Customer Letters

billyreddDear Anthony,

The 9th Annual Mississippi Governor’s Hunt was held on March 10 – 11, 2016. The dinner and auction Thursday night was a great success. The Henry Rifle Oil Man Tribute raised $2,250 for the Foundation.

Two of our wonderful donors bought the rifle and donated it. Governor Bryant and the First Lady in honor of their grandson Henry. I have enclosed a picture of the Governor & First Lady along with the two donors who donated the gun, N.J. Correnti & Terry Abby.

Thank you so much for your support of the Governor’s Hunt each year. If I can ever be of any assistance to you, please let me know.



Billy Redd President/CEO, Foundation for Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Jackson, MS


The good ole boy philosophers who sit on the bench in downtown Lynnville, Tennessee, population pf 327. They look good in their “Henry” gear!

Thanks for taking care of them.


Colonel Littleton

briceballardThe Henry Military Tribute rifle went over great. We raised somewhere around $2500 raffling the rifle off.

Brice Ballard Bull City Gun Shop Alton, KS


Here are the photos of the rifles I was talking about. There are a 22 long rifle, 22 magnum, 17hmr, 44 Magnum, and 45 Long. The serial numbers are SRPC00001 through SRPC00005. I had the cabinet built in Rheinbeck, Germany. My friend has a custom wood shop there. The tree was older than World War II. The tree survived, the town was destroyed I thought that was neat. We also have other rifles from you guys and we love them but these will be a family heirloom forever. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Fred Jones Amsterdam, OH

janetplattHi Anthony,

I first had the pleasure of meeting  you at last year’s Gun Guru’s filming in Nashville. I ran into you this year in Louisville. You gave me your business card and said to send you an email, because you had a lot of pink stuff. Well, I finally got around to taking a picture with my Henry rifle, Gun Guru and Henry items to send your way.

It was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for manufacturing such quality firearms. To quote your motto…”Built in America, or not at all.”


Janet Platt Morganton, NC

mikesisleyDear Sir,

First, I appreciate your strong support of our military, veterans, and the Second Amendment.

Secondly, I love your firearms. I initially started with the .22 caliber. It shoots and functions flawlessly. When you came out with the 30-30 steel rifle, I got one and it worked great also. I then got the .44 magnum in sleet. Also a workhorse.

Your firearms are well made, look good, accurate, and reliable. Anyone considering buying a lever gun from overseas needs to seriously consider what they are getting. ALL of my Henry rifles sold for well below your posted MSRP. When I compared a foreign rifle with a Henry in the gun shop side by side, it was an easy decision. The Henry had better metal finishing, a smoother action, better wood furniture, AND that tubular magazine loading feature (which I like but some do not.)

Further, when I bought the .22 rifle the magazine plunger broke and you fixed the rifle for free. Service and a rock solid warranty are also reasons I keep buying Henry rifles.

Thanks so much for caring enough to stand behind your all American parts, American labor, and American values in customer service. Keep up the good work.

Mike Sisley Schertz, TX

jamesdeanThank you for your consistent, enthusiastic support of our industry and for producing fine quality American made products! Here’s a photo of our long time customer Charlie Farson with his Henry Big Boy Deluxe Engraved. He has been a regular in our store since the late 1960’s and is a big fan of Henry rifles.

Thank you,

James Dean Owner, Norton Sporting Goods Waldo, OH

bobjohnsonDear Sir,

Attached is a picture with my pride an joy , the Henry 30 30. I wear the hat with pride.

Thanks again so much.

Bob Johnson


The photo you requested.  Dad with the .44 mag Big Boy and daughter with the .22LR Golden Boy.  Another great trip to the range to enjoy shooting the Henry’s.  Both are very accurate at any range.  The Big Boy will be my Deer rifle this fall.  We really enjoy our Dad and Daughter times at the range shooting the Henry’s.

Kent Whitman

maynardjeromeDear Mr. Imperato,

Attached, you’ll find a photograph I took today after our monthly membership meeting.  Along with the excellent Henry Big Boy rifle, from left to right is Rod Schroeder, Second Vice President, Bob Kail, one of the Raffle Coordinators, Mike Thompson, First Vice President, and holding the rifle, George Van Dee, President of the Sandwich Sportsman’s Club in Sandwich, Illinois.

Thank you again very much for the items you sent, your cooperation & assistance and for making a damned fine rifle!


Maynard Jerome Membership Chair, Sandwich Sportsman's Club Sandwich, IL