Customer Letters


When contemplating a .22 rifle, I provided you with several questioning emails about your lever action frontier model. Needless to say, after my purchase, I have been impressed time and time again at the range (and impressing others into also purchasing).. Your rifle, as you state in your ads, has an incredibly smooth action, is accurate, and is, truly, a joy to shoot! My personal thanks to you, and all of your employees, for manufacturing a wonderful, American-made product.

Kyle Walpole Evergreen, CO


I want to say thank you. I have attached a picture of the deer I got in November of 2007, that’s how big in the body Saskatchewan deer get.

Kevin Nault

daniel_mccarthy (1)

Dear Mr. Imperato:

I have attached to this email a couple of photos of my 7 year old son Warren with his Henry .22. So far he has fired more than 2000 rounds through the rifle without a glitch. He loves shooting it because it is light enough for him to fire offhand. As you can see from the photos, I shortened it to a 16.5 inch barrel, and I cut down the length of pull so that he could begin using it at age 4.5. You can also see in the photos that I added an AR-15 style muzzle brake for style.

Thanks for making a great product! My son absolutely loves it!

Best regards,

Daniel McCarthy


I have always wanted a lever action .22 rifle, but never purchased one before. On my 42nd birthday. My son purchased his first rifle (He is 20) and gave it to me for my birthday. It is a .22 Henry golden boy rifle. This is a nice rifle and I am looking forward to hunting with it when I retire from the Army.

MSG Daniel Apodaca United States Army Special Forces


Dear Mr. Imperato,

Thanks for making such a family-friendly collection of great rifles. You have a much better understanding of what people enjoy about shooting than do other firearm companies. Our Henry lever action is high quality, easy to use, accurate, and an absolute pleasure to handle. You have no competitors in value for the price.

Here is a photo of my wife at the range with the Henry I gave her for Christmas. As an immigrant from China, where individuals aren’t allowed to own firearms, she has a special appreciation of our second amendment rights.

Besides the Henry lever action, we had two other firearms made by a very well known manufacturer. Since gaining experience with all of these guns, I realized that the Henry was the most enjoyable to use and as effective for our purposes as more expensive choices. Counting a Henry pump action I have on order, the firearm count for our household is now Henry 3, other makes 0.

Best wishes to you and all the top-notch professionals at Henry!

Bill Mcmillan Ypsilanti, MI


I own a Henry Big Boy H006. I love this rifle! It is the smoothest lever action I’ve shot. I would like more information your new 30-30s.

Wiliam Sisson Lufkin, TX


Mr. Anthony Imperato, thank you so much for making this rifle so special to my son, Cutler. As you can see the delight on my sons face. I know this rifle will be enjoyed for generations to come. I hope the attached picts came out ok. Sincerely

Gordon Fairrington


Here is the photo of the 89 year old man with the watousie cow and his treasured Henry rifle. His name is James E Hancock from Wilkinson Indiana. He plans to use the gun to squirel hunt off of the cow he purchased the gun from Whitetail Gunshop in Shirley IN.

James E Hancock Wilkinson, IN


Dear Sir, I just thought that you might like to know that my 10 year old son Ethan has chosen to purchase your 22lr Hoo1 as his first rifle. I have been instructing him in shooting 22’s and I have only Marlins. Upon seeing your magazine he informed me that he found the rifle for him which reminded him of old cowboy rifles. I am very proud of him because he has been saving his allowance of three dollars a week for this. We will let you know how we like it once we actually pick it up next week and then have a chance for him to fire it. I am sure we will not be disappointed.

Dear Sir, As you can see by the enclosed picture, Ethan is one happy camper. Thanks for the memories. Ethan’s dad, Fred

Fred Siegenthaler


Anthony, Thank you very much for your follow-up note. I did receive your beautiful catalog and promptly went to my local store (J&R Outdoor in Livermore, CA) to purchase a Henry youth lever action for my 8-year old son, David. They did not have one in stock but ordered one for me and I picked it up several weeks ago. It’s a fabulous gun with smooth action and great accuracy.

David received it last week as a reward for reading 100 books in the local library summer reading program. At the range he hit the bulls- eye with his very first shot. I’ve attached a range photo taken on my cell phone.

I have also ordered several accessories from your catalog for him: gun case, wall tin, and ceramic mug. All are very nice quality and seem to increase David’s pride of ownership.

One item I looked to purchase was a metal barrel band, I noticed you sell the brass ones but didn’t see the metal version. If it’s possible to buy a metal barrel band, I’d sure like to.

Mike Rider