Customer Letters


Here are better pics with my DSLR. First pic is from where I was sitting. What a truly magnificent gun. No recoil to speak of. I Love it! I also Love the fact that it is Made in USA.


Jim Phillips

America needs companies like HENRY now more than ever, 100% made in the USA. LET FREEDOM RING!

Larry Black Mountain Home, AR



Wow, I really appreciate the outstanding treatment I’m receiving from Henry Repeating Arms, Co. and you personally Mr. Imperato! I got so darned excited about the OUTSTANDING customer service that I went out and bought another Henry – which I might add is dead on right out of the box! Seriously, just the personal email alone was enough to send me to the store to buy a quality rifle! It’s so nice to find an American Company that actually cares about the end product and the happiness of the customer. I will be recommending you and your products to everyone I know. You now have a life long Henry Convert!


Ethan Shaw Witchita Falls, TX

I bought the Henry u.s. Survival 22 about a year ago and it has been the best 22 I have ever shot. It is the only gun I will use to hunt squirrel with. I never miss with it. It always hits where I aim it at. I am very impressed with how accurate it is for being such a small gun.

Kyle Clark Fredericktown, MO


Hello Anthony,

Thanks for your kind attention in guiding me in my purchase of my first Henry rifle. As you may remember I had my heart set on a 22 mag and I finally found one at a very reasonable price.

Here are a few pics of my range day, Saturday 10/23, with my grandsons. We were shooting at my Izaak Walton League range in Damascus, MD. My name is Jean Aker, and my grandsons are Jamie and Brandon.

Best regards,

Jean Aker

I have 2 henry’s and cant wait to buy more. I think the golden boy will be my next pick. They are the best guns ever made!

Eddie Browning Mackville, KY

A friend of mine bought one of your rifles and I have to say it has the finest action of any rifle ( Lever or Bolt ) that I have ever seen . The quality is unmatched by anyone ! Tell your manufacturing employees that this is the kind of quality that all Americans should strive to produce and Thank you for a Job well Done !

Russell Taylor Chesapeak, VA


Dear Anthony:

Attached are some squirrel hunting photos from Angelina National Forest in East Texas, squirrels taken with my Henry Golden Boy 22. From one USA manufacturer to the other, I am impressed the way you do business.


Seth Brady Bronco Mfg Houston, TX


Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy my Henry Big Boy. It was a Christmas present from my wife 3 years ago and I use it for SASS matches and as of last year, for deer hunting. I was at a public range yesterday to sight it in at 50 yards (iron sights) for the season, and I happened to be next to 3 young men using scoped AR-15’s, and I shot the pants off of all of them, hitting 2 inch groups with Hornaday Lever ammo. Thanks again!

Jeff Ferrell Indianapolis, IN

I have the H006 Henry Big Boy. This is the BEST gun I own…and I have 27guns. The lever was very easy to put on…ONCE YOU HAVE THE BEST…THE REST WILL NOT DO!

Thank you.

William A. (Bill) Hebert Lafayette, LA