Customer Letters

joel-dortchDear Mr. Imperato:

The Henry rifles you have graciously donated to our  live auctions raise funds to benefit the abused children served by the Cooper Home, a project of the Happy Trails Children’s Foundation.  We deeply appreciate your loyal support.


Joel "Dutch" Dortch Happy Trails Executive Director

tom-aikenMr. Imperato , I received your letter with your current catalog. I had recently purchased a Henry rifle at Field and Stream in San Angelo , Texas.I tried it out about 3 weekends ago , and it is a naildriver. Thank you for making an excellent firearm , and continuing to do so in America.

Tom Aiken Irion County Judge

NRA-ring-of-freedom-memberDear Mr. Imperato,

In recognition of your corporate leadership and as a valued member of our NRA Ring of Freedom Corporate Partners program, I am honored to present you with this enclosed plaque and lapel pins.

As one of our partners, you are among a revered group of industry leaders who lead by example and are dedicated to building a stronger NRA. Henry Repeating Arms Company’s lifetime NRA giving total distinguishes you as a member of the Alexander Hamilton Society.

Please wear your pin and display your plaque with pride to show others your commitment to the Second Amendment and our shared values.

Thank you again for your leadership and support. I look forward to continuing to work with you in support of our Second Amendment freedoms.


Billy Birdzell Assistant Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations NRA Office of Advancement


Mr. Imperato, It was my pleasure to meet you(even though briefly) at the SHOT SHOW.  I was the guy who purchased a H001 for my granddaughter’s first gun.  I have enclosed a few of pictures of “her first day at the range.” The reason I went for the Henry over other’s lever guns was cost, quality, and your commitment to producing in America – plus, I have a friend who competes in NRA Cowboy Silhouette.  One Stage is Smallbore Cowboy Rifle.  Tim uses a Henry H001, and has earned a NRA Grand Slam Certificate – #157.  He has fired thousands of rounds through that little rifle.  I’m also enclosing a few pictures of his rifle and NRA Certificate. Thank you for your time – and stopping in a busy hallway to greet a customer,

Dave Phelps


Hey Catherine
I just thought you might want to see how it turned out. I’m getting my Dads flag back from his funeral my mom had it and I also built the case for that. I have a flag pole in my yard; I go through a flag a year. So I have a few old ones lying around. So when I was planning the gun case I thought I would take one of the old faded out flags a drop it behind the gun.  That would pull in my dad’s flag on the fire place.

I went with the octagon shape case to go with the octagon gun barrel. I even went with octagon trim on the case.

I just had to send this to you guys. It just looks so cool with an American made gun with American flag behind it. I’m surprised no one has thought of it before.   I’ll send a picture when get on the wall.

Best Regards

Mike Bollig

Dear Mr. Anthony Imperato, I own a Henry .22. I taught my four children how to shoot with it. They are all grown up now but they still love to go to the range with me and shoot. I just wanted to say that my Henry rifle is my favorite rile that I own. It is extremely accurate and dependable. Thanks for making such a great product.

Kenneth Calvey


This is Jackson Taylor. I wrote and recorded the Old Henry Riffle song.  It has become quite the anthem.  No matter where we play in the world people love it.  Our live at Billy Bobs CD/DVD comes out in a few months and the song is a high light. I would live to send you a copy of the CD/DVD.   Your riffles have always been a tangible representation of American craftsmanship. independence and self reliance.   I’m glad you liked the song.  God Bless.  and Go Devils. 🙂

Jackson Taylor.

michael-zollaDear Mr. Imperato, Since purchasing my Henry Golden Boy only a few weeks ago , I have put roughly 1000 rounds through it and have been having the time of my life. The lever action is unbelievably smooth.  Using numerous brands of 22lr, I have had no problems at all. And the Spee-D-Loader is a hoot to use. A lot of the regulars at my local range have asked to shoot it, and I happily oblige. Everyone else wants to look at it or hold it. I’m sure some sales will be generated as they all seem interested. I am attaching a photo of little shrine I constructed in my lounging room. A small tribute to two great Americans,  John Wayne and Henry Rifles. Hope you enjoy.

Michael P. Zolla

ricky-roweHi Anthony,
Ricki wanted me to forward a couple of pics from Saturday to you. He said the gun was “Dead On” from the first shot!!! He said all his friends were jealous, lol.

Lisa Currier

Sir, I know your busy with making the finest lever guns out there right now but I thought I would say my Henry steel 30-30 far out shined the Winchester and marlin 336’s I used to own. I am saving up for a 357 right now. The rifles are amazing quality, I cannot say enough for quality. I sold the marlin and my 1972 Winchester and only own my Henry. Thanks boss. Hell of a rifle!

joseph duffy