Customer Letters

Dr Mr. Imperato,

Thank you so very much for the practical and honest advise that you and your staff gave me over the phone today. It has not been my experience that the president of a company would be eager to take a simple customer service enquiry, as you did. You and your staff were a delight to speak with.

As mentioned during our brief conversation, I am a born and bred Australian living in Canada. In order to purchase my Lever Action .22 I sold a very nice (and expensive) European made .22 rifle that I had purchased back in Australia. I was expecting a certain compromise in quality compared to this finely made European rifle due to the very reasonable cost of the Henry. Was I ever surprised! The machining and functioning of the action are flawless, it can be cycled quietly when you want it to be quiet, the fit & finish are exceptional, the grade of walnut is well beyond my expectations, the blueing is deep and rich and the rifle is remarkably accurate to boot! What I have acquired is not just a shooting tool, but an heirloom.

Congratulations to the management team and everyone at Henry Repeating Arms, from the engineers and gunsmiths to the guy who sweep the floor and turn the lights off at night. Your American pride and workmanship show through in every aspect of your product. I think that Benjamin Tyler Henry would be very proud that you have carried on his tradition of fine American craftsmanship. I also doubt that the customer service Henry Repeating Arms provides could have been any better even in the 1860’s when we all know that manufacturers stood behind their products and put their good reputations on the line in order to sell them.

Thanks for a beautiful rifle that will last for generations.

Kindest regards,

Bradley J. Cole

Just wanted to write to say thank you. I had called a short time back that I had broken off of a Henry youth. The person I spoke to was great and sent the piece right out to us. It’s service like this that will keep companies in this country afloat in these hard times. Other companies could take a lesson from you and we just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with your service and your product.

Gary Musick


Mr. Imperato:

You may remember me as the Oregon Coast resident who had ordered your Big Boy rifle from a local dealer but was suffering a significantly lengthy wait for delivery.

I contacted you directly and you interceded with the distributor to accomplish a speedy shipment.

I want to thank you for your help and impart the following:

A) Upon receipt, I removed the Henry from the box, ran a bore snake through it twice and loaded it with ten (10) Magtech 45 Colt 250gr. L-Flat cartridges.

B) I then proceeded with a good friend to nearby hills to fire the rifle. At age 69 years, I had not fired a rifle for 50 years. I shot 5 rounds at plastic water bottles at 40 yards against a man-made background of soil… blowing them all over the place.

C) My friend suggested a new target. He set up a spent 12 gauge shotgun shell on the ground and at the same range.

Kindly view the attached photograph as it is a testament to the cutting-edge accuracy (right out of the box) of the Henry rifle. I am a proud owner of my rifle.

“Load on Sunday, Shoot All Week Long”

Monty Upshaw Tillamook, OR


We finally got a picture of my husband Kevin with his Big Boy while we were at our upstate NY property this past weekend.

Kevin loves his Henry Big Boy I got him for Christmas.  Despite my being out of work, we still thought it’s a worthwhile purchase because “it’s an heirloom”.

Best Regards,

Kevin & Sharon Fick Worcester, NY

the henry golden boy is the finest small bore rifle that i have ever shot a friend of mine put his ruger 10/22 with a scope up against my golden boy and i trumped his ruger and i out shot him using open sights

Marshall Peck


Dear sir,

I was very impressed by the out of box accuracy of my new Henry rifle, and the smoothness of the action. right out of the box I shot a few rounds offhand, with some good hits, then shot a 30 round group that you could cover with a henry coffee mug.  I then suspended a playing card with a piece of tape and shot it swinging in the breeze. attached is a picture of the results, no need to adjust the sights.

I love your product and plan to purchase more in the future.
Keep up the great work,

Ralph Barnett Hoschton Georgia

You guys are great—I was out w my rifle again today (took a Friday Holiday!) and its great….most fun shooting Ive had in Years! Now I’m familiar w lever action rifles—grew up in Michigan deer hunting with an old 30-30 but Ill give you credit, the fit, finish, workmanship and overall quality far exceeds anything Winchester ever put together. Again, thanks!

Bill Knall


The Promise that you made and sent was that of a hand shake. The way I and my family have been taught to do business. Attached are two photos of my self, my Son Chris and that of my Grandson, Drew Patrick age Six.

Drew Pat came over this Saturday Morning and gave me a hug and he yelled out, ” you and Daddy bought me a gun ?  I said yepper, your first Henry ” He said thank you and hugged us. We instructed him once again on handling and will continue to do so until he hits the mental trust age. He was all smiles and as you can see even through the photo op, the smiling and deep grinning did not stop. His ” Botcha ” as he calls her shot the photos and we were all thrilled with the beautiful breakfast visit we enjoyed.

Thank your staff for a job well done.

Andrew P. "Buz" Wrobel


Thank you for your prompt attention to our situation. the Rifle was sent to florida instead of Idaho….after numerous phone calls and tracking, the Rifle arrived in our hands at 12;30, an hour before his retirement party. Its over and thanks to all….Our Son Doug, spent 25 years in Service to our country….he was with the 101st Airborne in Iraq with Operation Freedom in 1991 and 2….


Jerry Baumgartner Vietnam Vet, 67-68...

This is the reason why GM is going under. They never once practiced customer service like this. I had spent nearly $200,000 on new GM products and never once received an e-mail such as yours concerning any problem I ever had with them. I will repay your company by buying more of your products, and telling everyone on all the forums about this kind of customer service. This is what the US companies used to do, not anymore. I like your products, but this is the thing that sets your company apart. Tell your president, I saw his video on your websight, and I believe what he says about his products, and the way he stands behind them. I had to reply specifically to this e-mail, I will send the info you need later, as I wanted to pay your company a compliment.

Douglas Jones Gun Lover