Customer Letters


Anthony I thought you might like an up date on how your we have been using the HENRY Rifles. These photos are of a day we spent at the Bellingham, Ma. Police Range. We had around 25 wheelchair vets men and women.

In the first picture Range officer Sgt. Rich Perry is working with the vets. This lady went to the National Wheelchair games for veterans and came back with a GOLD Medal! One vet asked if he could shoot from a further distance he… is a WWII vet 90 years old he surprised the range officers with his request.

By the way if you notice I put scopes on your rifles to help the vets and boy were your rifles a big hit they must have fired over 3,000 rounds and did not want to stop but the bus had to get back to the Brockton VA Hospital.

The groups that were involved were the VFW, DAV and VVA.

This was the second half of the event we put on each year, we took around 50 wheelchair vets to a private lake to fish, boat, eat, and have fun. This year a friend came by to spend time with the vets Mr. Harry Synden President and former general manager of the Boston Bruins. My Co-Chair Denis Auger owns the house on the lake and we have been having this event at for the past four years and the second for the firing range.

Again I want to thank you for what you have done for the Veterans the HENRY Rifle is putting a lot of smiles on our hospitalized vets.

Owen W. Emery


I am enclosing a photo of my son Anthony DelGaudio Jr. a member of the BSA Venturing Crew 2700 from Staten Island New York. He enjoys being a Venturing Crew member and shooting his Henry Golden Boy at the Colonial Rifle and Pistol Club. Both the Venturing crew and Colonial do an outstanding job out here on Staten Island and we are appreciative of the support from Henry Repeating Arms.

Anthony DelGaudio Staten Island, NY


I just purchased a 22 golden boy for my son Adam’s 13th birthday. He loved it and what a great shooting gun. Thanks Brian

Brian Krause Marlette, MI

I recently purchased a Henry Rifle in 17 HMR. The quality and accuracy of this rifle did surprise me. I am looking forward to purchasing another rifle from your company. Thank you for a fine American made product.

Harry A. King, Sr. Slidell, LA


Dear Henry

I recently purchased a Henry Big Boy 45C. It is the finest firearm I have ever owned or shot.Thank you for proving to the world that American manufacturing can beat any competition for quality and value.


Lem Hendricks Christiana, TN


Mr Imperato,

After taking first shot from my .22 Mag., I wish I could buy each one of the Henry Frontier model rifles. I absolutely love the feel of the heavier octogon barrel and how it helps to keep a steady aim.

I don’t know if the Men and Women of your company know just how important their position is to the American way of life.
Quality products, made in the USA, are almost non existant today, and your staff are part of the elite few.

They should never feel as if they are coming in to do “just another days work.” They are actually making USA history as being part of the only, “All ~ U.S.A.” rifle making company. What I do know is that you understand the importance! That is why you continue to be 100% USA and have maintained the high quality that makes Henry what it is. Every one in your Company deserve to be remembered for being the, “Last American Firearms Makers.”


Gerald R Armstrong Fairless Hills, PA

Dear Anthony,

I am a 75 year old woman,I have been shooting all my life. I had never owned a Henry until my late husband bought me one for Christmas about 6 years ago. I love it, it is the smoothest rifle I have ever owned. I am now saving money to buy my next Henry, A model H006M. Here is a poem I thought you might like.

opal_braunnsBack when the west was new,
The Henry rifle was tried and true.

Stage drivers,lawmen,outlaws too,
Used Henry rifles to get them through.

I have a Henry, put it to the test,
My Henry outshoots all the rest.

This is my regret, and my desire,
So many more Henrys’ I have yet to fire.

Opal J. Braunns Garrettsville, OH


Today I took my Henry h001 Rifle out and zeroed it in. It is a mighty fine rifle I really like it thanks for such a fine US made product

John Arb Crandall, GA


Dear Mr. Imperato –

Thank you sir, for the catalogue and the nice follow up message.

My wife and I indeed purchased a Henry .22 rifle (Model H001) for use in an indoor SASS-type shooting league during the cold winter months here in Ohio. We are very pleased with the workmanship, quality and accuracy of the rifle. Fresh out of the box, after a routine cleaning and inspection, it hits dead-on and cycles without failure in this rapid-fire competitive event. It compares very favorably to our center-fire Winchester replicas (1866 and 1873 models), each of which costs 5 times as much the Henry!

The only “bad” news – several other league members also have Henry rifles…the competition is tough! To paraphrase “Mel” (Danny Glover) in the movie “Silverado”: “Do you know what a Henry can do in the hands of someone who knows how to use it?”

Please pass on to all the folks at the HENRY REPEATING ARMS company our thanks and appreciation for an excellent product at an unheard of price these days! A tremendous value and a tribute to all the people in the Henry family. Also, we’ve attached a couple of pictures of us practicing with our new Henry.

Also, we wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season.

Greg & Cathi Hoskins Dayton, OH

Your rifles are great – I have a 22 lever action and everyone I take shooting loves it. The M1, AR15, AK47, etc. stay in the safe while we use the Henry!

Rich Braband Reno, NV