Customer Letters

I bought a Henry 22 cal. lever action rifle a couple of years ago and have shot against a browning lever action 22 cal rifle and the henry performed and outshot the browning ten  to one. There was no comparison. Pease keep up the quality and craftsmanship of your guns because they are absolutly the best.

Eudy F. Creech Selma, NC

Just wanted to send a quick note to tell you I love my Henry Golden  Boy.  It’s a perfect blend of quality and beauty combined.  I am  proud to own it and I just wanted to say that your efforts to make  Henry a superlative gun are appreciated by all. Keep up the fine work.

Ed Poore


Mr. Imperato,

I had recently been looking for a .22 rifle to replace my old one but I wanted a more traditional style rifle than I’ve had in the past. I looked at bolt action rifles and semi auto rifles but I could not find one that spoke to me. Then, as luck would have it, a Henry Repeating Arms catalog came in the mail. While flipping through the catalog, I came across the lever action Frontier model .22 and I knew I had found the rifle I ‘d been looking for. I had never owned a lever action rifle before and I was concerned whether I would like the action, but I decided to give it a try (childhood thoughts of the old west helped a bit). I ordered the Henry Frontier Model .22 rifle from Mid-State Gun Co. in Coventry, RI. When it arrived and I saw it for the first time, I knew I made the right decision. I was attracted to the rifle because of its octagon barrel, handsome walnut stock and its old west style. The rifle looked better than I could imagine and I was amazed at how smooth the action functioned.  I could not wait to get it to the range and put some rounds through it.  Range day came and it performed flawlessly!

I am so impressed with my Henry lever action that I just went back to the gun store and ordered a Henry Big Boy in .45 colt. Thank you for making a superb, all American rifle at an affordable price. Benjamin Tyler Henry would be proud!


Mike Flanagan Coventry, RI

Bought A Henry Survival .22 Love It.

Duane M. Harrison Phelan, CA


Travis Holman of Knoxville, Tennessee with his new Henry Minibolt. Even a very cold and rainy day at the farm couldn’t diminish his enthusiasm !

Travis Holman

I already own two henry rifles for my boys. they are dam good guns. keep up the great work.

Walter Respess Overton, NV

Hello, I just want to say that i really love my henry .44 big boy. I have had many comments about how fine the wood stock looks and the craftmanship that is put into making a henry. It is very accurate as well, At a 100 yards i can group shots in 3 ins. Lastly, the price i payed was very reasonable for the amount of gun and quality i received.

GREAT JOB guys and Kind Regards.

David W. Ahlf Hewitt, TX

I’m the proud owner of the Henry H001. There is nothing better than a day in the field knocking down soda cans. I own several .22’s but this is my favorite, no kidding! This is not a sales pitch, just the truth.

Howard Stevens Olney, IL


Mr. Imperado,

I want to say “thank you” for making such a find product as the Henry rifle.  I’m a big ..22 shooter, and had been on the market for a lever-action .22.  After doing a little research (mostly just reading your website and they many complimentary letters) I decided the Henry was the rifle for me.  I bought it yesterday morning, and I can truly say I’ve never had a finer rifle straight out of the box!  The stock is beautiful, the bluing is deep and rich, and I’ve never felt a smoother action.  To say I am pleased with it is an understatement!

Last night I watched your RFDtv interview on the website and that just made me even prouder of my Henry.  I try to buy American whenever possible, and it’s great to have a truly all-American product.

There will definitely be another Henry rifle in my future (probably the .17HMR as I’m a big fan of that caliber).  I don’t know when it will be, but rest assured there will be another Henry in my hands as soon as I can make it happen!  Until then, I want to get me a hat so I can give you a little free advertising on my big head (here in Florida I’m one of those people that if I’m out of the house and not at work or church I’m wearing a hat)!  Look forward to an order from me very soon.

Many thanks and may God bless you!

Jimmy Russ Zephyrhills, FL

dear mr.Anthony,my brand new HENRY 22LR/LEVER ACTION was so good i enjoy target shooting and i love my new HENRY very much…. thank you for creating HENRY.

Von Pangilinan Zamboanga City