Customer Letters

Hallo Sir

Best wishes from Italy. I am also absolutely enjoyng shooting this rifle (Henry 4570)  that I rapidly renamed “The Punisher” upon suggestion from my right shoulder. And I am resting my own loads for it.

Many many thanks again


Dear Mr. Imperato,

I wanted to personally thank you for making it possible for me to own such a fine rifle. I really appreciate your efforts and that of your great staff.

I picked up my rifle a little over a week ago, and had the opportunity to take it out into the desert today to give it a try. It functioned flawlessly, as do all of my Henry rifles. They have a quality and smoothness that so defines the Henry.

Here are a few pictures.

Max Hanley

debra-dillardMy husband Jennings loves his Henry rifles, as you can well see !

Thank you for all of your help and kindness with getting his commemorative Henry.


Debra Dillard Athens TN

David S. Cook, BAT, CPCAnthony, thank you so much for going above and beyond reasonable expectations in getting a last minute Eagle Scout Commemorative Rifle for my son’s eagle ceremony. It put the icing on the cake for a very memorable achievement. This is something he will have the rest of his life and then be able to pass on to future generations.

The quality of Henry Rifles is only exceeded by your customer service. God bless you Sir, for your efforts to be part of such an important event!

Attached you’ll find a photo of myself, Donovan Cook, (Eagle Scout) and Donovan’s Godfather, Bill Perkins, also an Eagle scout.
Again, many thanks to you and your staff for the great product and service you provide!


David S. Cook, BAT, CPC President

john-gopoianThey all like wearing their sweaty kaki hats, they don’t go anywhere without them He so loves that rifle .

John Gopoian

Hi Mr. Imperato, just wanted you see MY prized collection (so far). I could not be more proud of my Henry’s. Take care and keep up the fine work.

Daniel Autry

Mr. Imperato, I am 72 years old, a recent right leg below the knee amputee, and I needed a hobby to take my mind off things. I discovered your rifles (.22 caliber) and so far have bought 4 Henry rifles, including 2 Golden Boys and 2 American Rose versions, for myself, my son, my wife, and my daughter-in-law.

I just had to tell you that I absolutely love your style, your rifles, your catalog, and just everything about “Henry”! You and your products exude quality, professionalism and commitment to caring detail that cannot be matched anywhere else in the world today. I appreciate you!!

Larry G Rupert Sr.

Mr.Imperato, I just want you to know how much I love my Henry. I am not a hunter by I am a firearm enthusiast and a target shooter, I own the .22LR model and have logged many hours of plinking at the range and much of it has been with my Henry. My son just turned 2 years old and I intend of teaching him how to shoot with this rifle (obviously about 10 years from now). Thank you for making such a fine American product, I actually wish I hunted or lived more in the country so I could justify buying more calibers!

Nicholas M. LaMarca

Dear Mr Imperato,

Today we received a call from Derrick at Natick Outdoor Store that the replacement rifle was in. After work I picked up Shane and went over to Natick the 30/30 is beautiful we will be heading to the range on Saturday Feb 21 to sight in. I’ll send you some range pictures & a report on the gun.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done it is greatly appreciated!

PJ & Shane Ayotte

Dear Anthony, in regard to our last e-mails when I told you I had purchased the American Beauty for our anniversary, you had asked for a picture of her with her Henry. The only problem was I had to buy one for myself before I took the picture. Which I did. Bought the Golden Boy in 22cal..Love it . Didn’t get to shoot it just yet. She said to me, I didn’t know you had one? I said , neither did I until last week. –ok I know you heard this one before,”don’t know which one I am getting next”.Could very well be addicting.Once again I thank you and your employees for a fine American product, and will happily recommend your well made rifles and reasonally priced as well. You can post this with the picture I attached. Hope you can open the attachment?

P.S Purchased a Nikon scope for her rifle and ordered the cantilever mount from you. Would like to know if you are familiar with Britt firearms in Mineola Long Island since they sell your Henrys,and if you know of their Gunsmiths reliability? Not many gun stores seem to recommend or know of a good smith. I do know that Britt gun shop has been around a while and deal a lot with Police. I personally had no experience with them. I only have stopped in once before. I will go again and speak with them myself. Would just like to know if you are familiar with them. Wouldn’t want just anyone to drill and tap my firearm. Thank you for any help you can offer.


Mike and Angela Capobianco LI, N.Y.