Customer Letters

Mr. Imperato, thank so much for the personal e-mail to make sure that I had gotten a catalog. I am quite impressed. I have wanted a Henry rifle since I was a boy. I am now 46 and finally saved enough to go and purchase one. I must say that it is all you folks claim it to be and more. This rifle is of the utmost quality and defiantly heirloom quality. It may take a few more years of saving, but I am going to purchase the display case for it in the future.

I have a  friend who never got into the shooting sports and he has a son (15) who is really interested. I have spent many hours with the boy teaching him gun safety and the proper handling of firearms. We started with a Daisy bb gun and would spend weekend afternoons target shooting.  I was amazed at his ability and concern for safety. We recently started shooting .22?s for target practice. I wish you could have seen the look on his face when I handed him the new Golden boy to shoot!! Priceless! (I only get to try it out when he is not here!) this rifle has made the effort well worth  it. He cleans it after every practice target shoot and I have never seen such a clean and shiny rifle!

Just this weekend I viewed your new infomercial, and I want to thank you for being an honest and caring person!! There are so few of us left. Sad.

Sir, I want to thank you personally for giving the two of us a priceless experience and a perfect rifle to share some awesome and good times together with. I cannot say in words how much this means to us. The local economy is bad with factories shutting down and unemployment at an all time high?we have an out when we go out in my woods and kill some targets! (paper ones that I set up) we are going to get into hunting this fall.

Again, Thank you Mr. Imperato!!

C.W. Johnson Glenbeulah, WI


A Henry Fan


Hello Anthony and Louis,

On Thursday, January 22nd, 2009, I picked up my new Big Boy .44 Magnum from Blue Northern Trading in Ayer, MA. Having never fired a Henry rifle before, my son and I grabbed a couple of boxes of ammo and headed for the range. Shooting the Big Boy was one of the greatest pleasures my son and I have had with firearms. The smile on his face when he fired his first round was priceless. Thank you for such a wonderful rifle and thank you for producing them in America. You have two life long fans in me and my son, and we will be purchasing additional rifles from you.

Very truly yours,

John W. O'Donoghue, Jr. Concord, MA


To The Entire Henry Production Team,

It took me two months to find my Golden Boy here in the Dallas – Ft. Worth metro, as the demand was simply too high during the holidays. They were hard to find for a while. But, I finally got my Henry Golden Boy last weekend and I just came back from my local range.

After taking my family out for a Valentine’s Day lunch, my boss and I had arranged to meet at our local range this afternoon to christen my new rifle.

We had heard of the legendary smoothness of the original Henry rifles. But, he and I were amazed at the feel, the balance and the precise action of this modern rifle. Our patterns were very tight and consistent at 50 yards. Upon stepping out of the range and into the foyer, a few people stopped me wanting to know what that “beautiful golden rifle” was they had seen us shooting while on the firing line. Of course, I was proud to show them.

I have wanted a real, honest-to-goodness link to our western history all my life, at a price I could afford. Your new rifles continue to build upon his original designs yet remain true to the styling of his western classic. The heritage can still be seen and felt in today’s Henry rifle. My Golden Boy is a delicate balance; a blend of a very unique heritage and the new modern rifle blended into an all new Henry. You are making a wonderful product I am very proud to own.

There is one extra thing included with my Golden Boy that I did not expect…exceptional “value”. You see, my Golden Boy has already delivered on every possible measurement of quality, artistry, and pricing. But, you also threw in a lot of fun along with more than a dash of history at no additional charge!

My next goal…a Henry Big Boy .367 Magnum.

Thank you.

Warmest regards,

David Tucker McKinney, TX

Anthony I want to say thanks for making such a nice gun for my children. Keep up the good work at Henry. I recommend your rifles to all my friends when they ask what is a good 22 rifle for kids. Go Henry!

Ronald Stewart


Dear Mr.Imperato,

This is me shooting my frontier model octagon rifle. I love it. It works really well.

Sincerely yours,

John Gibson


I just wanted to send you a  note of thanks.  I just got off the phone with one of your representatives.  I had called to request a new front sight for my sons rifle.  He had dropped the gun and broken the fiber optic part as well as the part that holds it.  When I asked how much the sight assembly was, he said that it would be no charge and would send one right out to me. I was quite surprised.  Most companies don’t stand behind their products that well.

My son and I both love the gun. I shoot it almost as much as he does. He has been squirrel hunting with me several times with it and has managed to bag a total of 8 squirrels this hunting season.

I will definitely keep Henry Repeating Arms Company on the top of my list when I buy additional firearms, or when I know of a friend of mine who is looking for a great first rifle for his child.  Keep up the good work!!!!

Don Bordelon


My name is Chuck Pensyl and I recently ordered a .22 LR Golden Boy. I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic wood on that rifle! I am a gunsmith, went to the Colorado School of Trades way back in 1976 and have a deep appreciation for gunstock wood, having worked with some fine pieces of French over the years, and for a factory rifle to have such a great piece of crotch feather Walnut on it, well, I just couldn’t believe it! Attached is a photo of Cameron after he took the gun out of the box Christmas morning. He’d been asking for this rifle for some time, we had him believing he was getting a new camera. He was very surprised to say the least. Anyway, thank You again for such a beautiful rifle and wood. He’s been shooting it every weekend, he loves it. Good hunting and God Bless America!


Chuck Pensyl


Hi Anthony

I’m going to make this short.

I bought a 22 Henry Rifle love it so much I bought the 22 magnum Golden Boy, Then you had to make a 3030 So I ordered that one today.

If I bought the Henry first it would be the only rifles I would own.

It seems we don’t make very many products in the USA anymore,but when we do they are still the best, the action of the lever action is the smoothest I have ever seen.

Anthony Monte Duanesburg, NY

Dear Henry Rifle

I purchased a Henry H001 last week, this is my first lever rifle. What a smooth action and is accurate also.

I would recommend one of these to anyone who is interested in a lever rifle. I have been shooting for almost 40 years and have been shooting NRA high power and CMP Garand and Vintage matches for the last 5 years, so I know a good rifle when I shoot one.

I am very impressed.

Keep up the good work.

Gordon Mason Durand, MI