Customer Letters


My name is Josh Rowell and I am the office manager for EOTAC LLC. I have owned a Henry .22 LR for a few years now and am still impressed with the reliability and accuracy of the rifle. After I purchased this rifle I retired some of my old 10/22’s including my Ruger and Marlin and have adopted this as my full-time plinking and small game gun. I have received multiple praises from top guys in the industry on it’s accuracy, reliabilty, and overall quality through the years. Needless to say, many squirell’s, rabits, and other small mammals have been laid to rest by this plinker and I have never been let down. You know that when a reputable marksman shooting by your side at the range comments on the incredible accuracy of an open site lever action .22LR while he himself is shooting a prototype $1k .22 LR with an optic scope and range calculator that you have landed a quality rifle. All in all I am very pleased with my Henry and it is one of the few guns that I will never part with. I’ve had no problem selling or trading 1911’s, shotguns, and other rifles, but this Henry is one that I will never get rid of. My compliments to the production squad and designers of these fine rifles.


Josh Rowell

I liked the Golden Boy .17HMR so much I bought a BIG BOY .44MAG.  Just fired the .17HMR today.  Shot the 4″ ring at 50 yds consistently.  Can’t wait to try the BIG BOY.  Plan to use for Hogs and DEER.  Proud to have such a fine USA made weapon.  Thanks.  PS –  Can I buy some stock in Henry R R ?????

Tom Doherty

Mr. Imperato

Thanks for the fine rifle made in America. Now when I go out squirrel hunting I don’t spend all my time working on the gun (10 22 POS!) Thanks again for the quality rifle.

Gary Linkous Meridian, ID


Just picked up the Henry Survivor and I am having a blast. It is a hoot to shoot.

Howard Cohodas


Dear Sirs:

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how pleased both my 11yr. old daughter Mallory and I are with the recent purchase of your Henry Mini-Bolt. This is an excellent introductory firearm that has made it simple for me to teach safe firearms handling and shooting techniques to her. I have been an avid shooter and outdoorsman my entire life and I am elated that my daughter has chosen to join me in sport shooting. After approximately one year of shooting with the standard Williams Fire Sights (which she loves), we decided to kick it up a little bit and purchased the Henry cantiliever scope mount and a 4×32 scope. She continues to thoroughly enjoy it and continues to have much success on the range. I forsee her stepping to a larger model Henry in the not-so-distant future. Thank you again for manufacturing such a quality firearm.

Mr. Robin R. Zastrow Wheatfield, NY

To whom it may concern:

I just wanted to let you know i just purchased my first henry rifle today a model H001 in .22cal and i must say as an owner of several other lever action rifles and a few other .22cal rifles that the action on the henry is by far the smoothest i have ever seen ! The quality of your rifles is great and the accuracy of this gun was excellent ! Please continue the excellent work of these fine rifles and be assured i will ad another henry to my collection in a future date!

Thanks Agin!

Steve Evans


Dear Henry

I carry a .44 Mag, so I have your Big Boy, Ol’ Thunderbutt, here—-

SURELY you don’t intend to allow a delicate ol’ fart like me to have to rassle one of those, or, God Forbid, an Italian import!!

BESIDES —— no action shooter in the U.S. could pass up a Henry!

Thank you



I bought a Henry Golden Boy in .22LR a couple of weeks ago, and I must tell you how impressed I am with the quality and worksmanship. I have fired Winchesters and Marlins, and the worksmanship, fit, and finish of the Henry is superior.

Right out of the box, it was dead-on accurate at 75 yards. I have never owned a small-caliber firearm before, so it took me a few minutes to get used to the lack of noise and recoil, but it is a real pleasure to shoot. I usually go out and shoot it a few evenings a week at home; it’s a great way to relax for a bit after dinner.

I plan on buying myself a Big Boy in .357 Magnum this year, and may also buy another Golden Boy .22LR for my daughter. Kudos to you and your employees for making a fine American firearm.

Thank you,

Jeff Kilgore Georgetown, TX

I recently purchased a Henry model H001T rifle. I have read a lot about Henry rifles. The gun is more than I expected. The fit of the wood and the finish on the metal is exellent. I am proud to own a Henry rifle.

John White Linden, MI


I received my gun and let me tell you pictures in your catalogue do not do it justice. Abraham Lincoln would have been proud to own this gun, and to top it off it is made right here in the good old USA.   You guys rock!!!!!!!!!!! you sent serial number 10 to me, you do not know how much this means to me. some talk about service I talk about henrys extreme customer service. Even if you stole it from the ausies you perfected it here. The gun store I go to, which by the way was mobbed. I couldn?t tell people enough about you guys at Henry rifles. I now own 5 of your rifles and look forward to the deluxe 2 in may. Then I will send a family picture to post on the web; after all a family is not a family without a few Henry

Todd Hemmert