Customer Letters

Cory Garcia

Dear, Mr Imperato it was great to get a chance to talk to you, here’s the photos of Kaleb and his Golden Boy. Kaleb was 4years old when we purchased his first Henry and went to the range. Kaleb M Garcia is now 5yrs old and as you see is eyeing up his next Henry. Kaleb and I was featured on Cam & Co Thank You again for your generosity, compassion for being an outstanding person and leading a great company. I will always make sure to keep selling your products in our family own business Fringe Arms LLC and will always tell your story of helping those in need. Mr Imperato you have inspired Kaleb, Amanda and me in the most profound way, Thank You.


Cory Garcia President of Fringe Arms LLC

Dana Ames  Hi Anthony

Here is my son and my pic with the two greatest rifles in our lifetime that we own. You are a true American.


Dana Ames Beverly MA

Joe BankerMy new favorite gunsmith who also runs my new favorite gun store; Shooter’s Den of Georgia, a Henry Gold Dealer, mounted a Vortex Razor Red Dot sight on my .44 Magnum Big Boy Carbine. Perfect medicine for the coyotes that keep eating our chickens.

A perfect retro rifle with a little bit of high tech on top! Nothing beats a Henry!


Joe Banker

Ron GladishAnthony,

Per your request, I will share with you my cousin Rick’s story as discussed with you at this year’s NRA Henry exhibit.

Rick and I are the same age, and growing up together, we were more like brothers than cousins. He’s a 57 year old, hard-working family man, with a loving wife, a fine son, and a beautiful daughter. I remember, as kids, we used to take care of sassy bandits and desperados with his lever action BB gun. Over the years, we have honed our skills with a lot of 22 target shooting for the friendly competition and fun.

Rick was never one to keep a gun for long, until now. In fact, he had been without one for some time. A year ago or so, Rick purchased a Henry Golden Boy. A beautiful gun in 22 LR that he is so proud to own. He had his initials engraved on it as he was thinking in terms of a family memento to leave to his kids.

Rick has been fighting cancer for a few years now and is on Social Security Disability. After going through chemo treatments last year, he said never again. Lately, a few hours during the afternoon are his best chance of feeling good. Rick had been telling me about the silver version of your Golden Boy, and a couple of weeks ago, he went to Grubb Hardware and Farm Supply and ordered one. I have included the picture of Rick he sent me last week of him proudly displaying his brand new silver Golden Boy.

I was thrilled when you asked me to write this and for Rick’s address. It will mean so much to him to hear from the President of Henry Repeating Arms Company.

Thank you and God Bless!


Ron Gladish

BudThank you so much for the beautiful wood on my new Henry 17hmr. As you can see by the photo, this completes my collection. I’m happy happy



The McCaslin'sAnthony –

Thank you so much for Thea’s first rifle — it came in today, which is a perfect “2 month birthday” gift, as she is officially 2 months old today. It is something she will cherish forever, and will be proud to shoot!

Thanks again!

The McCaslin's

samcunninghamI just purchased Henry Lever Brass Octagon Caliber .45-70. I can’t wait to shoot it. I have been looking at your rifles  for sometime, this is my 30th wedding anniversary lucky me. I’m going to order your catalog. I just wanted you to know  how proud and happy I’m to own one of your Rifles, it’s the only one I own. This is my new pride and joy.

Thank you

Sam Cunningham

rogerbyronMr. Imperato and Lori,

The crowd and staff at The American Legion National Convention loved the military service tribute rifle you donated for the Onderdonk Award.  So did the recipient – this year it was Daniel Wheeler, the Legion’s national adjutant.  Attached is a photo of the award presentation (Copyright 2016 Lucas Carter/The American Legion).  Your incredible generosity in donating such a beautiful rifle for such a good cause was appreciated by everyone in attendance.

Thank you again.

Roger Byron Senior Counsel, First Liberty Institute Plano, TX

tyroneballMy dad Basil Ball of Angie, LA. is 83 years old and has said he would love to own one of the Henry Golden Boy guns. I was blessed to be able to give him one. The smile on his face when he first open the box was worth more than any amount of money. He loves it and loves that it’s made in the USA.

Tyrone Ball Angie, LA

Two more Texan Henry Enthusiasts!toddblake

Todd and Calvin Blake