Customer Letters

carol dause photoOn behalf of the Kentucky State Police Special Operations Branch, I want to thank you for all that Historical Armory has done to make our project a success.  It was the single largest donation made to our Trooper Island fund from a section or post within the Kentucky State Police.  Thank you for the Henry Big Boy; it’s truly one of a kind.  I’ve heard nothing but praise from those who purchased the rifles.  We are going to have a meeting to see what to do with this rifle.  There have been a couple thoughts; one is to raffle the rifle, and the second is to put in a case and display the craftsmanship at our Headquarters or Trooper Island.  Also, I can’t express the diligent work Danny and Jacody Downey of Downey’s Gun and Pawn put into this project to make it happen.  Thanks So Much, Toby Young, Kentucky State Police

The Kentucky State Police Special Operations Branch would like to thank Historical Armory, Henry Repeating Arms Company, and Downey’s Gun and Pawn for a successful fundraiser for the Kentucky State Police Trooper Island.  The fundraiser made $30,951.97 by selling 300 Lever Action .22 model H001s.

Carol Dause Kentucky State Police

snows barbeque

Dear Henry

Just want you to know that we here in Texas not only love our BBQ but also love our Henry rifles! Thank you for a great American made product and keep up the good work.



Snows BBQ Lexington TX

keatingI have enclosed a photo of my son in uniform after I presented him with his new Henry Golden Boy. The look on his face when he first opened the box was priceless. He has worked very hard to achieve the rank of Chief Master Sergeant and I wanted to let him know just how proud I was of him.

Thank you Henry Repeating Arms.



James T. Keating Peoria, AZ

curtis lord

 Mr. Curtis Lord, Henry Collector, with his new Original Henry Rifle Deluxe Engraved


Mr. Curtis Lord


The attached photograph is of me, with my Big Boy .357, and my grandson Christian, with his new Golden Boy .22.
He was SO happy to receive his new rifle, that HE was the one that asked for a photo with his grandfather, each of us holding their Henry.
I’m ordering a Personalized receiver for him this month to be sure he knows just how proud I am of him.
Henry Rifles and American Pride go hand in hand!

Many thanks for the memories!


Richard J. Miskanis

Dear Mr Imperato

I purchased my Henry at Victoria All Sports in Victoria TX, the 45 Colt. I LOVE MY HENRY !!!

Mick Moore


Thank you for responding to my email. There are four of us in our family which are real close. One of us which is an Attorney and bought four Henry Rifles all Big Boys 44s My brother myself and another cousin we are all like brothers and have been very close all of our life, after seeing your TV show this morning I thought that I would share this. My brother David has passed away but we have his Henry to remind us of him I hope you like this. The photo top left is my brother David top right first cousin BO, bottom left I Terry and the bottom right is Bobby the attorney.  We all love our guns and hope to have them engraved like my brothers gun they are all priceless to us. Thank you for letting me share this.


Terry Haney T&R Industrial Services Inc.


your guns are outstanding, the kiddies are making good progress and love to shoot only a Henry, accuracy in their little firm hands is unbelievable, as is the safety system. Thanks for helping a great sport and more importantly keeping the American dream rolling!


Adolfo Mrongowius

Dear Mr. Imperato:  I am the proud owner of two Henry Rifles and I have to say they are two of my most prized possessions!  The American heritage and quality that goes into each one is awesome!  Thank you for making an awesome product, one that every red blooded American would be proud to own!  My goal is to someday own one of every rifle you make.  I may never get there on a youth Camp director’s salary but it is my goal!  Thanks again and God bless you!

Rick Pearson

Dear Mr. Imperato, I bought my first Henry in 22M a week or so ago, mostly because the action was so slick out of the box it put a few of my trusty Marlins to shame. The Henry is a darn nice looking rifle as well. I took it to the range today and all I can say is “Well Done!”. This rifle rocks! You have a new customer for life. I really want a .357 next. Best regards, and think you for making a quality rifle right here in America,

Chris Edmondson