Customer Letters

I ordered one of you catalogs from your website, but I have to confess I couldn’t wait until it arrived.  I went out and bought one of your Lever Frontier .22LR models even before the catalog arrived.  I have to tell you I am not disappointed I did.  Right out of the box I was hitting the bullseye at 25 yards from a rest and off hand!!  It didn’t matter!!! I didn’t do anything to the sights. I am very impressed with your rifle.  Please tell your employees that they make a superior rifle.  I am so proud that its made in the USA.  Thank you for restoring my faith in American products and for protecting the long tradition of quality associated with the Henry rifle. Keep and protect the Henry brand by being ever vigilant in producing the superior product that I now own.

Mike Duckworth Cedar Rapids, IA

Wish more manufactures would produce in the US.

It is a shame what is happen to the weapon industries.

Almost all are now producing or partially producing their products oversees

I am and always will be a firm supporter of products made in the USA such as Henry Repeating Arms. But sorry to see that it is getting increasingly more difficult to find any USA made products.


Franz Breuer

Hello Sir ,

I currently own 7 of your Henry rifles ,1 22LR , 3 Golden Boys(.17HMR, .22LR, .22WMR) , and 3 Big Boys (.357Mag, .44Mag, .45LC) . I can honestly say that Henry Rifles are the only lever action rifle that I will own . They are the best !

Can you tell me when the 30/30 Brass Octogon will be available for purchase ? I am ready to add another masterpiece to my collection .

Thank You for Being American !

Matt Cannon

Just wanted to say that i got the “big loop” lever for my 44 Big Boy and boy do I love it.  I have owned this gun now for 4 years without any problems what so ever.  What a beautiful, smooth and reliable rifle.

Kevin Barefoot

Good Morning Anthony—,

Proud as a PEA COCK to report my brand new addition to my weapons cache .. your Henry BSA .22 Caliber Lever Action Collectors Edition Rifle…!!!!  Also,, I placed an immediate order with Kevin for your brand new GOLDEN BIG BOY HENRY REPEATING SMOOTH AS SILK LEVER ACTION .45 COLT RIFLE!!  SEND LOTS OF AMMO!!

Although not on your list of sources to purchase your rifles for this area,, The AMERICAN TRADE AND LOAN CO.INC., sells new and used weapons.  Kevin Story, assisted me in my purchases. Kevin tells me that he has sold several of your used Henry Rifles,  seeing as how his store is a PAWN SHOP also, and gets guns on consignment.

I was a Boy Scout leader back in my earlier life,,, when I was stationed at Fort Rucker, Ala. in the ’60’s…last century. MAJOR KENNETH J G SULLIVAN,,,So this gun goes to one of my sons, MAJOR, DOCTOR DANIEL BRUCE SULLIVAN, who was in my troop.

Thanks for making a fine American Made product ,,,,   ..smooth as silk (SAS)!!


Ken JG Sullivan, Sr.


I just bought a Golden Boy 22LR, and I couldn’t be happier. What a magnificent piece of craftsmanship.  I only wish I had discovered it sooner!

David King Pinewood, SC

I have 3 of your rifles. #1 is 22. round barrel, #2 & #3 are big boy 357. & 44.i’m getting groups 1&1/2″  inside a 3″ bullseye. keep on making your rifles because they are the best lever action rifles i ever owned.

Jim Senn



I just wanted to thank you for making such a quality rifle at an affordable price.My H001 has quickly became my favorite rifle.Enclosed is a picture of a target I shot at 25 yards with my H001 and a leupold 2x7x28 scope.Thanks again.

Lonnie Patterson Stanardsville, VA


Sir: I have recently purchased one Golden Boy and one Big Boy and let me say that I am exhibiting the same pride and enthusiasm, on the range and with friends, that I know you and your professional crew exhibit every time one of your “pieces of art” passes it’s final inspection. Quality, pride in workmanship/art, and teamwork are evident in your final product!!Thank you for a keeping it in America and pricing it right!!!!

Bill J. Smith


Hi Anthony,

Here are a few pictures of me and my Henry in the backyard. I’m looking forward to shooting again. What a beautiful gun!

Mary Henning Garden Grove, CA