Customer Letters

Good Afternoon,

We are now proud owners of the Henry Big Boy .45 Colt and Henry Lever Action Octagon Frontier Model .22 LR. Both models are extremely well made, and very accurate out of the box. Both rifle’s actions are very smooth. Thank you for producing a American gun that we areproud in owning, and one in which you can be proud in producing.

Best Regards,

Joseph V. Nauyalis

Great video interview, Mr. Imperato! And great rifles (I own the Henry Big Boy 44 Magnum)! Lastly, you’re a great person! In an age when talk is cheap, you embody not only the American spirit, but what we’ve lost somewhere along the line, namely, honesty and the hard work ethic. Like you, my word means something, and so does my handshake. You made me a lifelong customer.

Look for my 30-30 purchase at Christmastime. The U.S. would be wise to follow the business model of the Henry Rifle Company.

Many thanks. Sincerely,

Albert M. Balesh, M.D. El Paso, TX

I have a Henry Survival rifle and am very proud of it. It shoots very good without missing a shot. You cant find a better semi-auto 22.

Darren Wallingford Grand Remous, QC


Mr. Imperato,

Thank you for your concern, I did receive your catalog. I purchased a Golden Boy, (H004M), as a gift for my son. I bought it from Middleboro Gun Shop, whom was very helpful, and had the rifle for me in a matter of days. I am 55 years old, and I have owned firearms since I was 13. This is the first Henry I have ever purchased, but it will not be the last. When I took that rifle out of the box, I have to say, the quality and workmanship just blew me away. It is nice to know that there are still true craftsman in this country. I received the personalized reciever cover today, and it is absolutely perfect. A very fine piece of work. I am sure my son will be very pleased, and with hopes, will pass it on to his son, and so on.

Thanks again,

Bob Furtado



I wanted to share this photo with you and let you know that my son Nathan is the proud owner of Henry Golden Boy Eagle Scout rifle s/n ES00034.

My son Nathan is 15 and has just completed the requirements for his Eagle Scout. His award ceremony will be in August.
We visited my dad over Memorial Day weekend where my dad presented Nathan with his Eagle Scout gift – one of your engraved Golden Boys.

My dad and I are proud owners of Henry products.

Keep up the good work.


Dan Giles Eagle Scout, 1984 Proud NRA member and proud owner of a Henry

I own a .22 LR carbine and a Golden Boy. I have some centerfire lever action carbines and the Henry actions beat them by a mile when it comes to smoothness. The accuracy displayed by both my Henrys is outstanding, as is the overall quality, fit, and finish. And thank you for making them right here in the USA at a time when finding American-made products is becoming increasingly tough. Your products are proof positive that goods made in America can not only match or exceed the quality of foreign goods, but can do so at a very competitive price. Best wishes for your continued success.







I own a Henry Big Boy. Shooting CAS.

Has been working just fantastic. Clean match with it last weekend. Great rifle!!


Here it is a Sunday morning on a Memorial Day weekend and the “owner” of Henry is personally answering my email about the part my son broke on his Henry rifle. And he is sending the part to me at no charge ! This kind of customer service disappeared decades ago. I wil be singing Henrys praises from now to eternity.


Ronald Dowling Atlanta, GA

You would be hard pressed to find another company like Henry Repeating Arms in todays age. The owner takes a personal interest in every single consumer, invites them to contact him through his personal email, practices extreme customer service where they will do whatever it takes to make sure the customer is happy, they have live people answering the phone, and best of all they make an American made product, thats right I said American made, that is reliable, accurate, affordable, shoots and looks great. Henry sets the example that all American companies should strive for. Enough said.

Marc Getter Proud Henry Owner Woodstock, NY