Customer Letters

dear mr.Anthony,my brand new HENRY 22LR/LEVER ACTION was so good i enjoy target shooting and i love my new HENRY very much…. thank you for creating HENRY.

Von Pangilinan Zamboanga City


Dear Anthony,

Thank you for building a quality rifle that I will be able to hand down to my boys. It is a joy to shoot. My friends are always impressed with the smoothness of the action and the tight groups, not to mention the beautiful stock and brasslite receiver.

I was saddened to hear about the passing of your father. He left Henry Repeating Arms in good hands.

Your friend,

Mark Anderson

hi,my dad and i have a henry 22 and it is fun to shoot. its the only gun we shoot that he can hit the targets with.

Jake Stokowski Ludlow, MA

this product is the best that i have ever shot with or owned

Jeremy Aragon Rupert, IN

Just to let you know that I recentlly purchased 2 Golden Boy 22lr. One for me and one for my father-n-law. He had been watching your program on the RFD channel and wanted me to find a Henry for him. He was really impressed in the Golden Boy. He sadly passed away yesterday but I will have another legacy to add to my gun collection. Thank you for being ” American Made” and continue your legacy of building a quality product that we all can be proud of.

Larry Schipper

I just  got the varmint express 17hmr that is one nice gun .went to shoot it this weekend .had a buddy with me we could not believe the way it shot right out of the box .i had a lot more guns with me but this one got shot a lot more . keep up the good work.

Dale Ware

I just purchased the deluxe engraved .44 Big boy and it is the most beautiful rifle i ever had in my hands. Thanks for making a awesome rifle.

Mike Browning Fishers, IN



I’m 64, gettin’ a bit stiff & tender around the shoulder, but that ‘magic’ Big Boy just keeps driving my car out to the range, a MAKING me run a couple of hundred through it!

Takes a few days for the Big Boy to get over the soreness in it’s butt- plate caused by my shoulder poundin’ on it at the range, but sure as shootin’, before I know it, there we go back to the ‘playground’ again!

I do believe that you good folk making them so handsome, and so downright fun to be with just encourages that Boy’s natural neighborly personality to bubble out, and he spends all afternoon visiting with, and talking with all who show up! It makes me grin, though, that when he starts conversing with the whole crowd, he becomes a real attention- getter. They all kinda relax real quiet-like, and listen to the Boy make sweet music ’till his butt-plate is too sore to go on!

We have noticed that a few of his Smaller Brethren are out enjoying the coming Spring, and occasionally another Biggie will grace us for an afternoon. Y’know, there surely are a lotsa content Boys out, lately, and from all the smiling faces, I would think there’s a lot of VERY content owners, too!

We eased back over to Fort Ambrose earlier, to insure that Jerry’s outpost wasn’t overwhelmed by the dreaded Black Circle riders, and the Boy surely did break a lot of hearts! One poor pilgrim showed up at the fracas with a VERY overpriced “Northern Mediterranean” knock-off! ( no offence A. I. )!! It was pitiful to see a grown fella go through all the five stages of grief in 60 seconds!

The Boy said we should show ’em mercy, but I could tell he was favoring that butt-plate. Even as exhausted as the Boy was, he insisted on his “quality time”!  That special bond that there is between a class firearm and a shooter! So I read him a bit, and shared a cup while he dozed and rested that backside!

You know, life can be sweet when ya get it right!

Thanks from me ( and the Boy )



Thank you so much for all your assistance on our recent purchase of the Abraham Lincoln 200th Anniversary rifle.  WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT…. It is a gorgeous rifle.  My husband is so proud of this rifle, the fact that you went to all the trouble to make sure we were able to purchase serial # nine to add to our collection, just absolutely made this gun one of our favorites !!!!

Thanks again,

Carol and Noel

I,ve had my Henry Golden Boy 22 LR for about 7 years now. I was hunting in northern Mn about the forth year I owned the gun. I bumped a log and lost my inner magazine tube. I didn’t carry extra bullits, it held enough. 20 miniutes lator I walked up on a grouse. One bullit, 45 yards, lunch! What a Rifle! I tried for 18 months to get a new magazine from different dealers, no one seemed to care, thier not selling a new gun. I finally contacted Henry my self and had a new magazine in days. love your service, love your gun.

Thank You

Mike Mcclain Farmington, MN