, with no intention of purchasing another firearm, and there on the rack was this beautiful rifle that jumped out from all the others.  I had to have it.  It is the smoothest, best shooting rifle I have ever owned but is almost too pretty to shoot.  Thank you for making a product that stands out above all others and thank goodness it’s proudly made in the USA.

Best Regards,

Robert Curtis