Customer Letters


Gary R. Payton Jr. Received for his tenth birthday 7/15/15 a 17 HMR A excellent first gun in my opinion. My thanks for remaining a true American Manufacturing Company & I’m sure this is only the first of his Henry collection

If possible he would love a henry hat to go with for his b/day & maybe one for dad 😀  

Thanks Gary Payton Sr. 

Gary Payton

Dear Anthony

Thanks for replying back about my daughters collection here are some pictures of my daughter with her guns.

Thanks again.

Luke Fauble Lewes, DE


Had a great weekend at the Amarillo Gun Show. Thought I would share a pic of our display. Lots of oohs and aahs. Slowly growing our Henry line, next show is Dec and I plan on more expansion.


Mike Richard Cajun Firearms


Thank you to Anthony Imperato and the craftsman at Henry Repeating Arms for a job well done. Please find attached a photo of my collection of Henry BSA Tribute Edition rifles.


Jeffrey Bradbury


Dear Mr. Imperato,

I felt obligated to write you to express my thoughts about your products. I had read numerous reviews about your firearms and was very impressed. So I decided to add your firearms to my collection of over 100 guns. I own a variety of long guns, shotguns and handguns. So about eight months ago I purchased two of your Henry fire arms. The Henry Silver Eagle .22 for collection purposes and the Henry Lever Octagon .17 HMR for hunting. After getting the fire arms home and past my wife’s eagle eyes I sat down to inspect my purchase. The firearms were flawless, absolutely fantastic. I was so impressed with the quality of workmanship that I decided to put both in my safe. Finally after weeks of admiring them I decided to take my .17 HMF to my local shooting range. I set my target out at 35 yards, loaded, took aim and pulled the trigger. As you can see from the enclosed target your product performed even better than claimed. After three more shots on a different target my jaw dropped open. “This just can’t be.” I said. You could cover the holes with a dime.

I want to congratulate you and your employees on building such fine guns. The craftsmanship is unmatched, the actions are as smooth as silk and they operate flawlessly. I am so impressed that I plan on purchasing three more guns in the near future. Finally I would like to say to you and all of your employees keep up the great work and keep it made in America.

Sincerely your firearm friend,

Leeland R. Pugh South Boston, VA

patrickHello Mr. Imperato –

I will continue to recommend your fine products to all of my friends and co-workers. Of all the weapons in my gun safe the 2 finest ones are my Henry lever action rifles.



Good Day Mr. Imperato,

Having just received my Original Henry Rifle several weeks ago I wanted to forward a comment on the incredible fit,finish and operation of the firearm. I’ve already had it out to the range & the accuracy is as impressive at its craftsmanship. As someone who owns and fires actual period rifles from a Remington Rolling Block to Marlin 1881’s, Winchester ’73 & ’76’s and even a Whitney-Kennedy 44/40 rifle I consider this Henry as much a historic heirloom as the older firearms. Thank you.

Steve Bloom Olympia, WA

leon-mitchelMy name is Leon Mitchel and I am from Decatur, In.   I recently turned 65 yrs young on June 13th. My wonderful wife purchased a Henry Golden Boy in  the 357 cal. What a great gift! The gun is perfect! I had been looking at the gun at the Prepper 4 gun shop in Bluffton, In for several months.

The employees at the gun shop told us this 357 has the best looking wood of any Henry Gun they have ever seen. Serial # BB004488M.

I have 3 Henry Rifles now. Over the past 4 years I have purchased 10 Golden Boy rifles and given as gifts. Thanks so much for the product you produce and it’s high quality. I have attached a picture. The gun is the best part of the picture.


Leon Mitchel Decatur, IN

bob-blaisseMr. Imperato,

Earlier this month my son Joseph graduated from high school. We presented him with his gift of the Henry Golden Boy Eagle Scout Edition. He was ecstatic. Even more so by the permission that we are allowing him to hang it in his bedroom within the case you offered as your gift. (A small accommodation made for the 2014-15 National Eagle Scout of the Year of who we are very proud.)

After graduation and his 18th birthday the following day, Joe went on a trip and I’ve only recently been able to get him into his Scout uniform to take this picture of him, the last one with him wearing his Eagle Scout rank badge on his shirt which he must remove now that he has turned 18 and is no longer a Scout but now more so an adult Scout leader.

Attached is a photo of Joe holding the rifle. I had made another plate with mention of the rifle being a gift to Joe upon his graduation from his mom and dad i recognition of his graduation and his begin named the Eagle Scout of The Year. 

Joe is working hard these days at our local school district as a cleaner during he days to save money for his time college which begins August 22nd when he goes off to La Salle University here in the Philadelphia area.

Thanks again for all you help and support. And by the way… Joe also loved and used the mug you sent.

Bob Blaisse

todd-gleasonMr. Imperato,

I just wanted to touch bases with you regarding the BlueKnights Conference in June of 2015. It was a total success with over 140 members attending. The conference was conducted in Eagan, Minnesota, at the Best Western Hotel. Due to the fact we pre-advertised the raffling of a “Henry” {Law Enforcement Special Addition rifle}, we were able to raise well over $1000.00 for the rifle alone. Numerous compliments were made concerning your generosity and contribution.  

I am including a picture from the conference.

As you are looking at the photo, I am on the far left (Todd Gleason). The winner of the rifle to the right is Dave Pasicznyk, a member our own chapter. To the right of Dave P. was “Mack” the knight, representing the BlueKnights, and on the far right is Dave Smith, our chapter president.

Todd Gleason