Customer Letters

Charles FlintDear sir, I just have to say how pleased I am with my new Henry Steel Carbine with a 16 1/2 inch barrel. It’s light, handy, accurate and has a very smooth action right out of the box. It’s just gorgeous. I have had .357 lever guns that are picky in feeding different OAL cartridges. My new Henry feeds everything I feed it without complaining. No slicking necessary. This rifle is of the best quality I have ever seen in a lever gun. The fit and finish are superb. I’m absolutely thrilled. Your guys and gals have definitely out done themselves with this model.
Thank you for an outstanding value.
Charlie F.

Charles Flint

Steve Reynolds Hi Anthony,
Here are the photos of your rifle in the display and The Live Auction Winner of the rifle “Governor Susana Martinez”. Your donation brought $3200 in for the charities and was well received by the guests of the ball. It was a fun and very successful evening because of Americans like you. I thank you for your donation Mr Imperato.

Steve Reynolds Auction Chair 2016 New Mexico Governor's Ball

M. R. HickeyMr. Imperato,
I just bought my FIRST Henry Rifle.
I bought the Big Boy Blue in .44 Remington Magnum.
First, The fit and finish on my rifle was way better than expected. The
checkering is flawless and the stock to steel fit is perfect.
Second, the rifle’s action is smooth as butter and feeds flawlessly.
I started at 25 yards on the site in and was amazed when the second round
was fully centered in the first. I actually thought the second round missed
the target. The third round made the hole a little bigger.
At 50 yards with my 55 year old eyes and the Iron sites I was able to shoot
2″ groups over and over I even had a couple of 3 round groups that were 1″.
At 100 yards I was able to get 3″ to 4″ groups, for a pistol round that is
The thing that amazed me most was no matter the ammo maker the groups stayed
the same and the point of impact was the same at 100 yards as it was at 50
yards without adjusting the sites. This makes it a great rifle for the
purpose I bought it, close range deer hunting.
Thank You for making a FULLY American Made Rifle with the way above par
QUALITY of Mine.
Henry is proof that a company can make high quality products using only
American made parts and assembly.
PLEASE pass my praise on to the people in the shop they are the one’s that
make it happen. This is a DAMN FINE RIFLE made BY US FOR US.
Thank You

M. R. Hickey

George In VirginiaHello Anthony,

This is a photo of the display I put together for my Henry’s. I’m sure you’ll recognize the pictures in the background. The color and display of the lighting can be changed to many options. The brass plate at the bottom edge of the case says “G.C.M. III Big Boy” I thought you might enjoy seeing this. I sure do enjoy shooting the great rifles. Keep up the great work and Henry’s devotion to fine quality. Best wishes!


George In Virginia

Geoffrey Cartmell Mr. Imperato—

We had our RMEF Maine Chapter fundraising banquet on Saturday April 9th, and it was a very big success. Attached are a couple of pictures. One is a set up of Henry merchandise for part of the general raffle, and the second is a Silverboy .22WMR rifle with RMEF 25 year anniversary engraving that was an individual raffle item. The coffee mug & hat had plenty of interest as always. The rifle sold out of 2 decks of cards plus jokers, essentially 108 chances at $20.00 each, or 3 for $50.00. It was a great money raiser, and the man who got to take the rifle home Saturday night was thrilled.

We had 185 attendees for the event, and overall we netted approximately $43,500.00 for RMEF which will go directly to wildlife conservation efforts. We have that kind of success because of the generous support we get from people like you. Thank you very much from all of us at the Maine Chapter!

Sincerely yours,

Geoffrey Cartmell RMEF Maine Chapter Committee and LLBean Firearms Dept.

Jeane FolknerDear Mr. Imperato, I really am excited to be the proud owner of my new 22.

Jeane Folkner Blackfoot, Idaho

marlene cooperHenry’s newest poster boy…..

marlene cooper

Michael J DerasmoI received my Big Boy Silver on 04/20/16. It is the most beautiful rifle I have ever had the pleasure to own.
You provided superior customer service and made me feel that I was being helped by a family member.
Thank you. I hope you continue to have many successful years.


Michael J Derasmo

 Jeanea WeigelMaster Mason:

Duran Shults with By-Pass Barber Shop just received his Master Mason! As a gift, his wife Brenda got him this Henry Golden Boy Free Mason Tribute .22lr. He was so happy!!

Tripp & Jeanea

Tripp & Jeanea Weigel
Philip White

Pictured Left to Right: Major Stuckey, Philip White with his new Henry Rifle Eagle Scout edition and Dalton White.

Wetumpka Alabama Youth completes Eagle Scout project for AHERO

Philip White, a freshman at Wetumpka High School and Member of BSA Troop 13 recently completed his Eagle Scout project. He built two hunting houses to benefit a local veterans group, AHERO. AHERO connects Veterans through outdoor activities as a means to recover from their physical and psychological trauma to reintegrate with American life. Philip along with help from members of his Scout Troop, collected funds and donated materials and built two handicap accessible hunting houses on sleds that can be moved from place to place on the AHERO property to allow veterans to participate in hunting activities in a weatherproof environment. The houses have ramps leading to a 36 inch door to allow veterans with severe disabilities access. When asked about his Eagle Scout project, Philip stated, “When I first visited AHERO and Major Stuckey and learned about what they do, I was very excited. It was a way that I could give back to the very people that make it possible for all of us to live in freedom. They have sacrificed so much for all of us. We can never repay them for what they have endured, but if this one thing could make a difference in their lives, I wanted to do it.”

AHERO was founded by a local Marine, Major Lee Stuckey. AHERO (America’s Heroes Enjoying Recreation Outdoors) connects Veterans with patriotic members of local communities by organizing outdoor events and social activities. They allow veterans to get together and hunt, fish, and do a lot of other outdoor activities, but mostly provide them a place to heal with others who are going thru similar struggles. AHERO is a non-profit, and if you would like to help them out, please visit their website at WWW.AHEROUSA.COM. Contributions are tax deductible, and AHERO works with a 100% volunteer staff.

Philip White