Customer Letters

I bought one of your 30-30’s. It is a nice rifle and fun shooter

Kevin Young Port Moody, BC

I own four Henry rifles and I love each and every one of them.

David Pierce Pensacola, FL

I am so very pleased with my Henry 22 lever action carbine. Probably put 50,000 rounds through it…trouble free.

My wife loves her little 22 youth rifle. It fits her just right. Trouble free performance. Keep up the excellent work.

Wayne Dengler Danbury, CT

Hello from Texas. I just wanted you to know that I am the proud new owner of a lever 22 MAG. Thanks for the info and your American Jobs you are keeping. I will do my part to support your company. I felt like a kid at Christmas when I took that baby out of the box.

Todd Hackney

Never Never Never compromise on your OUTSTANDING quality. I will always pay more if necessary. It is always so disappointing when a good company goes cheap. You are the BEST. Stay that way. E.S.

Edward Shattuck East Syracuse, NY

I own two of your “Golden Boy” lever actions. Great firearms !!!

Gary Chrisman Shipshewana, IN

I have a Goldenboy .22 mag I bought when you first started that series. It is the smoothest lever action ever made! Simply the best for the money today!

Andrew Jones Renton, WA

I recently purchased a lever action .22 Mag…I absolutely love it!  It is incredibly accurate.  I can shoot shot for shot with the best .17 shooters in my circle of friends.  Everyone is impressed with it’s good looks too. I expect to add more Henry rifles to my collection.

Roger Pegram, Jr. Bridgewater, VA

I have two Henry Golden Boys, the 22LR and 22 Magnum. Of all the guns I have I use these two the most. The LR I use with CB shorts that are very quiet  and low power in my indoor range. The Magnum I use in the forest for “plinking”. I am a target shooter only. I don’t kill with my guns.

Charles Zino Overgaard, AZ



Thought i would send you some pictures of my Henry rifles. MY collection is complete,having every caliber you offer. Thanks again for your help.

Thanks so much for your personal help.

Thank you again for you help

John Gibson