Customer Letters

dailasadlerMy first Henry Rifle

Daila Sadler Eastland, TX

maxmccoshenAnother great weekend with awesome rifles , thank you Henry Rifles

Max McCoshen



Hi Anthony,

Thought you would enjoy this.. they put a float in the Peach Festival in Clarksville, Arkansas to recognize veterans and Henry Repeating Arms.

Kathy Purtell Merchandise Manager, NRA Fairfax, VA

danlionDad went home to be with the Lord after 86 years, and the last gun he shot was his Henry, he was 85 then, and even at 30 yards he was hitting the target in a 2-3″ pattern (he was a Korean War Vet). You could see the joy he had shooting that day. Dad did not get to shot much living in NJ we felt blessed that he was able to see our home in Virginia and that he had some fun. I have attached a picture of that day. Sorry we took a while to say thank you and your wonderful team, God bless.

Dan Lion

andylundbergMr. Imperato,

You helped us in getting our rifles earlier this year. I live in Pensacola, FL and my brothers both live in Iowa. My family and I went up there for the 4th of July and the Henry’s all got fired. Great rifle… I am sending a couple pics that my mom took, the rifles were a project my late father started before he died. Again, great craftsmanship and smooth firing rifle. Thank your team from a very appreciative family.


Andy Lundberg Pensacola, FL
jackwelkenbachWorshipful Jack Welkenback presented Most Worshipful Steven Boring, Past Grand Master 2015, with a Henry Rifle engraved with Masonic symbolism at the 187th Annual Grand Communication. Most Worshipful Boring is an avid sport shooter and quite accomplished.
Jack Welkenbach

gregcorsonandfrancescacorsonDear Henry Rifles

We met you guys at NRA convention in Kentucky and wanted to tell you again how much we love our Henry Muddy Girl and Henry Big Boy 45LC. My daughter and I had such a great time she didn’t want to leave range. It was amazing in 5 minutes my 6 year old was loading and reloading her rifle and hitting steel at 25 yards. It’s been one of the best moments of me being a parent. Words can’t say how grateful we are to you guys and we are so blessed. Thanks for all you do.

Greg and Francesca Corson

chuckjessellMr. Imperato,

I just brought home a new Fortress safe as my Heritage finally got filled up. I took a before and an after picture and thought you might get a kick out of my take on how to best christen a new gun safe (other than putting a new Henry in it of course). The pics are attached.

Also, I have a question about custom engraving. My wife and I bought a pair of American Rose rifles, one for each daughter. The plan was to have them engraved with their first initial and last names.  With the intent to preserve their last names as they will likely be taking on new names when they marry.  Since our purchase, we have been unable to find anyone that can engrave them for us. Does Henry offer this type of service?  Or do you have anyone you work with that is your preferred vendor?

Thank you so much for your time and making such great products. I already own 4 Henry’s and have another 12 or so on my short-term bucket list. My life goal is to get a Golden Boy or Big Boy in brass for each caliber you make, and then on to the big bore rifles in brass, and then depending on how long I make it, I’d like to move to the nickel series.

Chuck Jessell Amarillo, TX

marionbarnesI cannot express my joy at using your superior product.

The craftsmanship amazes all who see my Henry’s here in Australia.

Its my honor to continue to educate Aussies about Henry Repeating Arms and your selection of lever action rifles.


Marion Barnes

vanharlPraise the Lord for a Henry Delay
The poem

He hunted in the north woods, white tails on his land
He was a friend to many, held no malaise for his fellow man
He taught his children to do what was right and walk within the law
Crime stayed away from him, but on the news it was the violence that he saw

Some in our nation turned to the alleged easy way of crime
Many a young man by 21 had already done hard time
Taking to the streets while the sun shone down, making criminal hay
Sadly the good family of the north woods might soon need a Henry Delay

Henry Delay is not a person it is a fine rifle in a good citizen’s hands
It is a lever action rifle sitting next to mom on her way in the family mini van
Henry is the 22 bolt gun you teach your children how to safely shoot well
But most importantly, Henry is the tool–you dispatch evil back to the gates of hell

You are not a soldier or a cop standing on that thin blue line
You are a parent getting the kids to school and you to work on time
But evil is always out there rushing to block your way
You can run, hide or fight but with a Henry in your hands you can survive that awful day

Henrys have been around since 1860 when our nation was divided and torn
In 1996 with the legacy of the past and modern steel a new Henry was born
With great emphasis on quality and customer service a new rifle was produced
You may not stop a hostile army but with a Henry lever gun evil, will be reduced

To slow the descent of harm upon your family is the goal of a Henry Delay
With a Big Boy rifle in your hands evil is kept at bay
Henrys in the hands of an American family are there to stem the Godless criminal tide
A family in peril will be better served with a Henry Delay on their side.

Louis Imperato was a man of vision who saw a Henry in every American’s hand
But my family way up north hunt with their Henrys on Canadian land
There are Henry rifles in Scotland and in the Australian outback
An Aussie boy smiles at the sound of his 22 Henry’s reported crack

When I pulled out my first Henry the wife said “Oh, shiny”, it was that Henry bling
It is the workmanship and great looks that makes it a Henry-girl shooting thing
The finish and fine lines of the Henry with your hands you can trace
Quality and reliability that made a Henry Delay the cornerstone of your family’s defensive base.

Do your target shooting and fill your hunting tags this deer season
In your mind keep it clear that a Henry Delay is an important ownership reason
Can you stop evil before it crosses your threshold?
With a Henry, live long and prosper and gently grow old

If the sun were to always shine there would be only desert I am told
You would need rose colored glasses to observe and behold
Rose color distorts and can hide danger from your sight
Evil tells no time, a Henry Delay could arise in the dark or in the midday light

Quality counts when your life may perish in a moment’s time
The quality of a Henry will hold that defensive line
The Lord wants you to follow his rules and to him you obey
In the wee hours of the night when evil calls, praise the Lord for a Henry Delay
Praise the Lord for a Henry Delay

Van Harl