Customer Letters

frankgryncewiczMr. Imperato,

What would be more American then a large bore revolver on the hip and a Leaver Action on the shoulder? When our archery season ends, here in Tennessee, time to grab the hand cannon. In my opinion no one makes a finer production lever action “NONE”. I have attached an image of my new “go to gun” for this season. On top of the Leupold sits a TACTACAM video. Quite surprising was the fact the 45-70 recoil was not anywhere near what I thought it would be. On the other hand the 460 will let you know who the boss is (ha) so this long gun is tame in comparison. The other members of my hunt club are amazed, at least one is going to purchase your WS 30-30. Now this is “We The People” hunting. Video will follow up this season. Thanks again for manufacturing the best Lever Action on the market.

Frank Gryncewicz

joedanielDear Anthony,

Just wanted to brag on my new Big Boy 357 that I just got today. Took it out of the box, ran one clean patch down the barrel and let go with the first five rounds. I couldn’t believe the target.. Am looking forward to using this rifle daily. I am attaching a picture of the target.

Joe Daniel

jessicaI wanted to say “Thank you very much!” Now he doesn’t have to show everyone the Henry catalog, he gets to show them the real thing! He was beyond excited when I called him to tell him it had arrived. Even with it being a special order, the turnaround time was fantastic! Like father like son, Mike is holding his new 45-70 and our son, Matthew, is holding his youth model Henry 22 (H001Y) in the second picture. Thanks again.



Henry in action.

Sullivan County FNRA event on 9/10/16.

The first pic is the winner of the Henry 2nd Amendment tribute rifle.  And Chairman Jim Hemmer and myself.  A 12 x 12 grid board game that sold out, $20 ea, 3 for $45, and brought in $2,415, net $1,711.

Pics 2 and 3 are the Henry Frontier .22 rifle donation winner and family.
First person on left in black is Chairman Jim Hemmer. Then the winner Malje Kukaj holding his rifle. Then family members and myself in there. See below for more names.
No Lose cups game. Safe and Rifle prize. 100 tickets at $20 each. Sold out.
Safe was a partial donation at $300.
Gross $2,000, net $1,650.

Thank you Henry! Over $3,000 net from just two Henry rifles in two games!

Kathy Purtell Merchandise Manager, Field Operations Division, Volunteer Fundraising, NRA Fairfax, VA

paul-demunnickHello Anthony

Just wanted to tell you a short story about how much fun I am having with my Henry 22 Pump. My Henry 22 pump is my number 1 go to gun for fun. I took my Mother out target shooting and she loved it by the way this was the first time she had ever gone shooting she is now converted and understands now much fun it can be.I introduced a young couple to my Henry 22 pump and they had to get one for themselves they loved it. Just like to say thanks again and keep up the good work.

PS hope to put one of your all weather 45/70 in my future.

Paul Demunnick Summerland BC, Canada

kathy-purtell-2Hi Anthony,

Michigan event on 9-14-16, made $1,420 net from your donation for the NRA youth shooting programs in MI and across this nation!!

Kathy Purtell Merchandise Manager, Field Operations Division, Volunteer Fundraising, NRA Fairfax, VA

kathy-purtell-3Husband/wife winners. Plans to pass it along to one of their grandchildren. She was so excited jumping up and down at her table when her winning ticket was drawing….. running the whole way up to claim her winnings! You can see the joy beaming from both of them in the photo. Brought $1320.

This committee puts their banquet room together in a very patriotic theme each year out of their own pocket. Very strong Veteran recognition at their event each year and buys one firearm to give to a Veteran each year that they buy locally out of pocket. This year they also included law enforcement folks in the crowd with a nice colt knife with police shield on it to each as a gift.

Kathy Purtell Merchandise Manager, Field Operations Division, Volunteer Fundraising, NRA Fairfax, VA

lance-penningtonHello my name is Lance Pennington I recently purchased a Henry big boy in 44 Magnum and also one Henry big boy M357 the 357 is for my bride of 37 years. I’m a reloader and I’m just so excited that these rifles are made here in the United States keep up the good work I look forward to purchasing five more Henry Rifles one for each of our married children as a keepsake take care

Peace be with you

Lance and Valerie Pennington Burlington, WA

richard-holbrookIt’s an old west lever action, ( My favorite). Its made in America, (My favorite). It was donated to help the Friends of the NRA to promote education,(My passion).  Thank you Mr. Imperato of Henry Rifles, you made my day. Very proud to own a Henry.

Richard Holbrook Blairs, VA

maria-mannGood afternoon Mr Imperato,
I just wanted to give you a update on Grace.A few days after celebrating her 13th birthday, Grace was hospitalized and reached a critical state of danger where only a lung transplant will save her life. Excited to announce that Grace did get her surgery on July 29th, 2016 and is now on the road to recovery with her new lungs! The recovery time is expected to be about 3-6 months at the earliest. She is finally home and came to visit us yesterday her first words were where is my henry rifle! (Her dad bought for her 13th birthday)We can not thank you enough for all you have done supporting Grace with your generous donation!!! God bless
Thank you

Maria Mann Port Jervis, NY