Customer Letters

I just registered my 3rd Henry rifle, so far. Thank you so much for building such a fine “Made in America” firearm. I hope too add more to the “Henry collection” soon. Regards,

Wiliam Clark Killeen, TX

Bought a Henry Lever Action .22 cal for my 12 years son for Christmas, This is an acceptional firearm for him . He has become an avid outdoors guy and has been very successful in local trap shooting and other hunting and shooting activities. What a great way to bond with my son and develope a respect for firearms. This choice of gun was definetly a good one , thank you for your time and watch for up and coming world ranked target shooter. ( My boy’s dream) Ray Brown.

Kolton Brown St.Thomas, ON

Dear Sirs, Recently I purchased an H001 Henry rifle. I took it to the range a couple times, and then took my wife with me after I had drifted the rear sight some to get the windage right. To make a long story short, she’s 54 years old and has very little gun experience. After learning the basics of safety and aiming, she is hooked. Worse for me, she’s hooked on the Henry! Now, I have to buy another, as soon as I can get her back to work, as she is laid off at the moment. All it took was hitting that eight inch circle at twenty five yards, then she hit it a few times at fifty. That really did it. Now, she’s confiscated it for her own. I think the little H001L suits me great, and I love the carbine length too. Thanks again, Henry, you made a believer out of me and a shooter out of my wife. You guys have a great product and I enjoy it a lot.


Mark Thompson Muscle Shoals, AL

I had to have one of your quality firearms. I am pleased and proud to say that I purchased the 22cal. Lever Action-Model H001. This fine firearm is a first class rifle, the quality of workmanship ,smooth action and superb accuracy are 2nd to none. I would like to thank You and all of your committed and dedicated employee’s for turning out such rare made in AMERICA quality firearms. There is no doubt that Henry firearms are produced with the quality and care that will reward a purchaser with a lifetime of enjoyment. I am confident that a Henry firearm is of the QUALITY to be enjoyed not only by the purchaser but also his or her grand children. Thank you for a wonderful quality AMERICAN made product. I wish you and Henry Repeating Arms Company many continued years of success. Have a safe and Happy New Year.

Thank You,

Randall Hunter Jacksonville, FL

I have owned a golden boy over a year.  I can honestly say,  I am 62 years old anr have never owned such a fine rifle!

Rich Cochran Sussex, WI

Dear Sirs,

I have purchased both the Henry Big Boy H006C .45 colt and the Henry Golden Boy .22 Magnum H004M within the past month.  They are the best rifles I have ever owned and used.  The quality is second to none.  Even better that they are made in the USA.  I will covet them and be proud to hand them down to my son.


James Michael Murrell

Mr. Imperato,

There are no words to express the feeling of satisfaction and pride that I felt when I received your email in response to my inquiry about restoring the finish on my H001 rifle. It is pure pleasure for me to know that a company such as yours still exists in America today and you can rest assured that my friends and family will know about too! You can also be sure that when I am ready to purchase another rifle my Henry dealer will be the first stop.

The replacement part has been received and installed and my little .22 looks like new.

Thanks again,

Thomas Fink

Well, I’ve been shooting for years, I just purchased a golden boy, I took it out of the box and put 50 rounds through it at 50 yards. I hit the target every time without adjusting the sights. the 5th to the last shot I made I tried to cut the string holding a 4 inch target. I don’t believe it but I cut the string with open sights. great gun. I can’t wait to purchase the new 30/30 with octagon barrel for white tail season.

Keep up the good work

Jim Tainter

I have just purchased a Henry Big Boy in 45 long colt I thought “Yeah Right” when the dealer told me it was in and it was too beautiful to shoot when I pulled it out of the box I realized he might be correct With all the hype in the shooting horse , cowboy action, and Guns of the Old West magazines I read about all the “Famous ” Italian and other replica gun makers out there I figured  why not go to an original company instead of buying a copy I didnt really think  this gun was going to be this good looking I knew I wanted Made In USA quality  thanks for surpassing everyone I have shown this gun to’s expectations It truely  is ALMOST to beautiful to shoot (hey that is what I bought it for)

Greg Smith


I just had to send you a quick note to say thank you for the quality .22 rifle that my husband purchased this past December.  He has arthritis in his shoulders so the lever action has been a great improvement for him.  He is tickled to pieces with his .22.  I have never seen him so taken with anything as he is with his new rifle.  Sometimes I wonder if he is going to take the .22 to bed instead of me! Rod just loves the shape, the feel, the octagon barrel, the way the rifle handles and the accuracy!  He is thrilled with it.  The best part is that the rifle is American made. Thank you for the enjoyment that he is having.  I told him, “You are 80 years old, if you want it, get it.”  I’m glad he did.  We live in northern Vermont so we still have several feet of snow on the ground so the target is close to the house so Rod doesn’t have to wade through the snow to get to it.  He can’t wait for spring so he can see how well the Henry really fires!

Thanks again for the quality and the enjoyment.

Kathy Smith Danville, VT