Customer Letters

Dear Mr. Imperato,

Thank you so much for the four screws, they look GREAT on my Golden Boy.

My grandson and I went out shooting last weekend. He’s a Ruger 10/22 owner. He asked to shoot the Golden Boy.

After about 15 minutes, he sat on the tailgate of my truck and said, “Grandpa, this Henry Golden Boy is a NO trade, sell or anything else rifle – Best rifle EVER.” I think we have a convert.

Wanted to share that.

Thank you again for the screws. I promise to send you a picture of the GB as soon as my wife brings our camera back from her trip.

Best regards,

Andy Baker

I own four Henry .22 rifles including a personalized Golden Boy. Have been well pleased with all of them and with Henry’s service.

Ben Sitze Clovis, PA


This past Saturday 8-28-10 the Havard Sportsmen Club in Harvard, Ma. held a shoot for the Disabled & Paralyzed Veterans. .As always I brought the Henry’s you provided for them to shoot. Thank you very much.

Your friend


I love my Big Boy, I use it in SASS matches and Deer hunting!

Jeff Ferrell Indianapolis, IN

I love my Henry rifle and your customer service is second to none. I am looking forward to a Mini-Bolt for my son( 6yrs. old) very soon. Thanks for a great product at a working man’s price point, made in America.

Frank Patterson Yadkinville, NC

I have a Henry 30 30 and I love it ! Now I want a Big Boy 44 mag to match…

John Bemis Orangeville, UT

Thank you for the greatest guns ever ! I recently purchased your Henry 22 and your Golden Boy. I went up north to my brother in laws and we shot these guns all day – unbelievable. I have to say that has to be the most fun I have had shooting ever. Again thank you so much for your quality of workmanship in each of your guns. My next purchase will be your 30/30 and your 17hmr. I can’t wait


Dave Smith

I purchased a Golden Boy in .22 Mag on Saturday and what a nicely crafted firearm. The factory trigger pull is awesome, the nicest I’ve ever felt on a new firearm. This is my first Henry rifle, and if this is typical of Henry firearms, I will likely own others.

Rob Petersen Federal Way, WA

Anthony, I just wanted to say that I just purchased a new Big Boy 45. It is the most wonderful rifle I have ever owned. Not only is it a beautiful piece of art but it is an outstanding shooting weapon. I am looking forward to purchasing other Henry rifles. Keep up the good work and it sure is nice to own something that is made in the USA.


Mark Peters

I purchased one of your Henry .22 rifles several years ago and all I can say is I wish I had a nickle for every round my kids grew up firing from the rifle. It is a favorite of both my teens now and has performed without flaw for ten +/- years now. Thanks for building an affordable firearm with quality that matches the tradition the name carries.

Mark Pedigo Westmoreland, TN