Customer Letters


I appreciate your communication to help me find a special Henry.  I did find the model I was looking for at “the Sportsman’s Shop” in New Holland, PA. They are a great dealer to work with, and their inventory of Henry rifles is impressive.They had a Big Boy .357 mag in stock and I gladly purchased it that day. I have the Golden Boy .22 mag and the Golden Boy .22 LR in my collection as well. The craftsmanship is superb in all three!  They are beauties and fun to show off to my shooting friends.

Thank you for your fine product and customer follow up. I love to buy American and I love your rifles!


Tom Knight New Market, MD

These are two ‘treasures’ within my collection.  The Henry Golden Boy in .22 caliber is what I use each year at our local Lions’ Club Turkey Shoot.  I ALWAYS come home with a free turkey!  The new Henry model in 44-40 caliber is a prized possession with a central display location with my firearms.  Thanks for manufacturing this beautiful rifle!

Clint Nichols

Mr. Imperato,

Thank you for your email inquiry on my gun search.  I’m happy to say although my search was unproductive in the local area I did find a factory new Henry Original on-line and picked it up a couple of weeks ago from my FFL.  Although my schedule has not permitted any range time I can attest this is a beautiful firearm.

This is my third Henry rifle as I also own the Golden and Big boys as well.  I’m certain you receive countless satisfied customer comments daily on the quality of the Henry and the stunning detail in workmanship, but I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t comment on another significant factor on why I choose to be a loyal Henry customer.  I am very pleased to see the generosity your company exhibits with financial donations to worth while causes, especially those for families of very ill children and also supporting our countries youth.  Being a retired Air Force member with 22 years of service I also truly appreciated the articles in the Henry Repeater that honored our military veterans.  Thank you.  That completely solidifies why a choose to spend my hard earned dollars on Henry firearms.

By the way I’m still searching for a Golden Boy 17 HMR when they become available.  Your staff is already working to keep me abreast when they will be released to the dealers.   I’ve been trying to locate one for approximately two years.

Thank you again for your time

Dave Xenia, OH

Mr. Imperato,

Yesterday my wife pick up the .30/30 Brass for me. Just in time for my birthday.

I can’t thank you enough for your time and efforts in helping me get this rifle.  It is absolutely beautiful.

Your efforts are a true example of the reasons to buy American.  The customer service of your company is next to non and I am extremely happy to be a proud owner of a new Henry rifle.  It is efforts like this and dedication to customers that create a lifelong customer base.  Between the quality of your product and your loyalty to your customers and military is outstanding.  I WILL be a lifelong customer and I look forward to continued ownership of Henry Rifles.

Thank you.


Curtis Cota-Robles USMC - Wounded

I purchased a 44mag Big Boy for my son as an high school graduation gift this year. He has put the rifle to work this year during deer season. I thought you might enjoy this picture of his success. We both carried our Big Boys in the deer woods for the first time as Ohio just passed the law to allow pistol cartridge rifles for deer hunting. I am sure this will not be the last story of success with our Henry’s. Thanks for the workmanship in the rifles. They are a treat to carry and shoot. Keep up the good work.

Scott Gardner Cortland, Ohio

Love my HENRY .22 magnum. The action is smooooooth!!! Went through 50 rds in no time. Sighted in at 25 yds the last 30 or so rds in approximately a 1″ space. This lever rifle is awesome.
Not bad shooting for a 65 yr old ! What a birthday gift.

Hey—and its AMERICAN MADE !!!

Thanks Mr. Imperato

Yours truly,

Bob Curtis

Just wanted to say you have outdone yourself with the American Beauty. I’m at a gun show today I never seen that done before. It is awesome! I don’t know how you made the flower stand out so beautifully with that copper color but it is sweet.  Couldn’t resist, had to walk out with one. Keep up the great work.

Todd Hemmert Pennsylvania

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you and your staff for recently sending me a 2014 catalog and sticker.  This past summer, I  purchased the Original Henry Rifle at a gun show in Pasadena, Texas and I am very proud to own it.  I could not take my eye away from it…it came home with me.  It is beautiful!  Thank you for taking the time to return this fine rifle back into production.  There are many of us who enjoy the real classics.  I only desire that other companies would follow your lead.  Y’all are the top of the line.  Thank you and may God bless you all.


Steve Heath

 Al Martellotti and Denise Martellotti-Hawkins Mr Imperato

It was a pleasure meeting you at Vances Outdoors in Obetz Ohio. We are the
proud owners of 6 Henry rifles.


Al Martellotti and Denise Martellotti-Hawkins Sardinia, OH

Hi Anthony, just to let you Know i Picked up my HOO1TV Rifle Fri. 27th 2014 At the dealer i have been using. I am  so pleased with the workmanship and looks of this rifle. The lever action on this gun is really smooth. the wood fit to metal parts is clean and sharp .. and bluing on the BBL . ,, and action is superb. the craftsmanship shows people care what the finished product is when it leaves the factory.I want to go out and shoot this gun as soon as i can , AGAIN,,, I AM GLAD I CHOSE TO BUY FROM HENRY RIFLE COMPANY, and thank you for your help and Emails ……. I would like to buy a HENRY BIG BOY some day in the immediate future.