Customer Letters

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Dear Mr Imperato,

Not too long ago, I wrote to you in regards of purchasing a Henry youth model .22 cal for my son’s 12th birthday as of May 28th, 2010.Since that time, I have taken him out on numerous occasions, shooting gophers.It did not take me long to realize how accurate of a shot he is with his Henry, hitting his target most of the time. He truly loves his rifle and I believe I have made a right choice in the Henry rifle.
We reside in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada. Saskatchewan, being one of the three Canadian prairie provinces, is overwhelmed with gophers, which is a menace to our grain farmers. Also known as the “Richardson ground squirrel”, these critters are a plague to grain fields, costing agriculture millions of dollars damage.

As promised, I have included a couple of pictures of my son and his Henry & the infamous gopher, the Richardson ground squirrel.


John Chisholm Swift Current, SK


Dear Mr Imperato

I am enclosing this letter and two photos to personally thank you for the outstanding communication and service from you and your company in my purchase of two Henry H009B 30-30 rifles. Upon receiving the rifles and observing their beautiful workmanship, I decided to give both rifles to my daughter and her husband as gifts from me. All this left me with one problem – I had no rHenry rifle for myself ! So I then called Rileys Sport Shop and asked them to find me another H009B. Again I thank you for your outstanding service !


Kelvin H. Clark Concord, NH

Best darn lever action ever made bar none



Mr Anthony

We finally got Dad to sit down for some pictures with the Personalized Henry Golden Boy rifle we purchased about a year ago in Sept 2009. Dad (Joe) says thanks again! And God Bless you & our Troops.


Jerry & Kim Fruth

I bought the Henry 22 lever action with a scope about a year ago. I could not be more please with it. I have consistantly hit target bulls eyes at 100 yds and even droped a fox that was at a full run at 70+yds ! I did not get a shot at his traveling companion, but had the cover not been as thick, I am sure I could have dropped the companion also. It was an instant kill with a clean heart shot. Thank you for making an exceptional rifle.


I own one Henry rifle now and will be purchasing another real soon! One of the best things that I ever bought in my life time was my Henry Rifle, love it!



Mr. Imperato:

Here I am with my 11 fine Henry Rifles. I am holding the Big Boy Deluxe II, Serial #6 which I am particularly fond of. Note they are displayed in a revolving stand on which they display well. I am very pleased with my collection of well made Henry Rifles. They not only look good, but the actions are so smooth.

Best regards,

Tom Ludwig

Good Afternoon,

We are now proud owners of the Henry Big Boy .45 Colt and Henry Lever Action Octagon Frontier Model .22 LR. Both models are extremely well made, and very accurate out of the box. Both rifle’s actions are very smooth. Thank you for producing a American gun that we areproud in owning, and one in which you can be proud in producing.

Best Regards,

Joseph V. Nauyalis

Great video interview, Mr. Imperato! And great rifles (I own the Henry Big Boy 44 Magnum)! Lastly, you’re a great person! In an age when talk is cheap, you embody not only the American spirit, but what we’ve lost somewhere along the line, namely, honesty and the hard work ethic. Like you, my word means something, and so does my handshake. You made me a lifelong customer.

Look for my 30-30 purchase at Christmastime. The U.S. would be wise to follow the business model of the Henry Rifle Company.

Many thanks. Sincerely,

Albert M. Balesh, M.D. El Paso, TX

I have a Henry Survival rifle and am very proud of it. It shoots very good without missing a shot. You cant find a better semi-auto 22.

Darren Wallingford Grand Remous, QC