Customer Letters

Keith Ward Just to let you know in writing (and I’ve included better photos as suggested by my wife) that I am extremely pleased with my Henry Big Boy 45 Colt. My wife and I live in southern Alberta, Canada and I spend a lot of time horseback working cattle in the back country and mountains, and my Henry now rides along with me! The craftsmanship of the rifle is absolutely beautiful. It’s like having a custom made firearm. I’ve shot it at the local range a number of times and it’s accuracy right out the box is remarkable. The octagon barrel, polished brass and gorgeous wood is a real attention getter, and several people have commented on what a beautiful rifle Henry Repeating Arms makes. I also respect your commitment to American made. I look forward to packing my Henry horseback for many years. It’s where it should be, out on the Frontier!



Keith Ward Lundbreck, Alberta Canada

Mr & Mrs. Neil ChartrandWe recently celebrated our wedding with a pair of beautiful Henry rifles. Thank you very much for being part of our special day. Sincerely,

Mr & Mrs. Neil Chartrand

Jordan HicksDear Mr. Imperato It was a pleasure to meet you at the 2016 Bass Pro Shops Hunting University! Attached is a picture of a mess of Squirrels that I was able to harvest with my favorite go to gun. It is the pump model H003T. I purchased this gun a few years back when it came into the store. Since I have taken it out of the box it has been a shooter! By far my favorite rifle in the cabinet. Thank you and your team for all the hard work they do to continue providing America with the best firearms on the market.

Thanks again!


Jordan Hicks  Hunting Team Lead Bass Pro # 1 Springfield MO

Geno PloeckelmannHi Anthony, Thanks again for getting my Dad the Henry. He was totally surprised! He told my Mom that she was sleeping on the couch(Fat chance!) and the Henry was sleeping with him. One friend that he showed it to, told him that when my Dad goes out of town, he will gun sit the Henry. He has showed it off to his friends, so he is very proud of it. Thanks again for your help! Pictures are my Dad opening his gift, my dad, my son-law and grandson and then my Dad and I. Thank you!

Best regards, Geno

Geno Ploeckelmann Sample Properties Tampa, FL

Marion Barnes JPToday I had the absolute pleasure of introducing another Aussie to the exhilaration of using one of ur rifles. So impressed was he that he wants to purchase one.. Keep them coming, doing my best to awaken Aussies to ur supreme rifles.

Marion Barnes JP

Ed Mili the very first thing anyone sees when they enter my home. I am so proud and thrilled I have no words that will express my true emotion. Thank you, your company, it’s employees and anyone involved in making the absolute finest all American products in this entire world. You Sir are a special man because you stand by your word and take the finest care of every one of your customers and the deserving charities and veterans that you so generously appreciate. I am extremely proud to be an ambassador of all Henry Repeating Arms products.
With the utmost respect and admiration,

Ed Mili US Army Retired 11th Armored Cavalry / 101st Airborne Infantry

Michael ReederAnthony, I wanted to thank you and share a picture with you. Thanks to you my lovely wife and all the folks at Henry for making my 60th birthday so special. What a perfect gun you folks make. Can’t wait to get another one to add to my collection, There the finest guns I own.Thanks again.

Michael Reeder

Doc and Becky HempThe Tee Shirts came yesterday, fit perfectly! And the. 45-70 is the sweetest shooting gun ever! … flags are in our front yard. Lower one is U.S. Air Force. .. of which I was a Captain many years ago.

Doc and Becky Hemp

Carol SeamansHi there, yesterday Hollis and I went to Walmart in Presque isle. Saw your brass wildlife engraved Henry 30/30 and he wanted one so so bad all of his life. ..just like his Harley. ..well I filled his dream..thank you for the inspiration. We will call this his wedding gift. married Dec. 27th yeah!


Carol Seamans

Jeff QuinnOn March 29, Vietnam Veterans Day, I presented on behalf of Henry Repeating Arms a Military Service Golden Boy to Jerry Robertson. Jerry served in combat with distinction in the US 4th Infantry Division, Republic of Vietnam.
I have known Jerry for many years. He is a good man, and very grateful to receive that fine rifle.

Jeff Quinn Dover, TN